Sunday, November 02, 2008

I change my political views like you change underwear

McCain says he's going to protect Social Security but a few years ago he was saying he wanted to privatize it to get a higher return from the stock market. Could you imagine the impact it would be having right now if the republicans would have privitised social security when Bush was on his privitizing rampage as what was done with social security part "D" a big give away to the drug manufacturing compnies where the government pays top dollar for drugs above market price. Another great republican give away. Republicans like make making a failing government and privetizing that same office like outsourcing the military which is coasting billions a week wheather it's money going to Chaney's buddies where Chaney gets a yearly kickback or the private army that is hired to supliment the military in Iraq inplace of using real military at a higher price. The surge where the millitary was increased to the point of the generals prediction of what would it take to control the masses there to install peace in the contry had to have private solders because they ran out of real solders. Still the count was in the 300,000 range. That's why the cost per day is so high, private solders cost a lot more. If we were just using real military and no private compnaies the war cost would be 1/10 the price it is right now but republican investerest need to make money on all situations like war, bailouts or even no child left behind and private schools.

Then again, every day has a new theme to McCain's run. He can't come up with anything on his own and now is copying, "Obama's Change mantra." The "Maverick" thing didn't pan out when people watched the movie "Top Gun" and saw what Tom Cruse's character was as a maverick, a loose canon, someone you couldn't count on. Then going back in history a maverick is a unbranded young cow or stear.