Sunday, November 04, 2007

Amazing, wasted votes

It just amazes me to hear people who are conservative vote for the president because he is against abortion, like that will make the country safer. Another issue is the vote against gay married like that would keep a terrorist from attacking the United States. Or even voting for a president because he's a born again Christian like that makes him a better person of something. Just voting pure republican blindly like the vote for Bush was and you see where that got us. Jobs are still moving over seas that's because republicans are for big business and don't care about you. Bush hates children but will support his buddies and the military industrial machine. Most all the contractors now working for the US government in both wars are riping off the tax payers but you thing those narrow minded voters care, no they are going to vote for a president that is against abortion. To hell with the way the country is going. Forget you future and your children's and grand children's future, we selling America to anyone that has some fast money. No one is talking about long term goals for the country. Bush has the balls to ask for $200 billion to fight his war but can't help kids because he says it would cost to much. 41 days of the price of the war would take care of the program for ten years. Bush s saying things about global warming but is doing nothing to change things. He changed the way we measure unemployment and inflation so things look better then they really do. The only people that are doing any good financially are the filthy rich the rest of the middle class are loosing there home. Bush still hasn't done much in the recovery of the gulf coast but Texas is all fixed up like nothing ever happened there. It just amazes me that these backwards people vote for people that are only interested in big business and end up shooting themselves in the foot by the way they vote.

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