Sunday, May 22, 2011

Deer Friends

I’m always amazed here seeing what the deer do and see their personalities and social behaviors. Seeing a deer smile is one thing. Seeing baby deer playing with their friends is a real joy. Seeing that deer have friends is amazing. They may call out to their friends if they don’t see them and be disappointed if they don’t show up. That they care about each other is a wonder that is so touching. How people can call shooting them a sport when they do have a developed brain. I’ve even had one deer that would get jealous if I paid attention to other deer. When I talk to them and they respond to what I’m saying shows me they have the ability to learn and are intelligent. Anyone that says they are stupid animals is an idiot and needs his head examined. Sure they live a different life then we do but they are built for that life style as we learned and evolved to stand up and get out of the trees. What made humans successful, our claim to fame is are ability to kill everything else. We are the only life form that kills for fun. Is that really make us better then them. They just love life as much as anyone except human who are depressed, war, kill themselves, kill others, have greed and put that above life itself and the planet they live on.

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