Monday, October 31, 2005


I sure get a kick out of watching Stinkers the skunk. I find myself watching the little guys for hours eating and looking for food. They really rely on their nose to find things. To make them so brave "the Gland." Still the are very shy. Haven't feed them by hand in a while. I can do that when I cook up some chicken.
They are just little eating machines sniffing and eating. Now that there are only two skunks here they haven't been fighting. During the summer it gets a little funky when they start fighting and emitting the "odder." Seemed like my house smelled like skunks for a couple month. The worst time was when they were fighting under my bedroom. I couldn't sleep in my bedroom for a week.
Still they are very fascinating. They seem so gentle as the move about.
Was eating an apple tonight. It was tasting so good until I bit into the moldy section. I've tried rinsing my mouth out but the taste is still there. With my lucky it'll be some sort of ergot.
Only four turkeys today. I hope the rest of the girls are okay. No deer tonight either. What gets me, is the yards full of apple and no deer. I just might have to spend a few days walking around the property.

What a night, cool, clear, and you can see for light years

It's so clear I can see andromeda without anything. Tried to take a digital photo but I was blinded by the led's inside the view finder window. Couldn't focus on anything. Jupiter is out too. Didn't uncover the telescope just a little cool to be outside in my sweats, tee shirt and slippers. It was my quest that brings me outside on cold evening like this. Was having a problem with my right legs standing. Sort of a lot of pain. That'll keep you from doing things. I can feel my lower spine trying to come out of my back.
Got a treat for Mr. Stinkers today, got him some dog food. He seems to like it too. Missing one skunk though. Heard coyotes last night. The dogs were backing off in the distance. I saw Big Buddy and his son Ear' along with momma girl and the two young boys. Was rather strange not seeing more than that. Didn't see one turkey today either. I heard gun shots north of the house. Sounded like several guns. Maybe a couple small calibers and one larger. Still it sounded like a bit of a war a few times. I just might have to take a walk with my cameras to see what's going on and document it. They were shooting a couple years ago up that way and a round came over my head and hit a tree. I could hear them shooting in a half circle with the bangs getting louder as they pointed my way. That's when the one round hit the trees above me. What's bad about that is if it missed my farm and the park it would have traveled into a group closely spaced homes. Hearing the coyote last night and watching the deer I could see it was bothering them. Didn't seem to bother the skunks. Loud sound need to be almost on top of them. I know if they see me they hide so I can't see them but they never run to far away. I seem to worry a lot about the critters that come around. I know they are wild but they really have hard life's. When Buddy broke his leg, every rescue group told me to shot him. I couldn't get any help from even a college that did veterinary work. Seeing my deer family and how they are as a group they truly are a family unlike what people think. There is some independence but for the most part they have their running friends. The older deer teaches the younger deer. I seen the mother teach their young what to eat how to hide and where to go get food. Here, it's a safety zone for all the critters. I discourage them from fighting. I know it sound weird but I swear they know what I'm saying as I talk to them. My hand greeting seems to be being past to the young or they might pick it up. I know if I come upon then in the forest and they can't see me, they will take off running until I give them a whistle. Soon as they know it's me they stop and continue grazing or what ever. I've been finding arrows and arrow heads, a cross bow arrow here. I hate to find anyone killing my forest friends.
I've notice since I've moved here my hearing has improve in that I can tell what is around me. When I first moved here I walked outside at night and it started bothering me. Now, not at all, I know the sounds of my friends. My second skunk just showed up. He's the one living under the house. It's 43 degree outside. I've noticed that I can tell how far things are from me too. It's amazing walking by star light too. Funny how little light you need to see. I have notice that the deer can see in the dark but not as good as people think. They do trip over thing and run it to things.
Well if I feel more motivated I might get dressed and go back outside to view some stars. Right now that back is aching and the pain pill is making me woozy. Seeing the galaxy is a motivating factor.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Scooter takes the sword

Libby goes down for the President and his Vulcan's. The cover up continues in the reasons to go to war but Scooter was caught. Watch for the spin to come because it's coming. Then Libby will be the leper and be distanced from the Whitehouse.

It turns out the war was really for oil.

Rove develops an emergancy brain tumer and can't be questioned anymore.

The whitewash is coming.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fornicators from Space

Isn't it amazing that there is "fornicators from space" that can hook up when they come from the other part of the galaxy. At least in the Sci-fi movies people always seem to find something to getting rid of some stress. Call it cosmic collisions or the planetary pelvic thrust it's always in a Sci-Fi movie. Chances are that life in other parts of the galaxy are completely different then us on earth are very high. That all thing on earth look a like are no great mystery but that doesn't mean that it's spread through the galaxy. I wonder if aliens use condoms? Just think if they were like the Spanish conquering the New World raping their way across the galaxy. Taking what they want and leaving their seeds. What happens if they are "Asexual" and go after every orifice they find that is warm and fuzzy. If they were like a cell they might suck the juices right out of you and divide into two cells. Say one human and it makes two cells or something like that. Then again they could be like a virus which seems to be rather common here on earth. Say they come down here on a rock or something because I don't think they have legs and arms to control a space ship. They could come as spores get stuck in your nasal cavity and make your head explode when you sneeze spreading the spores all over. Did you ever notice that aliens always have stand up poke you in the eye breasts. Seems the aliens have the same fashions as we have on earth. I like Star Trek in the sixties where all the women wear mini-skirts and high puffy hair. When you see a Sci-Fi program or movie these days they have some great prosthetics which they add to peoples faces but they forget to blend the colors past their neck. They might go from a green face to a nice tan neck with some good cleavage none of which matches the face. I also love that the good guys have light weapons of one color and the bad guys have another. What's the chances of that?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Still Summer Outside

Was a rather nice morning watching the squirrels and turkey have breakfast and play. Saw a little squirrel that I haven't see in a while. Little Sparky, he's got more hair and getting bigger.
It was a lazy morning for me. I spent most of it listening to the radio and drinking coffee. Been getting ready for winter and the rainy season. Still need to trim up some dead or dying branchs. Still need to do some painting. Got the TV antenna fixed. There are still some late bloomers out which I find very interesting even if they are called weeds.

What ever you want to call this little flower I think it looks rather nice.

Think I've got raccoons again. That's not a bad thing because they are rather cool. I had a guy last year that I almost started feeding by hand. At least I could get an arms distance away. It takes some time for them to get to know you just like the skunks did. Still the skunks run off as soon as they hear any noise. Even a board creeking will scare them off. Me standing up will scare them off. If I squat down then they don't see me as threatening and will come right up to me. Some of the larger ones look to be about 20 pounds. The guy living under the house is a lot smaller. Not to sure what sex they are because of how hairy they are. I know when one of them fell into the water bowl and came out he was mostly hair. Enough playing inside today, time to get out in this nice sun shine.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fake TV

Ever notice how fake TV can get. It's the little things that add up. Like the cop that can't shoot and hit a car from 10 feet away. Or the bullets that bounce off a car and don't leave a dent. What about the bullets that can't go through a plaster wall. In the CSI the one in Los Vegas they use digital Nikon cameras. Did you notice the film winder sound every time they take a picture? What about those flashlights they run around with, ever notice them using them in bright sunlight.