Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quakes Gone Wild

A thrilling new series live and your there. I don’t thing I’ve every seen numbers like this. In fact I know I haven’t in the years I’ve been studying geology and that’s a lot of years.


index_map 2010-04-10b

They are really piling up. Most of the time a quake happens and there’s aftershocks but they are in a group together right near where the first quake was. Not with this on or the one in Chili. The ones stretching over 200 miles from the main quake. Then the rest of the state is being active also.

116-33 2010-04-10b

Forget about a cluster at Bombay Beach where they have been worrying about a quake happening due to activity. It looks real minor compared to the rest of the area. Still that is the San Andreas fault. Sort of looks like the Elsinore fault is the most active with the San Jacinto also getting quakes. Glad I’m not living in Anza right now with it’s great views and clean air and the best spring water I’ve ever tasted.

So what’s going to happen? Baja going to move West letting in the gulf water in. Maybe some day in the next million years. Is this section part of the Pacific Plate going to move North breaking throw the locked section. Maybe move North pushing up another set of mountains?

Well you can be sure that California will always be a barrel of fun. Always something happening here.

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