Thursday, September 08, 2011

Baby Stinkers

 Getting clean. My little baby is cleaning the burs out of her hair. I took this photo and it was loud enough to surprise her.
 Hearing the noise of the camera she jumped up so fast to look around and see what's going on.
 I call down to her, "Baby" and she relaxes and knows my voice.
 Looking over at my direction she feels more relaxed.
So she sits back down to relax and start cleaning again. She has a unique stripe on her nose. Shy at times but comes to my voice and like to climb up to see me. She likes me brushing her hair and picking burs out. She real young and was born this year. I thought I might loose her because she had a cold last week. She's going much better this week. She's got a injury on the left side of her face but she's been very stand offish so I haven't been about to examine it too closely. She so fun to be around. It's so cute to see her stand up on her back legs to get up closer to me. How could you not like a cute little girl like this.

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