Saturday, September 17, 2011

Big Foot and Baby's

 My baby resting after a run up the road here. She cleaned herself and now resting before dinner. She has a unique mark on her nose. Very friendly and lets me pick the burs off her. I found brushing her causes a bit of pain but she knows I'm just helping get the burs out. She will make a little peep as I brush her but leans into the brush. I was worried when she had a cold and her nose was running. She kept sneezing one day and didn't want to be around me. She's doing much better now.
No not my wet foot print. It's baby Bear's foot print. Amazing how close it looks to a human foot print except you don't see and part of the back of the foot. This is a front foot print. I've noticed they step with the back foot on the front part of the foot but bring down the back part like humans do. They step so softly as they walk. Step a little stop and wait to see if anyone has noticed them moving. Even though the bear is a baby and for most people it would scare them mainly seeing the size of their heads. Most of what your seeing is hair fluffed up, standing up. Still we aren't used to see anything big but dogs and then we back away even if the dog is friendly. We will gauge that by how it jumps on us and starts licking us where to be afraid. Still folk lour plays in the back of our minds. The stories of people eaten in their sleeping bags with candy bar crumbs all over them. For the most part they just want a bit to eat and that is something like nuts and berries. Water is something else they are looking for. They can smell way better then any dog with that long nose. They avoid contact with humans as much as possible. If your cooking out in the wild or in a park and a bear shows up they are just thinking, "Your having a party and didn't tell me." They are eating machines but black bears don't eat any thing bigger then a squirrel. They are afraid at seeing something as big as a deer and when I seen seven turkeys go after a bear causing it to run off, I was real surprised. They explore and think about what they are doing and  see what happens when they do something. Slow and steady as they go. One think I noticed with a larger female was don't poke her in the butt when she can't see you. She turned and snapped at her baby when it bumped into her.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Babies and baby buddies

Tiny Buddy. Another orphan less then a year old.
Everyone gathered around the water on a warm summer day.
Babies and mom lounging on the side of the hill near the fence. The babies blend into the buckeye leaves.
 Babies eating berries in the creek. The black berry vines are at the edge of the creek and the berries hang down, easy to get.
 Mom and babies in the creek under a red sky in the evening.
Little Buddy. Seems he is an orphan. The other deer don't want him around but he's such a nice little guy. Almost a year old.

Oh On, Not more kittens!!!!!

 Momma kitty and the new baby kitties. I just seen them for the first time a couple days ago playing here in front of the old shed, something that was built 70 years ago and built not to any standards of today. Wood was milled up the hill in Camino. It's all roughed out size too. You can see the large saw marks as they cut the tree apart. The boards weren't milled down but are 1 inch thick and 12 inches wide. I had to add some wood to hold this old shed up from falling over. There's still holes in the walls with a corrugated metal roof. I pulled one size with a come-a-long tied to stump to up right one side of the building. There's just some gardening stuff inside, irrigation piles and drain pipe. There's an old tube radio. The cabinets on one wall are still intact. They have glass doors and somewhat nice shelves inside. Someone collected a variety of pine cones that are in the cabinets. There's a baby basket thing made of wicker that's white sitting on top of the old tube radio. There's an old air conditioner, one of the first made I'm thinking by the way it's put together. It's got so much space inside it and is so heavy I had a hard time moving it into the shed. It was a real power hog too but back then it didn't matter because power was real cheap.
 Momma Kitty has that meek look to her. "I didn't want to get pregnant, it just happened, you know." Yesterday she came over to my car and was sitting near the front tire giving me those sad eyes. I think the kittens are cute but I can't believe how fast she is having them, the other kittens aren't even grown up yet. I haven't seen in mom will let her other set of kittens come near these kittens. Maybe that's why she didn't want the other kittens around her a few weeks back.
 They have some unique markings and a small tail like mom. That bandit mask around their eyes. Lots of stripes and that same little distinct mouth.
 I think the other evening was the first time out for them. They are playing with everything that moves. Whether it's a bug or blade of grass they tap. They are already jumping on each other
 Hard to take photos in almost dark like here. It was a red sky with rain clouds, thunder and lighting to come along with rain for a few hours but it only sprinkled just enough to almost get the ground wet. Under the trees the rain never made it through.

Shy Fuzzer. Kitties got that meek look in her eyes. Never noticed the white spot on it's nose before. Fuzzer is bigger then the rest of the first set of kittens. Has the long hair like mom and size like dad.

I saw the father kitty about a mile from here coming this way. It had twigs and things in it's hair. Looked a little beat up since I've seen it around here. How it got that far away is a good question.

Get my lean on

"On my pills again. I got my lean on. So, F- -K OFF or I'm going to nuke something."

Outrageous is the swing of things. The more outrageous you are the more press you get and any press is better then no press even if you don't know what your talking about. 

Well Bochman has a real sweet health care package from the government. Is that government socialized medicine? Bochman said she want to get rid of Obama-care calling it socialized medicine but the same health care industry publicly traded companies really isn't socialized medicine, it's what federal employees all get.  She's just talking out your ass again, right? If we had socialized medicine then the health care costs in the country would be more in-line with the rest of the world. It really would be a good thing to open up Medicare so anyone that wanted medical insurance could buy into the plan and also increase income to help balance Medicare over all.

For someone that is against government she sure into government money coming her way. her and her husband made a career out of getting money from the government whether it's taking in children and getting paid big bucks or doing funky science on state funded psychology, to getting farm subsidiaries. So what did you grow or not grow to get government money? Talk about a career politician that screwed up everything. It was people like her that screwed things up.

Astroturf tea bagger funded by big business to get rid of taxes for the rich corporations and ALEC. Don't you feel like a "Tool" having to say thing put into your mouth. With a mouth that big a tool in it seems like normal thing. The tools of big industry. Bought off like a cheap hooker. 

So she want to deregulate everything and pollute so she can help along the end times. What if your wrong and you just kill off the human race and in the process cause all sorts of starvation, disease and suffering. Putting all your stock into myths is really bold. You don't see science as real then why do you need health insurance for yourself and family? Give tax money back to the people you don't need it get your duffus friends to pray over your sick mind and body.

So she want girls to grow up and develop cervical cancer when there's a prevention. That would be real funny if she or one of her family members develops cancer when it could have been prevented. Now she's saying that Guadasil cause retardation in a girl. There's a challenge of $10,000 dollars if you can produce proof of that.

Well it's good she's shooting her mouth off so people can see what an odd ball she is. That she's on the fringe of what people think and not a normal person. Makes Bush look like a normal person. Only a person without education would make statements like Bochman makes.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Baby Stinkers

 Getting clean. My little baby is cleaning the burs out of her hair. I took this photo and it was loud enough to surprise her.
 Hearing the noise of the camera she jumped up so fast to look around and see what's going on.
 I call down to her, "Baby" and she relaxes and knows my voice.
 Looking over at my direction she feels more relaxed.
So she sits back down to relax and start cleaning again. She has a unique stripe on her nose. Shy at times but comes to my voice and like to climb up to see me. She likes me brushing her hair and picking burs out. She real young and was born this year. I thought I might loose her because she had a cold last week. She's going much better this week. She's got a injury on the left side of her face but she's been very stand offish so I haven't been about to examine it too closely. She so fun to be around. It's so cute to see her stand up on her back legs to get up closer to me. How could you not like a cute little girl like this.

A Youngster Comes to Visit on a Warm Day

 Checking me out to see if it's safe here and if I could be trusted. You can almost hear him thinking. It took a while but he came down for a rest.
 Sniffing and looking, what's out there I need to be afraid of.
 Standing at the picnic table you can see he's not to tall. The white crest on his chest is covered with black hair which is really dark brown hair. It's amazing how hair is on all mammals, It's just shades of brown. From dark brown almost looking black to blond that is very light colored brown. Even what we call red hair is just a shade of brown.
 Happy buddy standing at the picnic table
 That big nose can really sniff out things from a far. He's got a lot of those nasty burs in his hair. Ears perked up, checking me out taking photos of him. The first couple shot where the camera mirror folding up was enough noise to catch his attention. Since the sounds came from me and my direction he felt better about it. I talked softly to him which seem to relax him. I'm about 25 feet from him here.
 The little guy is resting on the nice warm dirt. He looks like he feels right at home. Well it is his home as much as it's my home and I don't mind sharing the forest with him. He's not out to hurt anyone. He's just looking for something to eat and water to drink.
 What was that noise? Those ears hear real well and the littlest nose could be danger. So better be safe. I don't know who he might be afraid of other then maybe a mountain loin which we do have here. I noticed his back feet are large like human feet and he walks on the balls of his feet but when walking slow he will put his foot down to rest the rest of it.
 Talking with him telling him that "it's okay" and "Come on little buddy." I think people panic too much when they see any wildlife. With bears they have heard too many stories most of which are myths. They don't eat anything larger they a squirrels and the rest 95% is vegetation.
 There's a lot of hair so that makes the bear look a lot larger then he really is. He does have a rather large head and I think that scares people. They don't have any desire to eat humans and don't even want to be around them. If you leave them alone they will just walk around eating and drinking water. Maybe lay down for a nap in a safe place like here. You can see the white crest on his chest a little. I noticed him touching some grain that was on the ground and the way he touched it was so softly.
 It's so amazing how they rest  and relax. I posted this one because he was looking over at me but most of the photos were of him looking at every place but me. I guess it's the soft voice talking to him calms him down. He really didn't care that I was walking around turning on sprinklers.
You can see the claws are up so as he's walking the claws don't dig in. When he was up the little tree he was pulling back which pulled his claws out but seeing him the way he was climbing the claws are just to help him stabilize. He didn't hardly make a mark in the soft wood of the tree so he wasn't digging in. What a cool young fellow, such a nice visit with a forest friend.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Looking at the kitties

 Sprockets hiding in the bush who always looked shocked to see me. Sprockets likes this spot because it's nice and cool.Must smell good there too with all the mint growing around.

Fuzzer, also looking shock and trying to hide from me.

Socks looking up at me in the kitchen window.

The kittens are staying a bit closer rather running off at the sight of me. I'm slowly earning their trust. I'm starting to notice their unique personalities. They sure like to play and never run out of energy. They are real explorers and have to check out everything new to them. It's so entertaining watching them chase each other. They do that a lot and a lot of jumping. I was looking out the window and saw one rolling on the ground. Didn't see what they were up to but knew that the other two kittens were close. Then I see a little paw come out and hit Sprockets hand which gets him going trying to reach that mystery paw. A gray tail moving from side to side pops out the bottom of the pallet and Sprockets goes after that batting at it with it paw. The tail disappears and a gray head comes out the end of the pallet.

I don't think I can break up the set. I will have to do something about them having a ton of babies. Going to have to check with the county to see if they have some sort of program to fix them. Just catching them is the problem.

It's a nice warm holiday weekend. I hear the TV in the house but outside it's the sounds of crickets and owls. There was a baby raccoon trying to get my attention on the porch earlier. I heard one little noise last night and knew it was a baby raccoon. Baby raccoons are the only ones that are vocal. I'm not sure if it's to call mom or it's just expressing itself like a child makes funny noises to test out it's voice and see what things it can do with it. One of these night mom will come up and drop off the baby for me to baby sit. I don't mind because they are just amazing.

There was a story in Sacramento about a raccoon bitting a person. At first the news was talking about the skunk they found with rabis. No one said anything about a raccoon with babies because mom will protect them. Even me knowing the mother she still lets me know to stay back from her babies with a little growl. She's just being a mom. I'm hoping people don't go crazy and start killing every skunk and raccoon out there just because they don't know any better and let fear run their lives. The person that was bit should have heard the raccoon growl first. Most likely had ear buds in with the music going oblivious to what's going on around them. The one raccoon that showed on the news was a few blocks from where the person was bit and they tried to insist that it could be the same one. I saw that the raccoon was asking for food as it was laying on top of a wall.IT seemed pretty friendly and used to seeing humans. The raccoons must have been going after dog and cat food left out. Even if they have found food they still are shy and won't attack. The only time they stand their ground is with babies.

Look at the long round thing!

 Socks Kitty walks down the drain pipe and calls for the rest of the gang.
 Sprockets goes to meet Socks. Come on Fuzzer. Look we are on this thing, it above the ground.
Well not much out here lets go climb on something else.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Out with my deer friends

 Pretty Girl and the baby being friends. The baby is scared being around the other deer since they are so much bigger.
 It's the little baby up the hill under the pine trees just past the apple tree.
My new Little Buddy that wandered in the last two days. He's so happy smiling here. Nice to have a friend but there's a couple females that don't want him around and chase him. When mothers have babies they kick out last years babies out on there own. It's for the safety of the new born.
 Such a happy little guy about a year old.
My Momma Girl coming to say Hi to me. She will walk up the walkway and up to the porch to let me know she's here. Have all sorts of chamomile flowers growing here everywhere. There's one on the lower right corner of the picture.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Allegiance to the Country and not a corporation or people

When your hired for any job in the government you take a pledge of allegiance to the country of the United States. You also say that your not in or have been affiliated with the communist party. Doesn't say you can't belong to other groups that want to over through the country like some religious groups or tea bag groups keep talking about. Doesn't say you can't show allegiance to an industry, business or persons such as the Koch brothers and Koch industries and what they stand for.

It's common knowledge that the tea bagger party is funded by Koch brothers and the Koch industries. The go between was Dick Army. Dick Army is also the one that revealed a CIA agents name, usually a treasonous offense and lied about it to the FBI.

When you look at how the wealth is divided up in the country the working class and middle class are at the very bottom with .3 % of the wealth. In case you didn't see that decimal point or can figure out fractions like most people these days, that's 3/10 of one percent. 2 percent of the people have 85 percent of the wealth. Those are people that have or make over a 1,000,000,000 dollars a year plus the money in the bank and investments. They pay less then you on their income tax because of all the breaks they get.

The Koch brothers make after taxes 110 billion dollars a year. That's $110,000,000,000 dollars a year if you need to see the zeros and compare that to what you make. That's every year too.

To understand 2% of 300,000,000 people is 15,000 people. So 15 thousand people have all the money in the country out of the 300 million people in the country.

That are so rich they pay people and have nonprofit focus groups and lobbyists. Koch brothers have all the so called nonprofit think tanks you hear about on TV news that is against things like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, any social programs like public schools, the government,  any thing like regulations that would harm you the public. They are against being able to sue a company for wrong doing. That's the regulations they are going after right now. They do believe in monopolies and are against antitrust laws.

When it came to saving the planet from economic meltdown these groups wanted to bail out the banks and insurance companies but didn't want to help the people they took money from as investments. All those people lost trillions of dollars. A trillion dollars in 1000 billion dollars. That's $1,000,000,000,000 dollars. Took a few trillion to bail out the banks and AIG but countries like Greece who bought these paper products ate crap. The whole EU is down because of Wall Street and the ratings companies who rated trash as triple A rated paper. Myself I think those ratings companies need to have their business license pulled and be put out of business and be forced to help pay for the bailout. The leaders and managers of these firms should be jailed one day for each dollar. What's real bad is if you rob a bank they will put you in jail for 20 years but commit fraud and you get a slap on the wrist and get to keep the money. If you do go to jail it's only for a couple years and you still get to keep the money. In China you would be ask to kill yourself and the government would take all the money you had back. Law here are made to protect the white collar crimes. They affect more people then any bank robber could do. Why isn't the time in jail proportional? I don't understand why a bank who is protected by insurance so all the money taken is returned but the bank robber gets 20 years for taking a few thousand dollars. Yet, a broker who steels billions of dollars, doesn't spend any time in jail. After the bailout the leaders of these companies gave themselves a tax payer funded raise for causing there institution to fail.

So when you hear people like Canter asking for billions to fix his state after cutting funds to FEMA. The people need to say fix it yourself Canter. Take it out of your state funds. Raise taxes and bonds to fix your state. Why do republicans say they want to cut everything but have a little disaster then they have their hands out saying give me. Sure we can give you money but it's going to be a loan and we with make sure it's a low interest loan. These are people that don't want to pay taxes but want tax payer dollars. Why should anyone give them anything? They don't deserve a dime. Ask the Koch brothers to help you out and see what you get. A big NO.

Back to the point I want to make. When you take the pledge to work for the country you need to say that you do not have any allegiances to and corporations, any people, any ideology other then for democracy. After working for the government job you need to take a break and not be hired for any think tank for the rest of your life. You can't be hired to lobby either for a life time. The idea you want to make the government so small that it's irrelevant should be seen as not being with the country and be a hostile person to this country.

Perry who is tied to a religious group along with Michelle Bochman and Sarah Pallin who believe that the country needs to be taken over because of the end times biblical prophecy, need to be removed from the government as hostile people against the state. People that want to stop public education have a reason, they want uneducated people to work cheap for them. They only want rich people to be educated. That's why in Texas they are rewriting history, changing it along with science so people will only believe in the teachings of the bible. That way they can control the masses. They just quote from the bible and you wimp out and don't question what they are doing. People like Perry, Pallin, Bochman are criminally insane. They plot how to take over others and dominate them. Bochman  who is against big government profited her whole life from the government and so did her husband how did state work. It's funny to hear someone running for president say professional politician made this mess. No it was republicans like Bush and Chaney who didn't pay for two wars and gave all the tax money to the super rich caused this problem. This same person comes from a family of politicians. He's been in office decades.

We went to the moon back when the tax code was 70% on the very rich and the country had more jobs. We had a middle class back then also. Industry didn't move to other countries like the mantra is by the republicans. Even giving tax breaks to the rich and corporations doesn't create jobs it's the government that can do that when it's really needed. It's done that in the past and can do it again now. We need a project like Hoover dam but a solar panel field 100 square miles set up in several places in desert states. We need fiber optic cable and fiber run to every home in the country to stay up with the rest of the world. The USA is 16th as far as speed in the world. ATT wants to take over T-Mobile not to give you better service but to make itself into a better monopoly. I believe it's time to bring an antitrust suet against ATT and they need to be broken apart. Because corporations have no allegiance to any one country, if they are to continue to work and do business here they need to take a pledge of allegiance to the country just like a federal employee. Some of these corporations need to be nationalized for the good of the country. Say in putting in Fiber Optic cable around the country, that should be owned by the government and leased to companies and corporations to use so that us the people don't get riped off like we are now. Everyone should have a fiber going to their homes that isn't tied to any corporations. This would be the type of work project that would create jobs and a lot of them independent of corporations. Use the UK model, it works there and can work here. The FCC has been run over by the republicans and corporations and needs to be returned to the people. Putting solar panels on every home in the country would take away the need for new power plants and cover the power needs during the day. The power plants that are here now would only be needed at night. Making deals with power companies who are corporations and have no allegiance to the people of the country need to have the lights turned out on them and start serving the country and We the people. They will not do what's right and you can't trust them. If you hear the ads for natural gas and gas mining they talk like they are your friends when the only friend they have is profit for the share holder. They don't care if they drill a well and your property is damaged in the process. The Oil sand pipeline will not bring down the cost of gasoline because that type of oil is only good for making diesel fuel which will be sent over seas and sold there. So far the first parts of the oil sands pipelines all have leaked and caused damage to rivers and farm lands. As the hearings about the San Bruno pipeline explosion was taking place there was a leak in another PG&E natural gas pipeline which I believe caused a fire. They found several leaks on that line but the republicans are watering down any regulations on natural gas pipelines so that putting in automatic shut off valves is optional. That's the regulations that they are fighting against happening things that would make people safe. They are out to undermine everything that has been fought for over the years. They want the days when lakes are so toxic and catch fire again and not to be held responsible for it and want to be protected against law suits.

Never trust a corporation that says trust us, we are your friend. Never trust anyone from the Koch brothers think tank that talks fast.