Sunday, September 04, 2011

Looking at the kitties

 Sprockets hiding in the bush who always looked shocked to see me. Sprockets likes this spot because it's nice and cool.Must smell good there too with all the mint growing around.

Fuzzer, also looking shock and trying to hide from me.

Socks looking up at me in the kitchen window.

The kittens are staying a bit closer rather running off at the sight of me. I'm slowly earning their trust. I'm starting to notice their unique personalities. They sure like to play and never run out of energy. They are real explorers and have to check out everything new to them. It's so entertaining watching them chase each other. They do that a lot and a lot of jumping. I was looking out the window and saw one rolling on the ground. Didn't see what they were up to but knew that the other two kittens were close. Then I see a little paw come out and hit Sprockets hand which gets him going trying to reach that mystery paw. A gray tail moving from side to side pops out the bottom of the pallet and Sprockets goes after that batting at it with it paw. The tail disappears and a gray head comes out the end of the pallet.

I don't think I can break up the set. I will have to do something about them having a ton of babies. Going to have to check with the county to see if they have some sort of program to fix them. Just catching them is the problem.

It's a nice warm holiday weekend. I hear the TV in the house but outside it's the sounds of crickets and owls. There was a baby raccoon trying to get my attention on the porch earlier. I heard one little noise last night and knew it was a baby raccoon. Baby raccoons are the only ones that are vocal. I'm not sure if it's to call mom or it's just expressing itself like a child makes funny noises to test out it's voice and see what things it can do with it. One of these night mom will come up and drop off the baby for me to baby sit. I don't mind because they are just amazing.

There was a story in Sacramento about a raccoon bitting a person. At first the news was talking about the skunk they found with rabis. No one said anything about a raccoon with babies because mom will protect them. Even me knowing the mother she still lets me know to stay back from her babies with a little growl. She's just being a mom. I'm hoping people don't go crazy and start killing every skunk and raccoon out there just because they don't know any better and let fear run their lives. The person that was bit should have heard the raccoon growl first. Most likely had ear buds in with the music going oblivious to what's going on around them. The one raccoon that showed on the news was a few blocks from where the person was bit and they tried to insist that it could be the same one. I saw that the raccoon was asking for food as it was laying on top of a wall.IT seemed pretty friendly and used to seeing humans. The raccoons must have been going after dog and cat food left out. Even if they have found food they still are shy and won't attack. The only time they stand their ground is with babies.

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Linda S said...

Bob - I hope you can find a free or very reduced-cost program to neuter the kitties. It would be a shame if they kept re-producing. Eventually, there would be not enough food for them (or you would go broke trying to feed them!). I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.