Sunday, April 04, 2010

OMG, IT’S THE BIG ONES! 7.2 mag. Quake

One big one and a herd of good sized ones rock and roll Baja. Noticed the lonely one over by Santa Monica and all the other little ones all pointing that way. Wonder if we will be getting after shocks like the two last big ones did covering an area of 300 plus miles. The whole works pushing north and maybe have some action across the little San Bernardino Mountains and the Tehachapi range. Just need that on rock blocking movement by Tejon. Noticed there’s been more activity by Mammoth Mountain and the Caldera but that’s always active some times more then others. The little Red Hair Girl said there still might be even a larger series of quakes like usual and that chance will go down in time. With the Chile quake they were over a several hundreds of miles. Most all of those quakes were at a depth of 35km. I check a bunch of these and they are all over the place. Most of the after shock are very shallow. The main quake was 10km, the deepest ones were around 30 km but not that many. Just wonder if these released stress and how much it put on other areas. Landers quake was a 7.3 and ripped open a 50 foot by 150 mile strip of the continent. It got that much bigger is just a few second. There’s a lot of after shocks so far, since 4:40:40PM pacific time there’s been over 140 quakes. It’s about 75 miles by 150 miles area that where the quakes are happening. So it’s covering a good section of land. It’s all on the San Andreas fault network down there.

Well I’m going to eat dinner while it’s almost warm. News at 11 should be better then what was at ten.

27.37.-120.-110 2010-04-04b

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