Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Youngster Comes to Visit on a Warm Day

 Checking me out to see if it's safe here and if I could be trusted. You can almost hear him thinking. It took a while but he came down for a rest.
 Sniffing and looking, what's out there I need to be afraid of.
 Standing at the picnic table you can see he's not to tall. The white crest on his chest is covered with black hair which is really dark brown hair. It's amazing how hair is on all mammals, It's just shades of brown. From dark brown almost looking black to blond that is very light colored brown. Even what we call red hair is just a shade of brown.
 Happy buddy standing at the picnic table
 That big nose can really sniff out things from a far. He's got a lot of those nasty burs in his hair. Ears perked up, checking me out taking photos of him. The first couple shot where the camera mirror folding up was enough noise to catch his attention. Since the sounds came from me and my direction he felt better about it. I talked softly to him which seem to relax him. I'm about 25 feet from him here.
 The little guy is resting on the nice warm dirt. He looks like he feels right at home. Well it is his home as much as it's my home and I don't mind sharing the forest with him. He's not out to hurt anyone. He's just looking for something to eat and water to drink.
 What was that noise? Those ears hear real well and the littlest nose could be danger. So better be safe. I don't know who he might be afraid of other then maybe a mountain loin which we do have here. I noticed his back feet are large like human feet and he walks on the balls of his feet but when walking slow he will put his foot down to rest the rest of it.
 Talking with him telling him that "it's okay" and "Come on little buddy." I think people panic too much when they see any wildlife. With bears they have heard too many stories most of which are myths. They don't eat anything larger they a squirrels and the rest 95% is vegetation.
 There's a lot of hair so that makes the bear look a lot larger then he really is. He does have a rather large head and I think that scares people. They don't have any desire to eat humans and don't even want to be around them. If you leave them alone they will just walk around eating and drinking water. Maybe lay down for a nap in a safe place like here. You can see the white crest on his chest a little. I noticed him touching some grain that was on the ground and the way he touched it was so softly.
 It's so amazing how they rest  and relax. I posted this one because he was looking over at me but most of the photos were of him looking at every place but me. I guess it's the soft voice talking to him calms him down. He really didn't care that I was walking around turning on sprinklers.
You can see the claws are up so as he's walking the claws don't dig in. When he was up the little tree he was pulling back which pulled his claws out but seeing him the way he was climbing the claws are just to help him stabilize. He didn't hardly make a mark in the soft wood of the tree so he wasn't digging in. What a cool young fellow, such a nice visit with a forest friend.

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