Sunday, January 30, 2005

Testing how to paste a picture here.

A little fellow from two years ago.

Elections or Erections that is the question

Whether it's better to let a country be free or whether to take over a country with a media campain. Blind the viewers with a spectacular events and daze them with confusion. Double talk and the use of peoples personal fears. What a country! Today, Iraq votes. "Texas oil" goes into action. Remember, that's where "Kennedy" was shot.

Found a little finch dead in the rock garden. Sad, You never usually see any dead birds. I've found two since I moved here. The first one was a flicker after a freezing cold night. It was on the ground sort of folded up like it was packaged for sale. This Finch was large as far as Finch's go. Still I feel a lose. I guess you could measure the amount of grief on a scale. Been thinking about protractor's lately, that and spheres. Well, I guess once you work as a meteorological it's all about measuring things. Anyway, put this bird to rest in vegetable garden by the rose bush.

It felt like spring today. Fresh air and the other smells of life, the mushrooms growing. The fallen tree, the smells of the different plants. After a storm as soon as the sun starts falling on it , life goes into action. Back to more measurements, what time will they bloom in relation to all the other plants. How does that fit into the cycle of the years. Just like history repeats it self.

Well bed time, my life is repeating, cycling over and over. Tomorrow should be a good day, in the 50's.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Cool day and the air smells like life

Good sighting, two flickers. I haven’t seen many of them since I’ve moved here. Now, they’re sitting in the old pair tree, eating nut like pairs. One of my little buddies, a squirrel has been chewed up. She’s running on three legs. The side of her has been ripped off. I tried opening the sliding glass door but she ran off. After doing some cleaning inside, I started walking down the steps from the back door. The little girl was hiding in the corner. It looked like she was more interested in getting out of the weather then just food. I could see the distress the little thing was going through. A little food and shelter would make her recover. Seeing others with this much damage it doesn’t look too good for her. I put out a squirrel house I haven’t hung up yet. Maybe she will hide out inside the little house and recover.

Two turkeys are chasing the birds that they see in the reflection of my car. They are apart of the Tom and Jerry gang. It’s funny; I can still tell them from all the other birds after seeing them for the past 3 years.

Rains coming, Sounds like it’s going to rain through the weekend. It’s 5 PM and the suns still out behind the clouds. It must because of the sun that I’m feeling like my brain reset the other day. It was like on minute you’re on then the computer resets. A whole new view on the world and how you fit in to it immerges.

How would have quest that Bush and the republicans would use juornalist, reporters and colomnist to promote his agenda. Were we sold a war by mass media?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Was like a spring day, was like a summer shower.

Yesterday was great outdoors. You could just smell life growing. The rain isn't bad I can still see the sun, sort of. I though if there was no more rain there would be a early summer. Lots of grass to burn or weeds to burn. Things would be dry, even the trees. Well, all dressed up and place to go, it's raining.

Having some ideas on how language developed and what an autistic people are going though. How they think and hold images. A type of comparing of a sound or image to a happening. In a way I can understand what a lot of what others could do in the time line of are world culture. Seeing a lot of detail to little of frames. While others see lots of frames and little detail. The hunter, some one to see something and look for signs, symbols or icons. No detail just clues. Then there's the ones in the middle. Ones that can see the picture in their heads and make it. See the measuments and put them on paper. Then be able to construct what was on the paper.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

To much computer.

My eyes are feeling like sand in them. To much, "blinded by the light." as they used to say.

It's amazing going through the birth of the semiconductor. Growing up first tube sets and a few pokes by the high voltage. Gauging how good you were and not get zipped. The transistor radio pushed the "get the bugs out." Now the speeds that digatal product have are over a billions times faster then the first 8-bit 1-mHz and now more then a billiion time faster. that in only thirty years.

Sunny day until I got down the hill, fog, chunks of fog. Getting under them just made the day short and winter like a storm coming. The weather hasn't said anything about rain. Maybe in the valley.

TV Time...

Friday, January 21, 2005

Hanging with the big birds

I got to gang out with the turkeys today. Did some yard work but the best part of the day was sitting under the pine trees with the turkeys. The older bird tended to keep there distance. Tom and Jerry just did what they wanted. Everything was going good until Manny, Moe and Jack showed up. They came in pushing all the birds away. I got between the two groups and that seem to help out. The birds didn't want to come down off the side of the hill until the Manny, Moe and Jack walk down towards the road. Mean while my young birds sort of huddled around me. I think they think I'm just and ugly bird. Not bad, laying back in the pine needle with my big birds.

The Big Boys are here now, my deer. I'll go outside and sit with them too. They don't seem to mind my presents unless Big Buddy isn't there.

How about that Cheney on Imus saying he didn't want to start a war in the middle east. To late Cheney you made a mess there and it's going to take years to fix it. I guess that's why the military is building permanent site in Iraq.

Now that Colen Power is going so is his son. Nothing like getting your son a job and working on making monopolies of the communications industries.

Think Laura gave it up last night? Is that why George left the parties early. I guess Dr. Rice had to use the Blacken Decker. Maybe was a three way???? It could happen!

I heard yesterday on the radio that Bush may have a learning disability and the woman was praising him for over coming it. She forgets he was a drunk where you can get brain damage too. The only reason he's in office is because of Daddy's friends.

Today on the radio was a disgusting about Science verses Religion, can they co-exist. When a woman talking about how she believed in the Bible and the littoral interpolation, a confirmed fundamentalist. Telling the guess on the show that they were all wrong. Nothing like a high school graduate telling a PHD that he's wrong. One of the guests was a former minister that went into science and got a PHD in physics. Another of the guests was a PHD in physics also but without any religious back ground. What gets me is this Wizard like deity that makes and controls everything even the way you need o think. I just can't believe that some one that could believe that the earth was only 6000 years old. My cousin was telling me about his religion since he converted to another one that he was brought up on, saying that God hid the dinosaur bones in the dirt to confuse us. Now that has a lot of logic to it. I don't mind if some one wants to use their love for one an other to help people but don't make us go back to the middle ages. One day we will get rid of all these bigotry’s and work to making the world a good place to live. One thing I see that everyone needs to over come is greed then we could over come poverty. Maybe have a culture where you could become all that you can be in learning not in how much money you have to get. As the group the Tubes once said, "does your bank account swell while you sleep at night."

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Turkeys hung out all day

The turkeys arrived at day break. First it was Tom & Jerry the oldest birds. Then it was the rest of the crew. Some of the young males that came around while growing up all were waiting for me to come out and throw them sunflower seeds. Their so cute, they stand out there just letting out little peeps calling me to come out. It's like this one mother came around with her two kids and wanted to show them off to me. I was sitting on the retaining wall and she herded her to kids over to me. She remembered me from last winter when I was feeding her almost by hand. All the other birds seem to push the little hen out of the way. She was a real trooper and knew if she came close to me there was food there. I don't mind feeding the big birds but I like taking care of the runts. It seems that they are more able to adapt. The bigger birds seem to be the bull dosers. My young males since I feed them extra well this year are as big as the older bird. Nothing like a little "Evalution" right in front of me.

Big day for Bush. He looked like a little kid at Christmas waiting to open presents. When he was taking the oath of office he was rushing it with that smirk of his. His gestures gave me the impression, "I pulled it off again."

Watching Charley Rose the other night, they were talking about US Army spies in Iran. Now I know what those new bunker buster a-bombs Bush wants. From what I hear about the Neo-Cons, they want to take over Iran and Syria too. They are the same ones that brought you "Iraq the Endless War." "Every things just fine" as the Bush crew repeats like parrots. For that matter, all the republican are reading the same cue-cards. Don't you just like that, people that have to be told what to think. I thought that all went away with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The administration is telling Iraq that they can't have a extreme Muslim government but here the people that are coming out of the wood work telling them that their God told them that you all need to live like I want you to.

Sitting back just taking in all this great stuff, I'm wonder when Bush will get us into another war or wars.

Dave's on after that it's Charley. If it's about this crap in Washington with Bush I'll barf

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bright, Sun shiny Day

What a day, temp. almost reached 70 degrees. In the house it reached 71 degree when I closed the doors. Manny, Moe and Jack were the only turkeys that showed up. They hung out under the ponderosa pine trees digging into the needle to lay in. The boys are here now. Big Buddy and two of his sons also stumpy Fella's son who's kind a butt head. He wants to bully all the other deer just because he's got a good rack. Most of the time the deer just pock their nose into the others to get them to move but not the grump fella. I had to go outside to keep them from fighting so the youngsters could get in. Last summer, I yelled out, "No food for you guys until the girls eat." They all stepped back and pushed the girl in and stayed in the field until the girls were done.

It's only 46 degrees out side right now. The moon is half up. Well, not half up the whole this is there but only half the sun light is on it. Think I'll that out the old Canon Camera with the 500mm lens. Maybe even get motivated to uncover the telescope and do a little deep space looken'. Since it's so nice out, I think I'm going to burn all those branches and leave I piled up. Real full after dinner didn't eat it all. The left over turkey parts I put out for Mrs. Stinker. Guess I'll roll me a smoke and make a cup of coffee.

More of the scrutinizer comments about the Rice ball and what is going on with "the Bush."

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Rice on Balls

Did you hear the lies that came out of Dr. Rice's mouth. I can see why George has a personal relationship with her. I wonder if Laura minds Rice getting in on her action. I've never heard anyone that can lie as much as Dr. Rice. Even when confronted with video clips of what she said she will say I didn't say that. To bad she didn't advise Bush with that most important PDB. Unless they saw that as a way of getting into Iraq.

Bush is going to cut the HUD program. It only show me he doesn't care about poor people but just the rich people. He promised 15 billion to Africa but that hasn't happened.

If we took the worlds economy and paid it into the Social Security program, it would take two and one half years to repay the I.O.U.'s in the trust fund. And we complained at Arthur Andersen's accounting. It's funny how all the business that went under are all friends with the republican party and Bush. When the stock market sucked off 7 trillion dollars from the middle class by taking bad advice from supposedly reputable stock brokers, the people had to eat it and the brokers only paid a 1.2 billion dollar fine. Yah, it was just fine. If you or I did this we would go to jail for at least 15 years. The brokers were just told "Don't do that again." I think that's a sign of a true criminal, "Never admit nothing."

Mean while back at the forest. Nice warm day as it goes for the middle of winter in the mountains. All the birds and mammals are here having a good day. I need more sunflower seeds. One more cup of coffee and it's off to town.

King Abdullah II

King Abdullah is on Charley Rose tonight. (you know he rides a Harley) I was going to bed with a splitting headache but I'll stay up for this one. Talk about a common sense man wish Bush would take some lessons. You know what Bush would say, "He's one of those book smart elitist." I noticed he speaks better English the George Bush and Charley Rose. Charley, there is no "R" in idea.

I'm in the Scrutinizer mode tonight with this headache. Watched the TV show 24 earlier. If anyone didn't catch the errors in the program I'll tell you. The secret hide-out is in San Pedro if you didn't catch the bay in the back ground. It's an old Nikkei missile base from the early part of the cold war. The other thing was the car chase was on highway 14 going to Palmdale. They said they were going to another place in Ventura County.

What about those commercial with the little type. Do you think they have something to hide. It's so small that you couldn't read it even if it was on a high definition TV.

There was more but I'm going to lay down and hope that another storm isn't coming in because my body is tell me that there is one coming or at least bad weather.

Monday, January 17, 2005

I'm beat- to long a day

What a day, the sun and air was nice and so was my critters. All the guys stopped by. To much moving leaves and pine needle. They smelled good as I was burning them not like a camp fire of campers in a camp ground. Those nasty trash fires.

Came it to watch Tim and fell a sleep towards the end of the show. Didn't wake up until around 8 PM. Been moving ever since them but the energy is running out. The X-Files are on now and my computers are working right again. My monitor was weirding out jumping to different screen sizes. Using the computer to play DVD's on my TV was okay but when I went to change back the settings things went wild. Blank screen then a no signal display. I had planned to clean the dirt out of the monitor for a while and today was that day. When I took off the cover I noticed that there was metal flake in the circuit boards. There was a bunch of lint and dust too. How the metal flake got in there is beyond me. I thought the metal flake day were over in college. I leaned my lesson with that stuff. After one party it remained in the house for years. I didn't have a computer back them and I'm puzzled how it got in there. It's the curse of the metal flake. Well, the monitor is working great now. Color and brightness is all working fine. The position and shape is just like when I bought the monitor.

It's bed time after I shut down everything. I'll finish the X-file in the bed room. Hope I don't wake up with the ants on the screen because I fell a sleep.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

More better and then great yesterday

Suns out, the squirrels are out and so are the little birds. Herds of turkeys showed up too but in different times. This was good since some of the groups tend to play big bird on campus. The hens are on the side of the hill where is deep forest going bugging. Sounds like a old fisherman but, "Gone Bugging" as the turkeys might say. There's a acorn woodpecker on the railing of the side porch, what a great looking bird. He got a mouth full of sunflower seeds and off to the comfort of a favorite tree.

Took a small walk to check out the place. Oh boy a nuthatch is sneaking up. The rain sure did a job on this place but it's making it green. I hope the creek runs all year like it should. I checks the squirrel houses. One guy ate the opening and doubled it size. It's tee shirt weather today and I'm going to take advantage of that to rake the leaves. The doors are open to let the mountain fresh air come through the house. Fresh air and nature is why I moved here.

I think picture taking is going to be a good idea, one of the few I come up with.(
Ha-Ha-Ha) I did turn this place into a living forest which was getting the effect of the sprawl of the humans. Noting like crapping in the back yard you live in when there's no where else to go.

How about that Bush!
He's going to raise the PEL grants up by a hundred dollars. Gee, I can by a new text book. What a guy, as republicans go. Nothing like the Bushalini style of government. You must do it my way because I failed in business before so I know how to do it.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Another Great Day

So far it's been a great day. Warm, was sunny but drying out. The critters are all here. The male group with nine turkeys is here. They are a feisty group.

Printed up some cards that I can give out. Took a while to clean the head. I hate that, it uses so much ink. One time I put in a new cartridge and it wore down the others cleaning it. I had to replace that cartridge. After that then I needed to clean it again. By this time I use half of the new black cartridge. Why can't they make software that cleans just one head at a time.

On my third cup of coffee and I'm going good. Have to make a run to town but that will be later. For now it's washing and fix a post that was loosened up because of the rain. The post is where I feed the little birds and squirrels. It has a good lean to it right now. Darn those moles for undermining it.

Friday, January 14, 2005

What a great day

Suns out, it's warm, well as warm as it could be as it could be for the middle of winter right after a major storm. The critters are out and having a great time. It's so interesting watching the young squirrels running around. Exploring everything they can find. The male turkeys came by, this is the dominate group because there's Tom & Jerry's group too. Tom and Jerry have nine males which they are training to be the next dominate group. Not this year and maybe not next year but soon they get all the hens. I think the rotation of who's the boss is something to do with inbreeding. If one group is always in charge then the gene pool will become stagnant and have mutant birds. When I moved here Tom and Jerry were the top birds. Then Manny, Moe and Jack took over. There group has twelve birds and are at least three years old. Tom and Jerry are the old birds and best I can guess they are around five or six years old.

I'm dusted and need a nap. The coffee has done it's job and is fading. Digging the trench along the road for water drainage just done me in. The dirt was was full of gravel. It's so hard to dig through this stuff. It's mostly pick and rake work. The shovel is only good to put gobs of mud and rock on the road. I'll string a line and get a slop tomorrow. For now it's nap time and watch the critters get there dinner. Another cup of coffee and maybe I'll work on the web site. Na, nap time.

29 degrees

7:30 AM and 29 degrees only the little birds out. I hear the turkeys up the hill waking up and calling out their landing instructions. The ground is frozen stiff. This means that my slippers won't get muddy until the sun hits the ground. While walking to the kitchen I saw a acorn woodpecker, I had to stop aand watch him. What vivid colors! The little squirrel didn't seem to like sharing his nuts. The male turkeys should be down here soon, maybe after another cup of coffee. When it's cold like this they come running. When the hens come running down it's like a turkey stampead. Looks like it's going to be a nice day, blue sky and maybe up to 50 degrees. Coming from Los Angeles, this is quiet the change but I'm getting used to the cooler temperatures. I find the little Oregon Junco's very amazing coming down here to winter over. They remind me of telegraphs going off. Looking out the double pane sliding glass door, I see my car, it's white and sparkly. Soon it will be back to the maroon color when the sun hits it. There's a squirrel on the railing eating sunflower seeds. If I look out the front door window, there should be more of them. Soon there will be around 10 or 12 little guys. I see one coming down the ponderosa pine from his nest. Stopping in the sun to warm up. Watching them for the last three years I'm seeing them more as families and not just one veriety of life. There's one of the youngsters running down the hill. He bounces of the trees as he runs down.

In the News;
Listening to the news, they have a story about a religios group. Hearing some of their interpatations of the Puritan Bible just gets me. Believing that what they think is Gods word to them. It's funny looking back in how many time the Christians had a beef with each other then going off and starting their own brand of church.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Another frozen morning

OMG my feet are frozen. The things I do for my forest friends. After putting out feed for the birds and squirrels. I notice my feet are real cold. The ground is frozen. It's got sparkles on everything. I should have had my shoes or slippers on. The squirrels are here early, it must be because it's so cold. A normal morning there would be only two little guys out there until around 10 AM. That's when all the squirrels are here.

I was doing some raking yesterday and feel it today. It was more then that, the use of the pick to move some dirt. The top soil has washed off. Not all of it but the loose stuff that is all over this place. The water has mostly drained from most of the property. The creek is still flowing. I pulled the piles of leaves out of the creek so the water could flow. Then went on a planting spree, scattering alfalfa seeds everywhere. Hope it will all grow so the deer and turkeys will have a little more to eat.

The male turkeys were here this morning. One of the males was being the bully. One of the young males was calling for the hens so the big bird was looking like a mating male pushing the other males away from the seeds. Since he knew that the hens would come to that spot.

Some of the squirrels get rather chewed up. Not sure is it's each other doing that or some sort of predator. There's a young squirrel on the porch with his side ripped off and exposed. When they get this way they tend to die off. Some of them can heal but the weather and infection takes it's toll.

Haven't seen any deer here, just a couple young ones came by last night at sunset. They do tend to sneak in when no ones looking. I've changed my views on all the wild life. The deer are so gentle. I do see them expressing emotions and they are just like humans.

BUSH: More lies from Bush and the same way he went to war he's trying to tell the people of the United States the Social Security to privatized the accounts. What happened to the 74 trillion in the trust fund? Oh, I get it, he would have to raise taxes to pay the money back to social security that they borrowed to do all these special projects like going to the moon, Vietnam, and the cold war. Nothing like defaulting on a dept. It's always been that way here and around the world. Look at all the treaties that were made with the native Americans. Bush promised Africa 15 billion for help with AIDS but only a couple million has been spent. Same thing with his no child left behind which was under funded.

Bush has gotten a big head and he thinks people like him. Lets go to the moon and while were at it lets go to mars too. How are you going to pay for it George? Let your buddies ruin the earth by polluting everything and make the air as thick as my coffee. The insurance companies, energy companies and stock market are the people that are going to make out. If you want to make some fast bucks, invest in war products because we are going to be in Iraq for a long time.

The Bush administration has used the media like no other president. The media have been played like a old deck of cards. What got me was the repeating of the sound bites. They didn't mean anything but it was on all the media being played over and over.

Well, it looks like I need to run to town and get another 100 pounds of grain for the birds. It seems I spend more on grain then I do on food.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Stinker is here

Mrs. Stinker my favorite skunk is here. Haven't seen here in months. I guess the rain and cold made her hungry. During the summer I came face to face with her. She was walking around the porch and I was laying in the doorway. She came right up to my face and went on looking for sunflower seeds. People are scared of skunks but they are just trying to survive. If they see you they will run off. I saw a young deer wanting to find out what that little ball of fur was. The deer tried to sniff her but the skunk saw it as an attach. She jumped as to put on a show of force. She didn't do anything more. You have to do something really harmful to the skunk before they will spray you. Something like trying to eat her or like the cats that wonder down here, mate with them. They get rather indignant about that. The skunk reminds me of a miniature bear. A real good digger, a great nose for food and a real nice fur coat.

The Boy's came by plus a bunch more

The rain finally came to a slow stop this morning. I feed the squirrels and turkeys. The male birds didn't stop by but the hens did. Nothing like 40 or so birds wanting to eat just waiting for me to come out. Their little cry let me know they were here. Well the bird flying onto the railing really gave it away. She kept looking at me until I got off the computer and walked towards the door. She knew it was "SEED TIME."

About 1PM "The Boy's" stopped by my big four footed buddies. Buddy's oldest son was looking rather beat-up. He's not limping as bad as when I saw him last. His eyes and face looked swollen. He's been doing the hormone cha-cha with the girls. It really drives them insane. One of "Fella's" older boys and the next oldest were here too. Fella is feeling rather down since some deer or deers beat him up real good. I think he's feeling like an out cast. The rest of the kids are doing so well and seemed happy to see me today. Big Buddy had a big smile as I walked out the door. Little Buddy the baby of the bunch ducted behind a bush with no leaves on it, like I couldn't see him. He's always been that way and never comes out unless dads around.

The turkey had a good nap today. I don't think they were getting any good sleep with all this rain and wind. Not sure where they have been going to sleep but it's about two hours from here. If they were sleeping here they would have been here at sunrise. One day before the rain they were in the trees behind the house. When they flew down in the low light of the morning one bird hit my telephone wire. Then smacked into the roof. She recovered but ran into the tops of the peach trees.

To night Momma deer and her two girls stopped by. I went out and sat with them until I became to cold. Why a great day of critters. I forgot to say to much about the squirrels but there's always tomorrow.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Back from town

Got the seeds. The sun came out while in town but the say a big storm is coming in. Missed the BBC World News but I did caught a few minutes of it. When I turned on the TV it was on the local news with the weather report. Lots of green on the map coming this way.

When I returned home there was two of Big Buddy's sons here. They only saw what the turkeys were eating and walk to the old road. It was put in some 100 plus years ago. It's not very wide because it was made for horses. It's more like a path now and the critters use it all the time. Little Buddy showed up as I got out of the rain gear, shoes and pants off. Nothing like having to where two of everything type of weather. Little Buddy is one of Big Buddy's youngest sons. He only has one and one half antlers. He will be better next year with strong antlers like his father. I can't walk outside with them unless Big Buddy is them.

Picture of my deer friends.(not sure if this will work since it's a link to flash file)

To late to feed the squirrels. I can see by the mess that they had their fill. Those little guys will eat everything you give them. I guess that's part of the way they evolved to store food for the lean times. It's so interesting to see them with their little muscles moving. I can see how they have a common ancestors to humans. After being nice to the squirrels for three years they are finally beginning to trust me. If any one else is here they run off.

"ARNOWLD" released his state budged. Last week he said that education was important. This week he cut the funding to the schools. Maybe he wants us all to talk like him. I can't believe the way Republicans think. After a 100 plus year of being a state, he wants to change everything that we all worked years for.

Rain, Rain go away. Come back some other day.

Another very wet day. Poor turkeys are all wet. They still are here getting a bite to eat. Going to town to get some more sunflower seeds. The squirrels eat way to much but it's nice to see them. They have eaten 40 pounds in the last two weeks. Well the turkeys did help.

My dry creek isn't. There is a creek started right through the center of the yard. I had to move piles of leave that washed down the creek that was clogging up the water flow.

The weather people said, "it's going to snow down to 500 feet." Then it was updated to 2500 feet. Looks like it's some where in the 4000 to 5000 foot range.

The hail yesterday covered the place. Every where was white. The poor turkeys just stood there and took it. The squirrels hung out on the front porch and just watched the hail come down. They even stopped eating sunflower seeds to watch. This was rather amasing for for the squirrels because they never put down a seed.

My road is still flooded. The water is creating a water fall as it goes into the creek. I dug a trench to devert the water but it filled in with the dirt in the water flow.

Well, it stopped raining so it's time to go to town and get another 40 pound of sunflower seeds.