Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gunning down people for fun and profit.

Why are these criminals still walking free?

This video still amazes me and that no one has been held responsible for killing all these innocent people. This is one video the Manning gave to WikiLeaks and it was there for a while now it’s on YouTube. I’m just as shocked now watching this as I was the first time I watched it. Clearly you can see that none of the people are holding AK-47 or RPG’s what the voice says as they engage the people. They pilots must have been wired on meth to stay alert and have gone into narcosis and are hallucinating. Seems like someone that sees weapons daily can’t tell what the people are holding. I’m not in the military nor have I ever been and I can tell none of these people have any weapons. This video isn’t the master or the view that the pilot had which would have been hundred of times more clear. Even as bad as this video is you can clearly see that the guy is carrying a camera.

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