Thursday, May 28, 2009

A day in the life

Mr. Lizard smiling in the sun. Nice sunny day except for the mosquitoes that travel in swarms. Even the deer run from the mosquitoes swarms. They duck through low brush knocking off the flies and mosquitoes. I've tried the so called repellent but that doesn't work all that good. Haven't seen momma deer in a few days, well there's two pregnant deer. I saw the baby skunks last night for the first time. They are real cute and doing everything you'd think a large adult skunk would be doing, stomping their feet and squeaking. Have to say they are so cute. They were sticking close to mom but one was a bit of an explorer. They still gathered close to mom after looking at the world for the first time. They say me and didn't make to much noise seeing me. They looked at me as part of the family with mom coming up to me to get a pet. They sure were on the move and was hard to count them. I'm still not sure if there are five or six babies. I've notice many mothers running around here. Not sure if any of them are males, maybe one. The deer look at the babies and wonder. I've noticed the deer taking in the sights. They'll watch birds, I've seen them looking at the hummingbirds. Today I put grain on the table but the deer say a bird under the table and waited until the bird left before coming up to the table. The deer would look over at me then under the table to let me know there was something down there. Was real cute. It looks like it may rain and has been dark most of the day. The skunks haven't been out yet, they might stay in if it's going to rain, at least for the babies. Going to be an interesting rest of the summer with all the little ones.