Saturday, December 21, 2013

Why do republicans want to cut Social Security?

Why do the republicans blame the poorest of the country for the problems. I wasn’t the poor that caused the banking problem. It wasn’t the poor that caused the housing bubble and collapse. It was rich CEO’s, bank presidents, greedy salesmen, speculators. Then there was the repeal of the Glass/Stegal act which contributed to the banking problem. Because investment bankers now were covered by the government they took bigger risks. Since hedge funds never lost they thought every thing was going to keep going fine. It’s going to go on forever the bankers and investors all thought. No one could see the house of cards. Some senators warned this day was going to come when Glass/Stegal was repealed. Everyone should know that bankers don’t have any self control. That if they can cheat they will. Republicans said we needed to keep the Bush tax cuts which were tax cuts for the rich and every one else got a minimal amount in the form of a check. The rich made out big time since their tax cut was in the form of a percentage of their income. Which means they got millions to billions cut from their taxes. Well, the Bush tax cuts ended and the world didn’t stop and the sky didn’t fall. In fact jobs were made and the stock market had record breaking amounts. So that slogan the republicans said that taxing the job makes was another myth of theirs.

A friend said to me, “those Tax and Spend Democrats.” I thought for a bit of the Bush years. That was a cut and cut and spend and spend policy. They would spend as they cut taxes not coming up for a way to pay for all the tax cuts. Then there is the two wars that weren’t paid for. That’s the sum of several trillion dollars that will have to be paid for. Still the republicans want to cut taxes and not pay for anything. They remind me of my ex-wife who said, “it didn’t cost us anything because I put it on the credit card.”

Social Security is a self funded program and has money for many years into the future. If anything that needs to be fixed is republicans. They need to stop reproducing and be fixed like a dog or cat. One thing I can see that needs to be done is making everyone pay into Social Security and stop giving the people at the top a break from paying in. Sure they might not use it but if you want to be part of America you need to take part.

Why are republicans cheer leaders to make things fail. They don’t want to help anyone except themselves. They are such a minority except for the sheep following them that can’t think for themselves. The Tea Baggers are run by the rich and they have followers that just parrot the talking points. They couldn’t come up with their own thought because they are shallow, dim witted, inbreed, hicks that don’t listen to what they are saying. If they could only hear what they are saying they would know that they are only doing themselves harm. The Tea Baggers talk about taking back the country and to do everything constitutionally but they are being funded by the Koch brothers and speaking and repeating the talking points they came up with. I don’t want more pollution, more global warming gases into the air. Koch brothers want to keep using oil and oil products. They don’t care about the future of the planet but what they can make right now. The Koch brothers say there are too many government laws, regulations and it’s costing people jobs. That’s all wrong and they are just lies. The regulations are to prevent corporations from running all over dumping pollutions every where. They want some sort of free ride. Remember their father was the leader and founder of the John Birch Society. Why don’t they like the EPA? Wasn’t Nixon that formed the EPA? Now the republicans have been attacking the EPA because someone told them to. (Koch brothers) They have people like Oklahoma’s congress man that believes global warming is a joke and is all for oil and coal and anything that will kill the planet. Why do republicans choose short term profits over long term life of the planet? Greed has to be a form of mental illness. They don’t want to help people get insured. They are against Obama because of the color of his skin and party. The minority senator really is a problem child. He thinks he’s funny but that is only funny to look at. I’m amazed at his wife. Must be a mail order bride. She must like power and money because it’s sure not for his looks. She’s lucky to be so much younger them him because when he dies which will be before her she gets it all. I guess that’s one reason for women to get married. Boehner still can’t say his name right, how can he lead the republican congress. He can’t they are all over the place. The Tea Baggers are totally out of control and don’t mind if they crash the country or worlds economy. we saw that when they shut down the country. They didn’t care. I really think they didn’t have a clue what they were doing. I don’t think they have a clue what they have done because they are out of touch with America. They only talk to other Tea Baggers so that’s what they think the people want. If you listen to crazy people and that’s all you see then of course your going to come up with weird shit. Just look at the bird brain that ran for presidency she wasn’t the devil and only was a witch for a short period in college. Just think of the people that voted for her and what a grip on reality they have. They are the ones that say, “I want government out of my Medicare and Social Security.” I know it’s funny when you hear that but you should be frightened that there are people like that, people that think like that. They are the same people that believe that the earth is 10,000 years old. Something happened back in the 60’s to the republican party. They went from being normal to this ultra conservative crap. Now everyone tries to be more conservative then the other and that just makes them a real fringe bunch of people. They can’t just be to the right, then need to be out in right field or even out of the park. Some have left this planet they are so far right. They didn’t go to Washington to work as much as they went there to obstruct thing. The NeoCon’s had to be the farthest right ever to where what they did, run the country into the ground will go down in history.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why do Republicans go after social security

Social security doesn’t have anything to do with the budget. It’s a self funded program with it’s own money. It’s like having two different accounts in the bank. Ones the budgets and ones social security. There’s a need for more funds to be raised for social security which is a minor fix. The problem is that more people are living longer and inflation. So increase the deduction tax taken out of payroll checks. There also should be an input from everyone in the country even if you don’t plan to use it. There is no need to cut social security to anyone just get more input. You don’t need to put people into poverty like the republicans like.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gunning down people for fun and profit.

Why are these criminals still walking free?

This video still amazes me and that no one has been held responsible for killing all these innocent people. This is one video the Manning gave to WikiLeaks and it was there for a while now it’s on YouTube. I’m just as shocked now watching this as I was the first time I watched it. Clearly you can see that none of the people are holding AK-47 or RPG’s what the voice says as they engage the people. They pilots must have been wired on meth to stay alert and have gone into narcosis and are hallucinating. Seems like someone that sees weapons daily can’t tell what the people are holding. I’m not in the military nor have I ever been and I can tell none of these people have any weapons. This video isn’t the master or the view that the pilot had which would have been hundred of times more clear. Even as bad as this video is you can clearly see that the guy is carrying a camera.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Another King Looser

Hey Steven King you know what endings are for? They tell you when the movies over. Evidently that bump on your head to ending out of your brain. CBS made a movie based on your name and boy did they get a looser. This has to be like all your other books where the price of the book is based on the pound. Let me guess you wrote and wrote and couldn’t pull it all together in the end because you had so many plots running all over so you just left it hanging. That’s going to come out in Book II. Casting wasn’t so good either. They must have looked in a bar to see who was still standing and said your hired. I just wonder how long the screen play was. I hope they didn’t use a 120 pages for two hours or 60 pages for an hour. They sure had a lot of reaction shot to fill in time. They could have done this movie in half the time and have more drama and you wouldn’t be falling asleep. The first few nights were pretty boring. Then if you looked at past Steven King movies they are all draggers. Seems like the studio would have stepped in. Then the studio and TV stations might be using Steven Kings name to sell ads. Wonder if the sales force got to sell time blindly where the costumers didn’t get to see how the movie look just that it’s going to have projected numbers because it’s a Steven King movie based on one of his book, those books they sell by the pound. Under my Dooms, and I’ve got the skitters. As Triumph the insult comic dog would say, “That’s a nice doom, for me to poop on!” “Has some interesting bad guys, for me to poop on.” “And that little dome another nice thing to poop on.”

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Baby Ears and Mom

Those little round heads and big ears all signs of a baby. The little head needs to be grown into. Watching the babies I’m always over joyed watching them explore the world seeing everything for the first time. Baby deer are always smiling and happy. It’s sort of a nursery here where the mothers relax and the babies run and play. It’s amazing watching them run as fast as they can. They don’t care where they run a long as it’s fast. The mothers look on like any worried mother but they know the babies are running like they once did when they were small. Every year that’s my enjoyment watching all the babies. The mothers of all species look at the babies with so much love for them. I’ve noticed that other species give the babies room to play and explore. The deer looking at the baby skunks knowing that soon they will have babies soon also. The raccoon are exploring all the new life too. They roll and play with each other. They are so cute and so shy. It takes a while to earn their trust but when you do it’s wonderful.

Pentax 164

Pentax 165

Pentax 166

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Monday, August 12, 2013

The new pictures are here. The new pictures are here. Still the same old bones.

You know your getting old when the new president is younger then you. Trying out my Panasonic 3 chip camera to see how the color and sharpness come out. After all they say this camera is a semi pro camera. For the price it’s a rather good camera.

Panasonic 107Panasonic 085Panasonic 083Panasonic 082Panasonic 071Panasonic 070Panasonic 064Panasonic 062

Little Boo-Boo-Leg. Poor little thing was run over by a fleeing deer at night. I needed to feed her by hand for several months until she healed and got back on her feet. I don’t know if her back was damaged or if it was just her leg. She’s old and walking slow. She’s a very friendly little buddy and lets me pet her. I think she likes it

Panasonic 040Panasonic 034

Panasonic 025Panasonic 021

Panasonic 017Panasonic 013

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Tiny, the rat tail skunk

Panasonic 025

Don’t know where Tiny has been but where ever it was it was a small space where it got it’s tail hair stuck on something. It did have a normal tail and it still a normal tail just without hair. I’ve got Tiny used to me and now Tiny comes over when I call. I can also pet Tiny. She’s a real scrapper and doesn’t care how big the other skunks are. She will let out a scream and try biting the other skunks. The other skunks just ignore her. I know now why they have such thick fur it’s so others can bite on them without feeling it.

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Small Slipper Kitten

Pentax 002

How small the kittens were before leaving. I only had them here until they got up to over two pounds. They were about one pound when I got them. They were a handful to watch grow up. Now that they are gone I really miss them. Then I knew that they were only going to be with me a short time.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cuteness is…..

Pentax 052

Cuteness is a kitten playing with your shoe strings for hours.

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Thursday, June 06, 2013

So, you have been doing this for years….

The Guardian News paper in England reported that Verizion has been storing call data. Meta data but no calls. the NSA has been doing this for years Senator Feinstein said, we should be used to this. ATT was outed a few years ago for the secret room with lines going in from the over seas calls. So this is suppose to stop terrorist from doing things. What about a couple kids from New York calling and traveling to Russia, would that send up red flags? When Russian police say to the FBI, you should watch these guys. What are the NSA and FBI doing when another countries police warn that these are dangerous people but you didn’t do anything. From what I heard it was some cheesy deal and you dropped the balls again. So we found out about this from a leaked document. Might as well been the Time or Wiki leaks it’s all the media. Government is defending this policy. I just don’t get if they are getting all this data into that new facility in Utah, why didn’t they get the Boston bombers? We were warned by Russia. The people called Russia and the people in Russia called here. Some how the billions of dollars spent tracking phone calls isn’t the best bang for the buck. Police telling you to watch these guys isn’t much of a clue either.What is a credible warning? What is a credible threat? How much do you have to stand out before the NSA does something? What gets me is someone on the news said if the Boston bombers had used their phone which they did they could have stopped the bombers.I’m thinking it’s a waste of time myself also a waste of money. We are spending trillions of dollars on prevention and turning up nothing other wise the Boston bombers who the Russians said watch these guys, if that’s not a big red flag I don’t know what is.How often do other countries police tell us to watch these guys and they turn out to be terrorist? What does it take people shooting up flares before the NSA will see something. What does it take for the FBI to take notice? 

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mrs. Nippers

Pentax 004

Mrs. Nippers a little better or worse for wear. This is what happens when you have five babies all at once last year. She’s a good girl and eats cookies with me on warm summer nights. I saw her babies last night traveling together. Momma Nippers is a somewhat friendly raccoon. She trust me to a point. No matter how good the raccoons know you they still look at you like a giant and they don’t want to be harmed by no giant. Momma nippers has a missing piece to her ear so Mrs. Nippers. Was great watching the babies grow up and watch Nippers teach the babies how to be a raccoon. She’s rather protective while she’s raising the babies and will give you a growl to tell you to stay away. The babies will run up the nearest tree for protection. It’s simply amazing watch them grow up and go off on their own. I’ve noticed that most all the animals live in one area and if you don’t see them every day then they are dead. I not sure how many years a raccoon can live but it has to be ten to twenty years.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Pretty Momma Deer

Pentax 104

My deer friend Momma Deer. At times I swear she knows everything I say. Well she’s been around here for many years raising her babies. She would come here to rest and let the babies play with the other babies. I’ll see them almost going to sleep while the babies are running around the yard. One time a female baby came here and was calling out for her friends. I never thought they have friends but they do and they like to play if it’s okay with mom. The babies will want to play and mom will say no. The babies look so disappointed. The babies are always smiling as they look around. Even talking to Momma Deer she smiles for me when I say, “there’s my pretty girl.” There’s a group of six females that come here every day. They find the yard tasty.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby Tiggers came home tonight

I’ve been so worried about baby Tiggers because she hasn’t been home an a couple nights. I have a general idea where she might be but I’m worried about her. Sprockets chases he off and I don’t know why she’s getting picked on by Sprockets because she gets along with all the other kitties and wildlife. I’d feel better if she stayed close to the house and slept in one of the boxes on the porch or deck. I don’t know why Sprockets chases her little sister but she does. Those other strays come around and none of the kitties do anything about them.

I got her in the house to eat and get some pets. She really like attention and I give it to her. I’d like to turn her into an indoor kitty but after a period inside she will start freaking out and start jumping at the door.

I’m sure glade she showed up tonight. I’m hoping that she will be back tomorrow. I leave food out for her when I close things up when I go to bed. I don’t know where she goes at night or if she even sleep at night. I’ll have to follow her one of these nights with the night vision scope. Just bothers me to no end having her out there when it’s cold and raining. I’ll keep working with her and hopefully one day she will become an indoor kitty. Mean while I’ll just worry about her.

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It works, finally

After beating my head against the wall I called my “IP” up. Very little help. I did figure out what was wrong on my own by deducting what the “IP” didn’t say. I even got the TV hooked up so I don’t have to have the computer on to watch a movie. That was getting kind of old having the computer going. Now I can actually be using the computer with a movie going. Also got the network working properly. The other computer can now get online.

Rained over night and into the morning. Was cold all day. My bones were all aching. I guess it’s going to be like this for a couple more days. Heard on the weather report that it was snowing still on top the mountains. Well that’s not unusual for here. It’s 60 degree and just after 9PM. I have the front door open and my little buddies are coming up to me for a treat. No foxes yet but the nights young.

Pentax 004

A guest kitty that came by for dinner. Poor thing looks all skinny. Sprockets was checking out the new kitty. They didn’t do any fighting just looking at each other. There’s another kitty that looks like Momma kitty with the tip of her ear gone.

Pentax 013

Poor kitty looks rather meek looking at me. It doesn’t have the long hair like Momma Kitty. I feel bad that there are all these cats running around without a home. People come to the park next door and drop off their cats and move. I’ve seen so many cats over the years.

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Friday, May 03, 2013

Momma Kitty

Pentax 105

“Oh look at me I caught a lizard.” I’ve never seen kitties like my kitties who catch things like lizards then eat them. I saw them eating a snake one day. Most of the time they go after big bugs and moths and eat them.

Pentax 107

Kitty eating a lizard she caught.

Pentax 108

Momma Kitty with her long hair. I just found a large wad of gray hair. I don’t know how she licked it off or if Wheezer licked it off but there’s a large wad of gray fur out on the walkway. My kitties are the only ones I seen climbing trees like they do. They run up a tree like it’s nothing. Then they climb around like they are a bird. I’ve noticed they show off doing things like climbing and darting around. They will look over to see if I’m watching them then start running full speed. I like watching them play chase. They will hide behind a bush and you can clearly see them but they play like you can’t. The other cat will be walking like it doesn’t see them but she does. Then they jump at each other flying over each other and then the chase starts. I’ve never seen cats run as fast as they do. I see thing I’ve never seen house cats do. I’ve never seen a cat swing on a rope hanging from a tree. Yes a rope. She will run full speed and jump grabbing the rope and then swing.

Just heard something behind me. I turned to see my little buddy in the house looking for me and a treat. This is the little buddy with the dead tic on her forehead right on the white stripe. I have the doors open to save me from opening them and making noises. The skunks will walk up to the door but this little buddy will follow me into the kitchen. I’ve found her walking around the house and into the bedroom looking for me. When they see me they expect a treat. They are pretty smart too. I can talk to them to get them to come over to me. The only think they have trouble with is other skunks coming to close to them. They don’t mind being around raccoons or the cats. The cats come right up to the skunks and both of them just sniff each other. I don’t call them my pets because saying they are mine when they are wild and pets means I own them which I don’t. All the animals here are free to come and go as they please. I just share the forest with them and most likely the only human they have ever seen.

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The Little Puppy

Pentax 113

There’s my little Sprout coming to say hi. Her mother hasn’t shown up but was here yesterday. I’m surprised the shot came out as good as it did. I just set the distance because I couldn’t see anything through the camera, it was too dark. The gray foxes are just the coolest creatures. They have shown me how smart they are. She was a bit nervous when a deer came through. I guess something that much bigger then her walking around and worried about getting stepped on. My cats and skunks seem to get along fine with the foxes. The only ones that sort of give the fox some problems is the raccoons but they are bigger then the foxes.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A letter of old…

This was a letter my Aunt Regina wrote to her friend in Scotland in 1945. It’s about my father ordeal as a POW


I've written the following as best as I could about what my brother has told us. I've written it and put it in my scrapbook as a lasting memory.

The names are those of his crew and "Sak" is my brother.

On July 30, 1944 the crew of "Our Belle II" was returning from his mission. About 11 o'clock the plane was hit by anti-aircraft guns, causing the wing to come off and the engines to catch on fire. No orders were given as to what to do. Each man was for himself. The turret gunner (caught in the wind force unable to move) did not mail out. The rear gunner was hit by flak and also couldn't bail out. Sak (my brother) was hit in the hip but bailed out with the other seven. He let himself drop for hundred feet before he opened his parachute because the plane was falling and he might have caught his chute on fire.

Sak and the pilot landed on a small island off Hungary, where a group of Hungarian people were having a picnic. The pilot injured his leg and Sak his leg. Both were taken by the people. The navigator (landed nearby) was hit in the head by a pitch fork and clubbed by the people. (He lived though) The radioman (my brothers best buddy) was shot through the stomach as he landed and died. Sak and the pilot were man-handled. Richardson, it is believed was hung by the frantic crowd. (My brother said they saw bodies hanging that day and believe he was among them.)

From this point the German soldiers came and the boys were sent to Budapest. Here they were questioned. The Germans, through their spy service, had already had their names, rank etc. Yet they questioned them for such minor details but the boys always answered, "You know better to ask that" or "we hit our target so you know where we went."

Sak was placed in solitary confinement, while some were put in dark rooms or in rooms where they couldn't stand up. Others were fed on one day and not the next. Levi Caldwell was chained and pulled by his hair to get information. The boys were slapped when they wouldn't answer. Sak's American cigarettes were taken from him and he was given three German ones in exchange.

After staying here three weeks, they were put on a train and sent to Germany. On the train, they were given a piece of hard salami, which was full of maggots, and a loaf of moldy bread. Both were thrown out.

In Germany they were sent to Stalag Luft 4 (near Baltic Sea). The first few months they stayed in tents, but when it got colder they were put in barracks. Their daily menu was: Breakfast - barley coffee; Lunch - soup made from weeds, grass, worms - served in a pail for 24 men - smelled and tasted lie soap and could not be eaten. Supper - potatoes, rutabagas, turnips or sugar beets (usually fed to cattle) occasionally, the boys would steal some bread or bribe the guards.

For recreation the boys would play cards (they made them from cardboard), ball and clean their barracks to keep them free of lice. Once in a while Red Cross packages came and the boys would be kept alive for a while. Some took up knitting and took old stockings, pulled the threads from them and embroidered. Still others took up studying German or French. Sak took a hair brush, pulled the bristles out and carved a cigarette case from it. He did it with a razor blade and Isabel, it's really beautiful.

None of the boys had to work, because the Air Force was considered a high military branch, due to Goerhing having been a pilot in World War I. Their mattresses consisted of sawdust put into covers the boys had made from bags.

The first 5 days, due to the diet, Sak's stomach swelled up and most of the boys got dysentery. Later on, their bodies broke out with boils - (my brother still has scars) due to malnutrition. Sometimes a Red Cross package contained raisins and jam, so the boys would take bread (made with sawdust) and mix the raisins and jam together, add soda bicarbonate pills and make cakes. Once in a while they got a chicken from a women in exchange for soap, and they would pack the chicken in mud, roast it; peel off the mud and feathers and eat it!

In February the Russians started their advance and the prisoners were forced to move. From February to March 30 they marched 830 kilometers planning an escape. They had planned their route etc. and three boys did leave. However, they stayed in a forest for four days and got so sick that they had to give themselves up and heaven knows what happened to them.

Also, while on the march, Sak said some towns were almost completely demolished, and only the foundations were left.

On May 3, 1945 the camp was liberated. Sak said all were happy but had expected the surprise. They had heard and seen Berlin burning 90 miles away as if it were a mile away. After being liberated, the men were stripped of their cloths, given new ones and sent to France, England and then home. The first few weeks they were given two meals a day (just a very little) to accustom them to eating. Then they were given 3 meals and finally 3 heavy consisting of creamy, rich foods and vitamins to build them up. Sak gained 20 pounds on the ship.

On May 31 he telephoned us from Fort Shedidan, Ill and said he's be home on Saturday. So we met him at the station Saturday. (the train was an hour late) Sak was very quiet at first but now is as he used to be.

He has received the purple heart, president citation, air medal, three oak leaf clusters and four stars for battle campaigns.

- He did not receive any of our mail or packages for ten months.

So you see, Isabel, why I say only miracles brought him back. He said "Saint Anne brought him back" (He wore a metal of this saint during all his trips etc.) but I told him the whole of heaven did and I guess that's true.

He also said he couldn't tell us everything, because there's still a war going on but I can't imagine anything else that he could add!

Bye now and love,


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Monday, April 08, 2013

It’s Puppy Girl

Pentax 007a

There’s the Puppy Girl my fox friend who comes by most every night about 9 PM. After Puppy Girl stops by her daughter Sprout comes by. I can tell them apart by where they sit. They will sit for hours waiting for me to come out and great them. They seem to let every one else to eat before they come on the porch to eat. When I first saw the Puppy Girl I thought she was a kitty that had been hanging around because she was in the shadows and I couldn’t see her it was so dark out. I think I was going to get the laundry when I saw her. I pointed to the porch and said it’s okay. The Puppy Girl ran to the porch and started eating. I was amazed and so I stood there watching her. There’s three girls that come here all after 9 PM. Sprout will come the closest to me. She will come on the porch if I’m to one side. The new baby is a little shy but will sit on the steps waiting for me. If I toss them a treat they prance away until they get into the shadows then start running. It’s so cute watching them trotting off nice and happy. Another reason I thought it was a cat because they hop up on the cedar fence and walk down it like a cat. I need to rig up a camera outside with a flash. I can shoot from the porch but then I need a real bright flash. I have been using the flashes manually taking the foxes picture. It’s hard to get the frame in focus because it’s so dark. I want to get better photos of the possum. If I’m shooting through the door window I’m going to have to have the flashes on the outside. I have a couple TTL flashes and a couple flashes that plug into the wall that are pretty bright. It’s going to take a bit of planning and trail and error.

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New Little Buddy, Arrow

Pentax 028

Why it's the albino raccoon and the new buddy Arrow. I have to call her Arrow with the big smile. Arrow is the only creature that comes around that will eat the cats canned food. I'm very amazed at all the creatures that get along with each other. the albino raccoon is a female with little pink hands. She's not full grown yet like her mother who still comes by with her. It's nice seeing them together. There was five babies and mom that used to come around together last summer and fall. The possum has really unique hands and feet. They are all like opposing thumbs or multi jointed fingers. I haven't had that many hours of watching the possum. I think it's wonderful that it stops by. I'd like to see baby possums one day. the possum seems really calm and peaceful. I was bringing the skunks and raccoons a cheesy treat and tossed one to the possum. It seem to like the cheesy treat. Everyone seems to like the cats food. I know they like the more expensive cat food and will eat that first over the cheap stuff. I'm amazed at how the skunks get along with everyone. They might stomp their feet if someone gets too close. They don't spray every thing or everyone. the most you might get from a skunk is them stomping their feet at you. I've noticed when they see me they come over to see me to get a pet or scratch. I find them to be all very interesting. They like to be treated nicely and then they will treat you nicely. I really find the foxes as very intelligent creatures. They get along with the cats and raccoons. The skunks will stomp their feet at the foxes but that's about it. I think the skunks are spooked at how fast the foxes dart around them.

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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Happy Buddy

Nothing like a little buddy smiling at you. This is one of my forest friends. It’s still young and was born last year. They grew up here eating the cats food and bugs in the yard. I find holes dug the the raccoons and skunks in the yard after they went for some sort of nasty bugs. The raccoons will snag moths right out of the air and munch them down. My cats do that also. It’s amazing when you have a raccoon that trusts you and will stick around when it sees you. I have been able to give them cookies and cat treats. One raccoon felt my warm finger and inspected my finger on all sides. I think it discovered that we are closer together then farther apart. I’ve found out them washing their paws if to soften their skin so they can feel things better. They don’t wash their food, that’s just a myth. I’ve seen shows about raccoons and my little buddies seem to be a lot different then the city dwellers. I’m the only human they have ever seen. As long as I’m kneeling down and being small they seem to except me a lot better. I’d be afraid to of something that was ten times bigger them me. Still these little buddies are very shy. That’s good because it help for their survival. They sure seem like wise creatures watching them. Mom teaches them the first year and I’ve seen them together the second and third year. Since my kitties and the raccoons grew up together they are good friends and you see them together all the time. Now to train them to pet the cats.

Pentax 010

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Observations of Emotions

I was watching a porch full of skunks last night. Well not a porch full but three skunks on the porch and two skunks out by the water bowls. When I heard the two at the water bowls fighting. They are pretty good most of the time and don’t like fighting except when it’s about food. They always thing the other skunk that’s close to them wants to steel their food. So they make some noise to keep the other skunk away. The other noise they make is if a skunk is biting one of them. I could see the passive skunks by me panicking hearing a skunk in pain or being hurt crying out. the way they look at me, it’s like “Please help that skunk he’s hurting.” Or it could be, “Keep me safe here for being hurt.” People are afraid of skunks when they are so passive and easy going. They panic all the time that someone wants to do them harm. They really are a shy creatures when you get down to it. That’s just their way of staying safe. Since I live in the sticks, I’m the only human they have ever seen. These skunks once they got used to seeing me turned out to be good little friend. They like getting pets. It’s so cute when they stand on their back feet to get a better view. I’m amazed at what great sniffers they have. You can throw something they eat through the air, it can bounce away from them but they can smell the air and follow the scent down to where every the food item went. Skunks don’t see so well but good enough. They use their sense of smell to get around. I’ve never seen any animal with a better sniffer. I’m not sure why some skunks get alone with each other and some are so fearful and nip at other skunks. When I make friends with them they tend to get alone with each other a lot better.

Pentax 039

Little Buddy with the Bo-Boo leg. I don’t know where it lives but it’s getting it’s tail thinned by getting the hair caught on something over and over. It’s so amazing seeing them take a cat treat out of my hand and back up to eat it. They have small front hands and bigger back legs so they are like a wedge. It must be for hunting and dragging something out of the ground. They are good diggers and have the claws to do some digging.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Little Bo-Boo Leg Buddy

Pentax 014

Ran out of cheddar cheese so I tried Cream Cheese and my little Bo-Boo leg Buddy likes it. She’s got a hurt back leg and has become weak but I’m feeding here extra good so she will get stronger.  I don’t know is she is the one with the babies under the back of the house but by the dust on her forehead she’s living under there too. I don’t know if she has a broke leg or foot but I can see that it’s swollen. She lifts her leg while walking. When skunks are eating  they lay down to eat at least they do here. It’s real cute watching them eat the cats food. The raccoons and foxes come for the cat food also.

Pentax 025

Such a cute ferret face. No skunk don’t go around spraying everything in sight. They will only spray you if you try to eat them or hurt them. Most of the time they just stomp their front feet to get your attention. It just amazes me how good all the wildlife get along with each other. They get a little possessive over their food but if there is enough they don’t fight. I may have six skunks and six raccoons on the small front porch at the same time.  The skunks can be in contacted with each other and then they might do some pushing. I noticed the raccoons will just push them out of the way. They put their little hands on their back which causes them to back up. Skunks are built like a wedge and backing up is their best strengths to get food away from another animal. They like getting petted on their sides and don’t like a hand over the top of them. You can tell a skunk is relaxed because their tail will be down unless it’s snow there or it’s wet. I’ve been trying to get her where her foot heals but I don’t know if it needs to be set or something. I’m hoping it’s just a sprain or something minor.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow day

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Dieter playing in the snow. Been a cold snowy day here. I’m really feeling achy and breaky. Two pairs of everything on except for sock which I have three pairs on. I’ve been out on the porch a couple time with the kitties. I see a couple little buddies and some little hands on the porch. It’s after ten and the snow is slowly melting. I don’t know what the over night temperature is going to be but sure not going to be warm. It started snowing around noon and just kept snowing into the evening. I watched Dieter running around in the snow. Every time I looked out she was in a different place. Stayed up too late last night watching movies waiting for the snow. Saw a little drizzle when I got up this morning to feed the kitties. Dieter and her friend the raccoon are out there together. They seem to get along pretty good. I found out that Dieter is scared of the stereo yesterday. Took me a couple days to get her out from under the computer desk. Once I turned the radio off she came out and ran out the front door. Well, it was nice and warm here yesterday.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Warm days and cold nights

It's been another odd winter like the past few winters where the suns out bright and shining. No rain mid January or February but the rains coming along with snow. It's been doing this same weather pattern the last three years. The Jet-stream is dipping down to southern United States bringing the cold and moisture to the east coast. The east coast is having record cold weather. They had a massive snow storm which locked up many states. Here we have been having high 60's to low 70's. It gets cool soon as the suns gone or your in the shade. Doesn't feel like winter except for the short days and long nights. I can tell that the days are getting longer. It's light after 5:30PM. I haven't noticed it getting lighter in the morning yet. I like those summer days when it's like till 9 PM. Well it's going to be a few month before it's light out late and we have warmer days. Seems you want summer except for those triple digit days. When it's in the 80 during the day and 60's at night those are very pleasant days. In the winter you hoping for summer days and in the summer you hoping for cooler weather.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ground Clouds

Pentax 020

Another rainy day and the clouds are on the ground. Just staying inside where it’s warm and dry. My kitties are on the back porch snuggling together staying warm except Dieter who is roaming around. She my watch kitty and gets jealous if any other animal comes around that I might pet. I don’t know how I’m going to break her of this because she might get hurt picking on creatures bigger then her. Car is working again. Fixed the problem. It’s an indoor movie day.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Funny I didn’t feel like I was in a Rut

Pentax 015

My deer friend with his nose up smelling the air for female hormones. At times they will be so much into the rut they will go without eating if a females hormones are in the air. The musk gland is near their eye and will open and close as they breath. It’s more noticeable on the mule deer then the black tail deer like this one. The deer aren’t alarmed seeing me so then get rather close. This is a view from my porch or from the front door window. The views are always amazing.

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Looking out the front door window

I’m always amazed at the wildlife here. They always amaze me because of how they get along with everyone. I see a fox eating from the plate of corn. Two raccoons are eating cat food and looking around only a couple feet from the fox. Dieter Kitty came walking up and is laying down on her spot of the porch where the kitties lay in a kitty pile sleeping together. When the kitties are up playing they don’t seem like they would sleep together but they do. The raccoons sometimes will arch their back and make the hair stand up until they figure out the kitties are their friends. The skunks when they are around are sort of solo creatures. They seem to get along with the other wildlife. They might stomp their feet at first but when the other kitty or raccoon of fox doesn’t back up they go about eating. I’m just amazed how I brought all the creatures together here. I heard that foxes and raccoons were enemies but I don’t see that. They all seem to get along. They get a bite to eat and watch each other. Everyone knows everyone. Because they are long lived creatures they all have grown up together from babies. The foxes come to me when I call their names. So do the kitties. The raccoons are a bit shy but will come up to me and I can sit on the porch with everyone walking around me. It’s just amazing a word I use a lot because it is simply amazing seeing them all together. Kitty eating from the same pile as the skunks and raccoons. The foxes dart in and out getting a bite then darting off. It’s such a hyper creature. The raccoons are hyper too but it takes a bit of watching them to see that. They look around and use their hands to feel for food. I was sitting out on the porch with everyone and extended my hand with one finger. The raccoon came up to me and touched my finger on all sides. I think they noticed that my finger is warm like they are. Those little hands move so fast around checking out everything. Watching the raccoons move they look slow but there is a lot going on. They always got those round ears going listening to everything going on in the forest. Each little noise needs to be explained. The female deer will admire the babies. They will come up to all babies and just stair at them. Babies have that rounded head and other animals recognize that. They cut the babies some slack. With baby deer and the pecking order of the herd the baby might get pushed out by another deer but mom will be there to protect the baby. Momma skunk will protect her babies and so will momma raccoon. Momma raccoon will give you a growl to let you know your too close to the babies even if she knows you real well. Those are her babies and for several months she’s going to be teaching them how to become a raccoon. I noticed that they do something you may learn in survival training. They will find a muddy place and dig a hole. Water will seep back into the hole and they will wet their paws or get a drink. I find small rounded holes all over the yard where they were getting water. It’s like a teaching class too. Mom will be explaining by example and the babies will gather around watching every move. It’s real cute to watch them play together also. They like climbing over each other and rolling down a hill together. Seeing them standing up is so cute. I never knew skunks stand up too to get a better view. For me watching them is like watching TV, I can do that for hours.  

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Too cold to do anything

Too cold to be doing anything outside. Todays high was 39 degrees and low this morning was 25 degrees. The yard was frozen and white from ice crystals. I almost got the Dieter in the house tonight but as I started closing the door she ran out. Well that’s closer. I’m petting them something they said I’d never be able to do. Deer are sneaking up to get the cat food. The raccoons played with the frozen water bowl and rolled it across the yard and up the hill. Saw a couple male deer pushing each other in the creek. They were splashing in the water and the antlers were clacking. They don’t hurt each other and seem to stop right before they do. When one deer quits both quit. Nice to see they have an honor code of fighting. This cold spell has hit the whole state all the way down to the ocean. Still getting a light dusting of snow higher up.

I have some new babies under the house. I believe they are a family of raccoons. I heard them crying while mom was out eating. I had a family of 5 babies last year under the house. They still come around as a group. I’ve watched them grow up and learn to be raccoons. This should be an interesting year. Now I see why the skunks were chased off from under the house because of the babies.

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