Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cleaning things up and getting rid of CO2 and other good things

Some people are selling the idea of getting green or making look like they are green. Sure a dancing elephant looks cute. Then there is the diesels with the rainbow and saying we are making cleaner fuels. As they would say on SNL new update, "Really." Listening to the show today and hearing the GM rep. saying it's coming in the future. Or Carl Levin who I think is a great leader take the side of the car companies. Then there's the tax breaks for the refineries and oil companies. One thing I notice is if they do nothing they get tax breaks. Oil is at an all time high. Some ones making a lot of money and it isn't me. The thing I hears from these profit centers are all saying is every thing cost more as the pull in record breaking quarters. They won't say we are taking advantage of the public because we can or we are doing this so the public will let us drill in wild life sanctuaries. That was a common thyme back in the seventies where they delivered oil to anywhere but here driving the price of gas up until the Alaskan Pipeline was approved. After it was approved oil prices dropped rapidly even' thought the pipeline wasn't even built. The oil deal in Iraq that Bush is pushing is to privatize the oil field and the Iraqis can see that isn't a good deal for them. We saw but don't remember what the CIA did in Iran by placing a dictator in office that was friends to the oil companies and the outcome from that. I don't want to get into history lessons though. What I want to say about getting green is it needs to be done now and now twenty years from now. An analogy of what the world is doing, I came up with this while watching an old StarTrek episode. We are in a space ship traveling to a far off land but we forgot to take enough fuel along to get back. We also forgot to take enough extra air along and the CO2 in the ship is building up. We scarped the air scrubbers that would have taken the CO2 out of the air because someone complained it was too expensive. So there we go traveling along unprepared and we have past the half way point so there's no turning back. The ideas of tax credits for cutting CO2 is another shell game, it's like being on the ship and telling the people aboard that they will have an ever other breathing day. Of course like the old west people wouldn't want to be told what they can and can't do so people get mad and start killing each other for their own existence. Seems there are always those that panic when their liberties are infringed on even if it would cost the lives of others.
The Bold Move:
It would be a real good idea since the would is going to keep growing population wise to stop all green house gases. That would be the goal. The thing is that the lower classes are stuck in the middle of big business where they want to sell off all the crap they have before it's classified as something you can't use any more. What I'm getting at, the oil companies want to keep selling oil even if there was a replacement energy. People have been saving energy so new power plants don't need to be built at least that's what they tell us as they keep building more homes. Then what do I hear, the power companies are loosing money because people are saving to much so they want to raise the rates to make up for their losses.
What I don't understand is the national oil reserve. Bush has been pumping oil into the salt dome since he took office in 2001. Seems that is he stopped buying oil and driving up the price of oil thing would calm down on the futures market which I think need to be removed since that's just a form of gambling where the people are the losers. Hedge funds are even flakier where they are betting on stocks to fail to make their money. So with a industry without control it seems it would be real easy to manipulate the market, sort of like the movie Trading Places." People are doing things in their interest and not in the interest of the future of the United States since every thing they do is only sort term gains.
Everyone hates a sales man:
The sub prime loan debacle was something a sales man made look good like a high value life insurance policy. They made the deal look so good that like life insurance you even thought you got to collect the money when you died. Remember back a few years ago when Enron was busted for jacking up the price of power and making fake shortages. Then other things started happening on the stock market, they would have people give crappy stocks good marks and sold them to unsuspecting people. The stock market walked away with billions of dollars and when caught fined 1.2 billion and told not to do that again. When it was suggested they regulate the industry they said they were good and didn't need that. Well they did, they moved into sub prime loans and did the same scam. There's another problem with capitalism, black market money which there is just as much out there as the money being tax or the legal money but we don't know for sure since it's black market money.
Where's Kenny?
Well Kenny died before he could go to jail for his involvement in Enron but have you seen the body? Remember he's a friend of the president and the president has been making people disappear for several years now to unknown locations. Is Kenny really dead or is he living life on some desert island some where?
Correcting errors:
Since rich white people never go to jail even for murder things need to be toughened up for fraud where it effects millions of people. They need to get charge with fraud for each person they effects. In some cases I don't rule out the death penalty if any person dies while this fraud was committed. Remember Lincoln Savings and loan, there was several senators tied to that but Cranston's said he was to sick to testify at that and distanced himself from the whole deal, so did that other senator from Arizona, what was his name? The one with the black love child. Oh wait that was one of Karl Rove's lies that cost John McCain a lot of votes. That's another thing that needs the death penalty lies while campaigning. Since Bush's team was spreading the rumor John would get to shot one of Bush's team for the lie and it would be legal, anyone even Bush. Well that would take care of dishonest politics. Maybe most other things after that would start falling in place also. People that give good ratings on homes and stocks, life in prison, no exceptions, mandatory, No presidential pardons. Too many white collar crime get such minor sentences, if they were really enforced and stiffened up life would be more "Christian Like." Remember Kenny from Enron he was one of the Christians one of those God fearing people, "Ya Right." If a company cheats, the CEO gets the death penalty. That will fix oversight.
So get rid of the ties to big business and the CO2 problem would seem to start correcting itself.

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