Friday, December 24, 2010

Not more rain :-(

Latest weather map or prediction from the soothsayers says it’s going to rain some more. Was suppose to rain real heavy Monday and Tuesday through till this next storm but it’s been sunny the last two days with no rain. Monday and Tuesday it just dripped. I’ve went outside to see the fresh made creeks the rain made across the yard. The new deposition of dirt in the field. Good thing there were weeds there to hold the dirt in place.

Statement as of 3:04 PM PST on December 24, 2010

Special Weather Statement

... Rain and snow will impact travel this Holiday weekend... A low pressure system over the Pacific will spread more rain and snow across the interior Saturday and Saturday night. Snow will become steady above 4500 feet late Saturday morning along the coastal range and over Shasta County by early afternoon. Snow will move into the mountains surrounding the Burney Basin by late Saturday afternoon.  At this time it looks like the Central Valley will see 6 to 9 hours of steady rainfall... mainly Saturday afternoon through the evening hours. Rainfall amounts will range between three quarters of an inch to an inch of rain for the Central Valley with similar amounts expected for the foothills. Periods of moderate to heavy snow are possible over the higher peaks of the coastal mountains Saturday afternoon and evening. Snow levels will drop to 2500 to 3500 feet early Sunday morning along the coastal range and over Shasta County as snow tapers off to scattered snow showers but not much accumulation is expected at those levels. South to southwest wind gusts in excess of 45 mph may cause reduced visibility over mountain passes such as Mendocino Pass Saturday night. Travelers heading north on Interstate 5 may encounter winter weather Sunday morning as they head north of Sims. Hazardous back country traveling conditions may exist Sunday. If you plan to travel this Holiday weekend... be prepared for unsettled weather. If traveling to the mountains... carry tire chains and
emergency supplies and check the latest weather and Road reports before departure.


What the clouds look like right now. No rain just clouds. Ground clouds or close to it.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Why do republicans fight to give all the money to the rich?

Watch this video.

Why do republicans fight to give all the money to the rich? What I don’t understand is how republicans can say they are moral and then people believe it. Well, I understand why people believe it, they are stupid. They vote republican and then the country gets worse and the people that voted republican wonder why things are going wrong for them. They keep shooting themselves in the foot and can’t understand why there foot hurts. Why republican voters believe all the flashy slogans without any substance. Do you see any of the things the republicans promised coming true? What they said they would do being done. They want to make schools to be the worst so that we have a country of stupid people. Charter schools are a way of breaking the unions. After that then they can set what’s being taught in schools including religion. They don’t want you to understand things like science so that companies can pollute and you wouldn’t know any difference.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We are going to cut taxes and cut spending and save tax payers money

Boehner and his oxymoron statements. You going to cut taxes which is going to cost 7 trillion by the time it’s over. Remember this was a tax cut or a giveaway to the rich tax payer like hedge fund managers and banker and stock brokers all the people that caused the economic melt down. They will not be getting a $250 dollar check like you did, no, they are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars. The middle class has already been getting a tax cut that there pay check. Can’t see it because it’s minor. This new tax cut will be real minor to you unless your rich the other end of the scale where the rich will get more then you make the whole year, maybe even your whole life. How can you want this in principle. I know the republican will do it because they don’t care about our country but themselves. They would take Uncle Sam’s last dollar and smile while they are doing that. Boehner is already getting a pay raise for becoming speaker. I sure wish I could get an extra $30,000 a year but people on social security don’t even get a cost of living in crease. They say there’s no inflation which the gauge cost of living. You know the rich won’t be spending any of that money because they have everything they already want. We could pay no taxes and we still would never get to a point where we didn’t need anything like where the rich are. Your still going to be at that point, “I’ll get it next month when I have a little extra cash,” you say each month.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Shocking Spine

The doctor came into the room with his PA whom asked me a ton of question. I really didn’t want to be talking with him since I’d have to repeat myself talking with the surgeon. After a long drive I wasn’t up to be making small talk and wanted to get into the mead and bones of the matter. With my MRI’s and now this full spine scan. I was impressed at the scanner and how it worked. I was impressed at the scan but more shocked where I just wanted to look at the film and stair at it, because it was so shocking to look at every bone closely to see how the bones are moving. See if any bones

Positive View


Negative view, Was wanting to see it both ways to see the most detail. The machine that scanned me was amazing, It’s got a three axis head. Some are computer controlled axis. Set the bard door to set the angle of x-rays that are going to come out, they have a modeling light to see where your going to scan, a sort of test run of viewing. Amazing that I’m still standing and walking although not that good. The program that puts the film together put a special format film with a jpg2000 format. All the data of the doctor and me are on each segment. Has everything on the header of the picture. Everyone that was involved in some way.The software puts 5 segments together into one picture. I’m still is shock, seeing how bad my spine is right now today. I’ve had some other shots done with a fluoroscope. I’ve seen the big pictures on the monitor which is the same thing I get in a small thermal print. You get the same data just smaller. Still I can clearly see that my spine has gotten worse since the last time I had a cortisone shot back in April. They were still in somewhat of a line although bent a little but not drastically out of line like it is here.

Surgery: February 2 and 4 are the dates set so far, no times have been given to me yet. Have two CT scans  to go through coming up. Have another set of x-rays to be taken, think I can do those up here. That drive really beat me up. By the time I got home I was tired, I was tired while I was still at the doctors office. I left there some time after 4PM. Now for a 50 mile drive home. I was hungry and hadn’t had anything all day except coffee and a soda.

You call that a spine?

It’s amazing that the vertebrae are moving so far from each other. Soon some will be wandering around. I’m worried that some movement on my part will pinch more nerves making things worse then what it is now. Every time I make minor movement, lift my arms I hear pops and crack from my back. It was where I had something like that happen maybe once I several month. Now it’s happening several times a minute. I try not moving, get well seated so I don’t have to move but when I say moving it might be lifting a finder, tilting my head, lifting a leg in hopes that I could lessen the pain there. I’ve been having these surges of pain where it starts in the hip area and knee area and the pain keeps getting greater and greater until I’m jumping up trying anything to reduce the pain. Getting down to the floor laying on my side works the best. If I can get a pillow between my knees that would be good. It’s just such a overwhelming pain you almost can’t breath. Well been waiting this long a few more month till February. That will give me some time to get things arranged here and with the county to get someone to help me out. I take it that I’m not going to be in the best of shape worse then the first two surgeries I had. I’ll be in the hospital for a week. I’m hoping that the cortisone shot next week will help out. Have prednisone pills to take for 5 days.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Lets run the country into the ground again. Privatize it all.

Republicans pledge to wankers win everything. Tossers win elections what a bunch of stupid people out there destine to repeat the Hoover mistakes. John Boehner becomes speaker of house. Hope he gets sober, can’t stand that drunk yapping on. Claims he knows bartending but a drunk isn’t what the country needs.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What you write to much? What kind of crap is that?

Seems to blog you can’t type unlike other blogger sites that let you write as much as you want. Don’t leave big comments, is that for the simple minded with A.D.D. and they loose track of simple conversations. What is this for idiots or what? Haven’t you ever read a book before? How do you think those ideas get stuck together? My blog is my life, really my life, what I’m doing, what I’m seeing and how I react to it. I live out in the sticks, I mean I don’t talk to people for weeks or months at a time. I’m closer to the wildlife which I’m doing research on and documenting. To make simple shallow comments on the encounters with things like bears, mountain lions, Kit fox, raccoons or deer, my herd of 24, and my pet skunks. Sorry Stan Lee died this year by a pit bull.

Hey, something interesting for you simpletons that need TV. PBS has a show on Hubble Deep Space Telescope and the repairs. know why they needed to repair the tele? It was a spy sat that was made to look at the ground and optics needed to be changed. You know where it’s looking and getting all those cool shots of galaxies? Well that’s like holding a grain of rice at arms length and looking out past that 14 billion light years. The spy sat it was designed from is still in service looking downward with a 3 inch resolution. I’ve seen a document with the date of a dime clearly readable.

Never stop learning so you can write your own software and not take any blowback, write less, gee’s, mindless.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Used up: work longer after 65 when you gave your body to make the country great

When you’re a paper pusher, say a congress person a real slacker as for as hard work. You never got dirt under your finger nails. You never worked up a sweat where you needed to change your cloths several times along with a quick shower, then a new set of cloths. Try that three time a day having to drowned yourself in energy drinks to replace all the chemicals you sweated out. Nothing like the feel of accomplishment where you knew you really done something because your body tells you your tired but you have energy because your body is in shape and could go another round because your strong.  Making love is incredible because you can preform every time and for hours and hours. Take a fast break to wipe off some of the love sweat, get some food, cheeses, hard salami, fruit drink and you a smoke and your ready to go again. A paper pusher would be taking out the bottle of love pills to get started because they live in apathy as far as keeping up there bodies. They still will live longer then the hard worker because they didn’t impact there body with constant damage you just shock off. Some one like a representative would have to be taken to the hospitals. I’ve seen some people get a bump in the leg and fall over and have to stop working for the day. A minor splinter or a cut to the hand, so you bleed a bit and it hurts but you keep going until the bloods dripping to the point it’s making a mess on what your working on. So you stop the leak and get back to it. Try working with barbed-wire. That could put you through some changes before you get the hang of it and one day isn’t going to do it, we are talking of years of working with it to get it right. Long hours, sun rise, watching the sun come up and your having a coffee and smoke waiting to start work. Give me those wimps, the dun laps over the belt to show them what living and working is about. You don’t complain because the work has to get done because no one else is going to be doing it.

Now I here because the savings of people have been stole by fast talking brokers telling you, “your money is perfectly safe, trust me.” Ya right go back to work to recover, your body is burned out. Have a new hip, new knee, major back reconstruction where the operation takes two days to complete. And you want him to pick up and start working again. Standing, siting, the position of your legs causing increasable pain because your sitting the hardest thing you can do with your back.

We have some really out of touch law makers making rules on who could even be healthy enough to work. Maybe like the show Undercover Boss could be used to help form better policies. All congress men and woman would have to take up all the jobs for at least two weeks to see if a person would need to retire at a earlier age then 65 but maybe 55 because there body is worn out. No job will be not tested and our representatives would have to do this themselves and not let there aids to do the work.

To make this country great again to raise wages and protect people we need unions. The police and fire unions the best deals in the country. Get out on a disability and your living on phat street. Something even better then just a normal retirement. People will hold beck from telling about injuries and have them come up at retirement time to give them the grand package. I still see they need to be tested randomly on a lie detector to fine out how honest they are. Do that twice a year. Find out how many wife beaters there are being protected by the blue code. A normal retirement based on other retirement packages.

Getting everyone into a union, the Americans Worker Union, something that would cover all classes of work. The Teamsters are powerful and could incorporate something like this into every aspect of workers. This would protect your health so you don’t have to work hurt because your afraid of loosing your job because you need to recover and which ends up making the problem worse over all.

The republican have worked hard to dismantle the unions because they are cheap and want all the profits for themselves. They couldn’t do the jobs of the people in the companies they might have a stack in.

I had an accountant for one company, Group W Cable. He would round to the closest number whether it was up or down but it make that the shortest hours paid for me. He thought he was doing something special for the company but he was just shorting every one. But there was no over site. As far as I know he was taking all those extra minutes and placing it in his account.

The Unions made this country

Wake up, it's time for pain

Wake up it's time for pain. First I turned the TV on to see if I coul just lay there but I got up after taking a few pills. Knee is killing me, must have rolled over funny and caused pain besides walking into the step ladder yesterday morning. Still haven't over come the pain from that yet.

Made a warm cup of French roast coffee. The warm coffee makes me feel like sleeping sometimes. French Roast has a lower cafine level.

Well going to lay on the heating pad or maybe crawl back in bed. Some place warm.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby Deer


Sleeping baby. A little young male catches a time out to rest before more bad weather.

Monday, October 04, 2010

I’m not beleaguered

The news media makes out like the republicans are going to win every seat in congress and the senate. They start out,  “The beleaguered democrats,” that’s like those looser will never win anything, I’m a unbiased news person blowing hot air too, not reporting the news but my ideas of what might happen. That’s right I’m a news fortune teller, I tell what’s going to happen in the future. I’m right about one percent of the time so I’m not quitting my day job just yet, my ego won’t let me and this thing is a sure thing. You’d think I’d be dealing in the stock market but that’s too unstable right now.

It just gets me the way the news predicts the future instead of telling the facts. A pole isn’t facts it’s a guess based on math. Watching Katie Couric read the teleprompter being so serious, like she knows what she’s saying. Folks, she’s just reading what’s put in front of her. Only thing Katie has going for her is that smile and that’s getting kind of old. When I saw Katie next to another woman I was so impressed at the other woman and felt sorry for Katie because she looked rather homely next to this other woman of the same age. Back to the news readers, that’s all they do, no reporting, no leg work, no writing of copy, just read copy.

What I don’t like about this predicting of the news, that it could change a persons views if you keep telling them that this one group is going to win and play these odd balls screaming at what’s wrong and how they would fix it no matter how misguided it sounds.

I still like the old retired man yelling at the camera that the government has taken over Medicare. Doesn’t this guy look at the checks from social security where they come from or the letters he gets in the mail who is paying the bills. Why does the media get the oddest people with veins popping out their neck to be on camera. They always seem to get the fringe element.

The news is talking about the terrorist threat and after saying the threat they tell people not to let this crimp your travel plans. Just when your in a train station, don’t stand so close to me.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Don’t you just like it when….

I keep hearing how people want to cut social security at least give them less to live on. That really doesn’t sound so hot when your on social security to balance the nations budget. Would be nicer to here the congress and senators are going to cut their salaries but $50,000 dollars a year to be able to pay for 50 more people on social security each. 100 senators, 50,000 more people getting paid on social security. I’m not even sure how many people there are in congress these days but it’s a lot and they are all getting a cost of living something people on social security didn’t get last year plus that 1 1/2 % increase. Another thing the people on social security didn’t get.

If you notice where the tax cuts start, that’s so it will include the people from both houses. They deserve a tax cuts along with all the benefits they get. Few years ago they voted themselves a pay raise. Wasn’t a few bucks an hour, wasn’t a few more dollars a month, they doubled their salaries with the stroke of the pen and there wasn’t any partisan bickering going on. No one stood up and said that’s too much or that they isn’t getting paid for, that’s going to raise the federal deficit. No 100% voted for the raise. Why don’t you get the same percentage cut that you want to give everyone on social security.

No, they are lawyers real bottom feeder on the food chain. sponging of society for there money and voting what ever they want. Maybe the voters should be setting there rate of pay. Maybe they should be punching a clock and getting paid by the hour because they sue do spend a lot of time away from work doing none state work and getting paid for it. Four day week, nice. Private jet to fly home and the fuel gets paid for by the tax payers. I don’t know about you but I’ve worked all my life and no one ever paid for my fuel to get to work or to get home. That would be a big savings to the tax payer if they had to cover their own fuel bills.  I and many others hate to be at the bottom of the pile without a voice.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Raccoon Friends


This is my second raccoon family. This family has one albino baby girl while my other raccoon family has a albino mother and normal looking babies. I’ve been following the two families, the mothers families, grandmother and grandfather over many years now. Raccoons are vary shy creatures but after getting to know them they are very interesting to watch. They like to play with each other. When the families get together they all like playing together jumping and rolling around. They sniff each others nose and now each other then start playing like it was a old lost friend. When grandmother comes around and the two families are here it’s a sight to see with everyone playing. The kids all jumping over grandmother because they are so happy to see her. I really enjoy watching them interact with each other and me.

The skunks have been here for many years now as long as grandmother grandfather raccoon. The skunks have been around a lot more where I’ve been able to interact with them even petting them or feeding them by hand. They don’t stink like people ask me, in fact they are very clean. Each one has it’s own personality. Some are shy while others are explorers. The three new babies this year were a treat. It’s much better then in past years where I’ve had up to 36 skunks running around with one male turkey that would chase after them. I’ll sit on the porch with my little friends as they come over to see who I am. I’ve had babies go to sleep on my feet before or next to me. One runt would come over to me and hide behind me challenging all the other bigger skunks. My skunks don’t have rabies and for the most part never would. That a myth that people say when they don’t know any better. They don’t spray each other or me that’s another myth too.

Out of all the little night creatures the possum is the shiest one. With it’s little round ears constantly moving around listening for danger it reminds me of the movie “Baby.” I’m just waiting to hear a squeaky voice. I’ve found out that putting you hand up to your head and turning it twice it’s a greeting to the raccoons. Must mean I’m a friend or something because they look at me and wait to run but stop that action and start eating with no worries after greeting them.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Noodles bigger then your Noodle


Mr. Friend and Me


Sitting out with Mr. Friend having a talk about how the forest is doing. Not so well he says, things are all dried out and no native foods for the deer to eat. All the European grasses are dead and no native grasses anymore.

Native grasses would be green right now because the roots go down 12 feet. I’m going to have to be collecting more seeds and get this place green again. Been having sages moving in and plants from the valley moving up the hill. Have several grasses that grow around rice fields growing here.  I’ve found some great info on plants and pests at:


Smiley coming to see where I am since I haven’t been able to walk so well lately.

Monday, September 06, 2010

McCain blames it on Bush

McCain said that we should have done more two years ago when Bush was in office to repair the economy. Bush was on his way out and was only going to take care of his Wall Street friends. Lets not forget that the whole thing fell part on Bush’s watch.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Koch bothers bus the mindless

Koch brothers bus the mindless to see the recovering drunk with a god complex. Some people think they are always right when they are self-righteous. He is sober and now he thinks he’s god. Rush looks at himself that same way. Fox’s Glenn Beck takes his time on TV and radio to be more then entertainment. It’s to bad the people watching don’t understand that it’s only entertainment and not real news. He has a following but not a large amount of people compared to the rest of the country. Palin only has a 2% following compared to the rest of the country. It’s to bad the constitution let Beck insight people to revolt. We even have to tolerate the Nationalist Socialist Party too. They have a right to speak out. What does restoring honor mean, is that going back to the way the rest of the world sees us back in the Bush days? What gets me is the people are saying they are all about the constitution but they don’t even know what it’s all about. If you think by removing taxes a idea from the Koch brothers along with a few other wild ideas. Who is going to make the roads you drive on. What about schools? They could do away with the corporate welfare for corporate farms. Give the family own farms a break. It’s always the monopolies like the Koch brother who want it bother ways. They want to get government handouts but don’t want to pay taxes even making a 100 billion a year. They get enough breaks as it is and they are helping out the tea baggers with there talking points even if they don’t understand them. I like the one old tea bagger who wants to keep government out of his Medicare. The media like to get the most radical statements from the tea baggers. They never explain what they are saying is a load of crap. Beck doesn’t know what honor is or he would be pulling this crap. Maybe it’s way of getting into politics. He might get a following where they might vote for him in some state where the losers are that shoot them self in the foot listening to the lies and believing them. Ever since the unions have gone away wages have gone down and the sick thing about it is the republicans tell there votes it will be better without unions because they are sucking up all the state funds. It also set the rate of the rest of everyone’s wages too. When I hear all these mouth like Beck it just amazes me. Just don’t drink the Kool-Aid.
Image: Glenn Beck  Heal Beck

Monday, August 23, 2010

Babies! Little wonders of energy

Was putting cat food on the porch because I could hear the skunks tapping their feet to protect the food. That’s when I saw the little baby skunks. I don’t know if this one female is the mother or if she adopted them. They sure do hang out with her for the most part but it’s not like how I’ve seen past mothers. Last night one of the little ones snuck in behind me. I saw the little thing moving off to my left but never thought the baby would go in the house. Most of the time they stop at the door but not this explorer. It came in went under the desk and followed the cables from the computers going along the wall. One thing I’ve found out is you can’t push a skunk along. I don’t know where this skunk came from and if one of my females had babies. My skunks are nice and healthy and don’t have rabbis.

_IGP0410  _IGP0407

Tiny baby behind the the desk. Too many wires to reach in and grab the baby. There’s little burs stuck in the it’s fur. The baby spent about an hour checking out the place. I remember one time a few years back when a baby came inside and laid down under the table and went to sleep. Back then I would leave the door open as I ran in and out of the house but I got tired of the bugs coming in. Today I try to keep the door closed as much as I can but there’s always a sneaky one that gets in. Then there’s the tiny bugs that fly right through the screen door. Those are the most annoying ones I found to deal with.

_IGP0415  _IGP0411  _IGP0412  _IGP0414 Mom has some missing fur, that’s because she was getting burs stuck in her fur. As she cleaned she would pull so hard it would pull the hair out. I’ve got them in my hair and pulled out a bit of hair getting them out. Every night she would come running up here and every night there was burs in her fur. I’ve cut the weeds down and ran over everything with the lawn mower grinding up everything into little bits.

Going to be nice training new babies. So far the babies have come up to me and come up when I’m calling them. I lost one skunk last week due to a pit-bull attack. There was too much damage to save the Little Buddy. She had a broken back and a large hole in her back end. I tried cleaning everything out of the open wound but the opening was just to big to repair. It removed an organ and that could be put back together. She looked so happy as we went to the vets, I had to take a picture of her for memories.


In memory of my Little Buddy.


Friday, July 09, 2010

COPS Get Away With Murder Again

No matter where the shooting is, the cops always come up with some sort of far fetched idea to justify the reason for shooting a person. Whether it was the guy stepping out the door in New York without any weapon was shot some 50 times by four officers. The guys out for night of drinking before his wedding, a bachelor party light get shot by under cover cops. The police are never wrong for some reason and if they are found in error, they get a paid vacation.

There’s a couple shootings up here that bothered me that the police were cleared for. A deputy comes out to a woman's son who wants to take his bike out rather then eating dinner. The kid bolts while the deputy is putting on handcuffs. Has to be a real wimpy cop to be afraid of getting a scratch from a handcuff that is if the kid would have used the handcuff and a weapon but he was running away and was shot.

I few weeks ago an woman for what ever reason take off in a ambulance. She doesn’t know how to drive a stick shift so it’s a slow speed chase a couple block where the police push her off the road and into a field, one big enough for a house. The truck was facing up hill with three police cars behind the truck blocking it’s escape. It was stuck in gear and couldn’t start. The police officer gets out of his car runs up for a good shot and shoots the woman several times killing her. When the police chief was questioned he gave that stock answer, “Well I don’t know if the officers life felt in danger?” This was a low speed chase with a truck in first gear that lasted a couple blocks. Well, the cop needed to kill something that day I guess. Maybe he was having a bad day or year the way finances are going. You always here about all the over time cops get, works out so they look like they are working several jobs So they can be living way outside there means.I don’t understand why cops want to kill people dead when they could have taken the person in alive. Even if they have to wound the person they could take them in alive but that’s not their training. They are worried about getting sued and dead people can’t sue. Dead people can’t testify either. It’s not like they shot the person once but it’s a hail of bullets by one or more officers.

What ever you do, never call the cops up and say your not coming out because they will force you out even if you just want to watch TV and called them to say, “I’m not coming out because the world sucks.” The police will show up with a small army of troops dressed up like the best cops of any TV show and force you out even if it kills you.

So, you get off a BART train car and want to stand on the platform. A half dozen cops with force you to leave. Of course the cops come up with all sorts of paranoid reasons why a person can’t do what ever. I heard that just before the new Indian Casino was put in. That was before the city and county paid over 2.5 million dollars fighting the casino saying al the drug activity and prostitutes that would be brought to the county. Still haven’t seen any of that. Don’t think crime went up and if it did, there a “Great Recession,” going on.

So you have six officers wanting for a person to leave the platform who decide to bring him to the ground stepping on all sorts of body parts in the process. Then shot him in the back killing him. They got their wish, he’s off the platform. If it wasn’t for the media bringing up that he might have grabbed his real gun verses the stun gun, two completely different types of feels and weights. Ones made of plastic and ones made of steel. Remember there’s five cops holding this guy down when one cop pulled his gun and shot him. Even if he pulled out the stun gun al those cops would need to get away from contact with the person on the ground that was about to be tazzed.  There would be a good chance that the cops would also get tazzed because they were holding on to the victim. So where’s the thought behind that? To say you could tell the difference between them holding them is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Then the idea that these cops weren’t trained very well and aren’t real cops, they are only transit cops. They carry the same tools as the real cops and tried doing the same things as the real cops. Beating up on one person when you out number him 6 to 1, that’s a far cop fight. For the most part cops are chickens that hide behind the badge. They grew up being bullied and became cops so now they can bully others without them fighting back. Why else would a cop pick a fight he would loose if he could only pick a fight where he hides behind the badge. Cops get their reviews but it’s dorks of the same color asking the questions. What needs to be done every year is a mental evaluation not by cops or cop doctors but independent doctors. It would have to be before a bunch of doctors so they could pull any fast ones because you know they do that. Cop cheat, “you beatcha.” They also need to be tested randomly for drug use. You can’t be working them long hours day after day without some sort of help. Help you just took away from some person you arrested. I’ve been to parties many years ago where there were police out of uniform doing cocaine. They said, “We are just like normal people.” I’ve also met former cops in a program that serves coffee every night and no one knows your name. Talking about how they used to like to go out and beat up different races for fun. The way they talked about everyone was doing it and it was a daily occurrence. Give them lie detector tests a few times a year to find out if they are breaking the law. There are always those that want to get away with something to be better then the other guy. To get one over and not get caught. Cops are always doing side jobs for someone. Making deals, anything to get ahead.

Sad part is when they get taken for a ride and then take it out on everyone else. There was a guy in the county that shot his father while under the influence of meth. Totally out there in his psychosis from doing so much and lack of sleep. So when the police showed up he was ready for the cops and started shooting them. He was dug in and had the high ground. The cops showed up in force like they always do for a job that would take one person to do. I never understood that, guess that’s where they take advantage of the cities and counties by showing up, saying they re on a call and it runs into over time. No one ever questions them because they are cops, totally honest cops never cheating with their time cards or showing up duplicating services because they are cops and that’s the way they do it. Maybe they should be paid on a salary, so much a month and see how much time they put in. See how much the city or county would save.

So, the BART cop gets off with only a minor offence. He’s going to have to live with himself and his neighbors. Wonder if he would have a hard time finding a place to live. The neighbors would be questioning him, “Oh you that killer airhead cop that got away with murder.”

Monday, June 28, 2010

Defenders of Evil and the Republican Way

Big Economic bill goes through but not after the republican whore for Wall Street and Banking industry. People, are you watching this, and you call yourself a republican too. How do you defend these action? Screw the little people, and your one too because your not rich, not even close. You wouldn’t be running around in that old car or truck if you have a couple billion in the bank sitting around. And to think, these feeble minded people buy into the republican lies. No they aren’t going to take all your guns so you don’t have to vote republican for that. Morals, republicans have no morals, take the pennies off your grand mothers eyes. What makes a poor person vote republican? Can’t be because they are in the same church group, republican will play the prayer card like Bush did, but he didn’t care about the radical religious right, they’re all nuts you know. Following the book of tricks and myths as if it was a documentary by Michael Moore or Ken Burns two of those so called liberals. Liberals, the way Fox Entertainment would be talking about liberals they were evil people, ones that believe in fairness, freedom of speech, the constitution. I don’t know how the radical right talks about the constitution when they can’t read. They do know they can have arms, the ones they put guns in. There’s the republicans that live for lies and to repeat them like stories of old getting better all the time until it’s a whopper with no truth in it what so ever. Chaney, where were those WMD again that you said were there. That’s right, some of the republican believe that WMD’s were found in Iraq next to the yellow brick road on the way to the Emerald City. It amazes me that the Iraq war was planned out since the first gulf war and no one picked up on it. Bush and his buddies were going for oil and no election in the United States was going to stop them. What’s Bush put up first thing in the Whitehouse, a map of Iraq. Then we had people like Charlie Wilson who helped make the Taliban so they could fight Russians while getting drunk in Los Vegas parties. Get the CIA over there and teach them how to fight, well they learned well and are picking our troops off just like you showed them. Texas, what a state. Big and empty just like the peoples minds that live there. It’s Oklahoma with good roads. Inhofe, now there’s a real tool. How that guy can talk and say those lies and believe them himself, you have to be so uneducated to come up with the crap Inhofe says. I don’t know how the republicans became so extreme because they weren’t always this way. Now it’s “I’m more conservative then you.” How about the airhead of Alaska. “I Got a ‘gina.” “I got a ‘gina and I know how to use it.” “Guy’s like my gina.” “Todd likes the gina.” I don’t know how people can become so twisted and not have anything left inside that’s theirs to say, “I believe in this and it’s never left me.” Now it’s which to the highest bribes. What really gets me is the so called elected official that doesn’t even try to hide that he’s a criminal, on the take for the highest dollar. There are a few people though that I’ve watched that actually are doing good and want to do good for the people of the United States. I think it’s better to be the comedian than the joke.

So, republicans that are out of work now and just lost your unemployment insurance because the people you voted in denied extending it, shot yourself in the foot that time. And those darn liberal fighting all the way to extend unemployment insurance for you, wasn’t that nice about them, fighting for your twisted little tweaker minds, so you can have your church going ways and have someone else tell you how to live. Morals, that’s the red states for you the ones with the highest divorce rates. That means they didn’t mean it when they said they were making a vow to God when you got married. So, there’s cheating going on behind the backs of all the moral people. Fornicators! I thought you needed to be married to do things like that but I guess not. And you want me to live like you do, with your morals. Now that’s a joke. Keep lying to yourself after all you’re the one we are laughing at.

Monday, June 21, 2010

For a moment, it all makes sense.

trying to clear ones mind from thinking about impending doom is really hard. I’ve told others how to think through it but the rules never apply to you, right? You want to stop the thought playing over and over in your head but there’s no breaks. Even doing things you need to do become hard to do and you have to force yourself to do them. Nothing even a bright sunny day can seem to cheer you up. Your watching TV and the show now run into each other, same stuff different channel, doctor saves life in last ten minutes. Bad guys get caught in the last ten minutes. All the problems you watched unfold get solved in those last ten minutes but before that the characters are totally lost for direction.

Then there’s an inspirational moment. I was near the door and heard what sounded like geese flying in formation, loud and very close to me. Crawling to the door I look out, it’s my girls babies. Four baby raccoons so cute, so small and mom is bringing them out to the world for the first time. The babies looked at me calling for them, “Babies.” That’s what all the little babies names have turned out to be since they grew up and now are here as adults. The albino raccoon had here babies. None are albinos like her, that light gray color but they are cute baby raccoons. One could fit in the palm of my hand. The innocents of the forest is here and I get to enjoy it.

Mom and the babies are at the back of the house now and I brought them several plates of food. Coming back, in the shadows I see what looks to be a cat, could it be Ms. Kitty come back to see me. It’s a little fox looking at me. I motion for the fox to come over to the porch and the fox ran up. The skunks are too busy eating to notice one more mouth. They are laying down eating enjoying the cool night air and a plate of food. They sure like pasta out of every thing.

Now that is making me smile. For a brief period I’m out of my mind and thinking about something else. I can use that to help break the spell of depression. This has turned out to be a nice night. The pain is gone for a moment.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I just heard a fantastic piece of music

They were doing an interview on Weekend Edition. It was at the end of the first two hours. The interview was Jeff Beck and all the styles of music he’s been doing over the years. Whether it was with the, “Yard Birds,'” or with his own group he’s been impressing everyone for years. I saw him many years ago at the Universal Amphitheater his second guitar that night was the guitarist that Michael Jackson used, she’s a dream with strings. Today's piece that brought tears to my eyes before the interviewer started talking to Beck about what he was doing. You may remember the movie where justice is served the best it can when your dealing with spies. The movie, “Sum of All Fears.” It’s at the end of the movie where the evil villain gets his due when he pushed in the cigarette lighter to light his cigar. The music, Poverati singing a powerful piece perfectly selected by the people making the movie. “Nessun Dorma” is the name of the piece he played.  The switch back to the American and Russian presidents signing a arms treaty. A victory for the free would against terrorist. Beck plays the vocal part with his guitar, what other instrument would he use. He said the first time he played it before an audience the people with cheat at every line, this is before the orchestra came in.  Call me emotional but I’ve always became choked up with music that couldn’t be any better, perfection, whether it’s a soloist or a full orchestra, when art it so good, every one should see how special it is, just that it is. For me, it’s a quest for excellence whether it’s music, videos or creations made by an artist or an engineer there it times you see or hear excellences. It don’t happen every day for me but that one special time that I’m moved I’ll feel that it can’t get any better. Let’s not forget the rest of the album where he plays guitar in the place of Judy Garland in Some Where over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz. Jeff's new album is going to be a real treat.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Smarter then you think

This morning was very interesting. One of my forest deer friends, Mr. Friend, I call him, came up on the porch and I saw him sticking his head into the bag of bird food called scratch. I didn’t bother him and went over to do something. When I came back he was in the yard with his deer friend standing there. I opened the door slowly and came on to the porch greeting my deer friends. They were both smiling and happy to see me. As I stated filling up a couple coffee cans with scratch they walked over to the table where I usually put the grain. I walked over to the table, Friend was standing at his favorite place at the end of the table the other deer was behind a bush sneaking a peak being shy. I poured the first can out in front of Friend and he started licking up the grain not paying to much attention to me pouring out the second can. There you go guys, I said. Friend lifted his head, smiling and gave me a wink with his left eye. The other deer hungry was sneaking up watching me walk away until I was back on the porch. I signaled to him gesturing my hand, making a come over like sign, I said, “it’s Ok.” He walk past Mr. Friend around the end of the table ducking under the bush branches to the side of the table. He stepped on the bench with his front legs and began eating. The guys were happy and I went back in the house to get ready to run to town.

It’s really great having these friends and watching them to see that they are smarter then people think. They are more then just animals but fathers, brother, mothers and babies of a extended family. I’m so grateful to have my forest friend except me. To watch the babies grow up. To see the mothers express love for their little ones and the babies loving their mother.

One rainy night I saw a young scared deer come up there was a pile of seed on the ground next to the walk. Buddy the leader of the herd came up and started licking him pulling the little deer’s head close into his neck. The young deer began licking him back. Buddy had his head over the little deer’s neck and was licking the other side of his neck holding him close to him. If that’s not love I don’t know what it is because it sure looked like they were expressing some thing.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Truth in ads, What about Politics?

Seems like the lies and slander is getting worse every year. The so called talking points one party has been saying over and over people are repeating word for word only getting their news from a 30 second spot on TV. The news will play both sides but they play the most extreme person telling the most radical lies. People seeing this who are lazy and ignorant don’t bother to actually look up what a law says but believe what someone told them to believe. Talking to their friends trying to out do the next guy embellishes what they heard and that gets repeated. PG&E is pushing the right to vote ad which  should be the PG&E monopoly proposition. Out of state interests are sinking millions of dollars to project hate, to make money or what ever their motive is should be able to take part on another states interests. It would be a good law to have truth in advertising on media for all political ads like it is for products. Make it easier to sue for slander. Things like the swift boat ad was a complete fabrication put up by a corporation which had interests in making one person get elected, mainly oil and gas interests. Without the lies politics could be rather boring but it would be a lot better since that people only getting info from those ads don’t know any better and believe them. Even if it was a state by state law but would be better if someone like the FCC who control the air waves in this country. With all the mass media the ads turn out to be propaganda. The national ads are the worst and how people believe them instead of saying it’s politics and it’s all lies. Some leaders will say people are smart enough to tell the lies from truth but they can’t they are that stupid. We have shows on like, Are you smarter then a 5th grader,” and those people prove that they aren’t smart enough to discern the difference.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quakes Gone Wild

A thrilling new series live and your there. I don’t thing I’ve every seen numbers like this. In fact I know I haven’t in the years I’ve been studying geology and that’s a lot of years.


index_map 2010-04-10b

They are really piling up. Most of the time a quake happens and there’s aftershocks but they are in a group together right near where the first quake was. Not with this on or the one in Chili. The ones stretching over 200 miles from the main quake. Then the rest of the state is being active also.

116-33 2010-04-10b

Forget about a cluster at Bombay Beach where they have been worrying about a quake happening due to activity. It looks real minor compared to the rest of the area. Still that is the San Andreas fault. Sort of looks like the Elsinore fault is the most active with the San Jacinto also getting quakes. Glad I’m not living in Anza right now with it’s great views and clean air and the best spring water I’ve ever tasted.

So what’s going to happen? Baja going to move West letting in the gulf water in. Maybe some day in the next million years. Is this section part of the Pacific Plate going to move North breaking throw the locked section. Maybe move North pushing up another set of mountains?

Well you can be sure that California will always be a barrel of fun. Always something happening here.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Whole lot a shaken going on

index_map 2010-04-05e1

Been a lot of quakes since yesterday when the Big One went off, some where about 700 quakes so far. First time I’ve seen a quake here where the after shock (quake) have been scattered over a hundred mile area, reaching all the way up to the Palm Springs area. It’s mainly one two faults, the San Jacinto and the Whittier/Elsinore fault but there are some on the San Andreas Fault.  Keep wondering when the transverse ranges will be pushed out of the way which have been holding the southern section from moving North. There’s always a bunch of quakes around the Caldera at Long Valley. That is another spot I keep wondering when it’s going to go off. There’s a lot of new lava around there. With all these quake you wonder if it took off stress or added stress and where is it building up. i‘ve heard back in college that there was 40 some feet of stored energy. Then after the quake in San Francisco it was up to around 50 feet of stored energy. With the two other large quakes on this side of the world, the news was asking a few questions like what does that mean for California. Of course you always get the same answer, it could happen in the next 30 years but they have been saying that when I was in grade school and college was almost 40 years ago. So when’s the next Tejon type quake going to happen?

Sunday, April 04, 2010

OMG, IT’S THE BIG ONES! 7.2 mag. Quake

One big one and a herd of good sized ones rock and roll Baja. Noticed the lonely one over by Santa Monica and all the other little ones all pointing that way. Wonder if we will be getting after shocks like the two last big ones did covering an area of 300 plus miles. The whole works pushing north and maybe have some action across the little San Bernardino Mountains and the Tehachapi range. Just need that on rock blocking movement by Tejon. Noticed there’s been more activity by Mammoth Mountain and the Caldera but that’s always active some times more then others. The little Red Hair Girl said there still might be even a larger series of quakes like usual and that chance will go down in time. With the Chile quake they were over a several hundreds of miles. Most all of those quakes were at a depth of 35km. I check a bunch of these and they are all over the place. Most of the after shock are very shallow. The main quake was 10km, the deepest ones were around 30 km but not that many. Just wonder if these released stress and how much it put on other areas. Landers quake was a 7.3 and ripped open a 50 foot by 150 mile strip of the continent. It got that much bigger is just a few second. There’s a lot of after shocks so far, since 4:40:40PM pacific time there’s been over 140 quakes. It’s about 75 miles by 150 miles area that where the quakes are happening. So it’s covering a good section of land. It’s all on the San Andreas fault network down there.

Well I’m going to eat dinner while it’s almost warm. News at 11 should be better then what was at ten.

27.37.-120.-110 2010-04-04b

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Radical right goes on war path about health care

I'm so surprised at the lies that the republicans have said over the past year. What's even more surprising is the people that believe all the lies and have expanded on the lies. Hate groups are running a muck. What's even crazier is the ones with guns. I heard one guy yelling out almost tearing his vocal cords say that, "Obama's going to take our property." This over health care. How did it get so wanged out. The republican leader didn't help with their talking points saying them over and over what people wanted and how this is such a wrong bill that it was rammed through. Last night on the news I could see one republican, Pence looking off camera to the left to read his talking points which he worked into the answers which he never gave anything truthful. He was asked a question and went off on a tangent with his talking points over and over never answering one question that was asked of him. He said that he was against the violence that people were doing but he supported free speech which was a bit of a confusing statement.

Palin's out with McCain who is trying to keep his job and because he's trying to keep his job is really talking out like he's some sort of tough guy winner. He used to by somewhat civil before many years ago but not he's trying out out conserve the other guy. You know how people try to out do others whether it's in being radical in fashion or kids out dressing the other punk kids. Dressing for best shock value.

What's real twisted is the not so bright followers who can't tell a lie from the truth, the bible benders, the nuts with guns drinking beer with a Confederate flag in the back of there pickup. Country in a sad state. I heard a stat that only 20% of the nation identify as republican which make you wonder how a republican can say the country doesn't want this bill. When Obama took office the republicans plan was to say no, "Nay Sayers" is a good name for the republicans. If your always being an obstructionist the Nay Sayer fits. I don't see what it's going to get them. I'm hoping that America can see that the Nay Sayers were putting up road blocks at every turn not to mention all the lies. I find it real sad that there's people that believe the lies and repeat them plus enhance the lies as they spread them.

I heard a woman that was going to move to the most backward country of South America because the country is turning socialist. She's a tea bagger and listens to Fox news. She claims she's a bright educated person and is interested in science. But ask her about global warming and that becomes a myth made up by the scientist.

I found that if you talk to a lot of people you bring back a little of there personality. What's bad is the isolated people that don't get to talk to a wide variety of people. They don't get feedback about why a lie is wrong and they can't find out the truth. I'm reminded that South Park is coming up on 200 episodes, a show more people need to watch and laugh at themselves for acting as a gang mentality. Find out how a 4th grader think compared to you. I know when I watch South Park I'll say, I know a person like that.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

No vote, No help

People have been seeing what they can get out of this health bill. So much pork going out and no ones complaining about that. What they need to do is say, if you don’t vote for my bill then next time your state has a disaster then don’t come crying to me for help. I hate Boehner saying that the country doesn’t want it, no he doesn’t want it for many reasons. Obama a black democrat wins one for the people. Republicans are mad they lost the election after Bush. There’s only about 20 percent republicans in the nation so how could they know the country doesn’t want the bill. More people want it then don’t want it. Ever since Obama was elected he republicans have been spreading lies about Obama. This health bill is going to help so many people and would have helped even more but some sticks in the mud got the public option out of the bill because they wanted to protect the insurance companies and didn’t want to loose all those dollars they get from the insurance companies. They don’t call it bribes but election funds. Pay to play isn’t democracy, that’s what happens in third world country with dictators. Then there’s Stupak that stupid guy from Michigan that must have ate paint chips when he was young. He’s an right to life nut case but believes in taking over the country and turning it into a theocracy. I thought when you take any job in the government you need to say if your in any group that wants to over throw the government. He part of that group called “The Family” and they have been working on this since the thirties. I think they are traitors and need to be arrested. You can tell who these people are because they will pull stunts like this to disrupt bills. The republicans are being lead around too. Then there is the empty headed people from Texas that rewrite history. They don’t believe in science but they do believe in myths. Thing is having people believe in myths you can control them. That’s what this whole Christian movement is all about. Simpletons are being told what to do and what to say and how to vote and the funniest thing about it all they can’t see that they are being controlled. They think they are doing God’s work but they are following “The Family” and what they want to do and the republicans are using all those airheads. It’s amazing when they are told something and it’s clearly wrong they will continue to believe it because other republicans believe it and there’s nothing you can say or do to change their minds. Every things is a conspiracy from the left like global warming. The oil and chemical industry told them what to think and they are sticking with it. Then there church also told them that God told them they can destroy the world any way they want. When you ask if they went to college there isn’t many that have most of them had a hard time getting through high school. It really amazes me how dim they are. They put down science but turn to it to save there lives. They do to doctors and can’t tell you the difference between a science doctor or a medical doctor. I thought they are both the same.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Evening time, time to rest.... almost

Been a long day. Looking back I can't remember anything outstanding I did today except walking around part of the yard, maybe 3 or 4 acres. Haven't found one deer antler. Lots of trees to cut up. Don't need to have to cut up the neighbors branches they throw over the fence. They do that all the time. Funny thing, the pine branches I don't have that type of trees here. I have native trees.

The deer came by twice today. The first time it was for water mainly and they took off before I could talk to them. They really had it going on the pecking order today. They don't usually play those games here, they know I don't like it. Then the turkeys and deer came back at the same time when I wanted to come in and rest. Wasn't that bad being out with the turkeys walking around me. There's a couple that see me and start walking away. One of the skunks was out early so I cut up a plate of meat real quick. Cooking them dinner now.

Was a nice warm day. When the male deer were here they were panting. They laid down and rested a while before they took off and met up with the females. The males are starting to heal after loosing their antlers. My males are looking rather old. Just a couple of them, I saw that in their faces today. They are about 9 years old. They are starting to get the herd back to what it was when Buddy was here. I still miss my friend Buddy. Mr Friend does a good job taking over the herd and he is friendly like Buddy was. He's Buddy's son and he's like his father and his father before that. I like looking into the faces of the deer and seeing the different personalities they have. The way they look at me. How they react to me being here. Many of them will stand about 30 or so feet away while others will come within 20 feet and some closer. The babies are getting so bit. I've seen two youngsters with little pencil like antlers. They were still with the mothers and the group. The group is several families that work together to help each other out in a way. More eyes makes it safer along with more ears.

Garden is doing good.Checked out the sprinklers that run around the place and into the garden area. Only had to plug a few holes. Need to set the timer for when they come on. Onions and garlic are coming up. My trees are doing good that I've started from seed. Even the potted ones are doing well. One pine in a pot isn't doing well. Must be because of too much sun light.

TV time. Flash Forward is on. Taping Bones and Fringe for later.