Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh On, Not more kittens!!!!!

 Momma kitty and the new baby kitties. I just seen them for the first time a couple days ago playing here in front of the old shed, something that was built 70 years ago and built not to any standards of today. Wood was milled up the hill in Camino. It's all roughed out size too. You can see the large saw marks as they cut the tree apart. The boards weren't milled down but are 1 inch thick and 12 inches wide. I had to add some wood to hold this old shed up from falling over. There's still holes in the walls with a corrugated metal roof. I pulled one size with a come-a-long tied to stump to up right one side of the building. There's just some gardening stuff inside, irrigation piles and drain pipe. There's an old tube radio. The cabinets on one wall are still intact. They have glass doors and somewhat nice shelves inside. Someone collected a variety of pine cones that are in the cabinets. There's a baby basket thing made of wicker that's white sitting on top of the old tube radio. There's an old air conditioner, one of the first made I'm thinking by the way it's put together. It's got so much space inside it and is so heavy I had a hard time moving it into the shed. It was a real power hog too but back then it didn't matter because power was real cheap.
 Momma Kitty has that meek look to her. "I didn't want to get pregnant, it just happened, you know." Yesterday she came over to my car and was sitting near the front tire giving me those sad eyes. I think the kittens are cute but I can't believe how fast she is having them, the other kittens aren't even grown up yet. I haven't seen in mom will let her other set of kittens come near these kittens. Maybe that's why she didn't want the other kittens around her a few weeks back.
 They have some unique markings and a small tail like mom. That bandit mask around their eyes. Lots of stripes and that same little distinct mouth.
 I think the other evening was the first time out for them. They are playing with everything that moves. Whether it's a bug or blade of grass they tap. They are already jumping on each other
 Hard to take photos in almost dark like here. It was a red sky with rain clouds, thunder and lighting to come along with rain for a few hours but it only sprinkled just enough to almost get the ground wet. Under the trees the rain never made it through.

Shy Fuzzer. Kitties got that meek look in her eyes. Never noticed the white spot on it's nose before. Fuzzer is bigger then the rest of the first set of kittens. Has the long hair like mom and size like dad.

I saw the father kitty about a mile from here coming this way. It had twigs and things in it's hair. Looked a little beat up since I've seen it around here. How it got that far away is a good question.

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