Friday, September 24, 2010

My Raccoon Friends


This is my second raccoon family. This family has one albino baby girl while my other raccoon family has a albino mother and normal looking babies. I’ve been following the two families, the mothers families, grandmother and grandfather over many years now. Raccoons are vary shy creatures but after getting to know them they are very interesting to watch. They like to play with each other. When the families get together they all like playing together jumping and rolling around. They sniff each others nose and now each other then start playing like it was a old lost friend. When grandmother comes around and the two families are here it’s a sight to see with everyone playing. The kids all jumping over grandmother because they are so happy to see her. I really enjoy watching them interact with each other and me.

The skunks have been here for many years now as long as grandmother grandfather raccoon. The skunks have been around a lot more where I’ve been able to interact with them even petting them or feeding them by hand. They don’t stink like people ask me, in fact they are very clean. Each one has it’s own personality. Some are shy while others are explorers. The three new babies this year were a treat. It’s much better then in past years where I’ve had up to 36 skunks running around with one male turkey that would chase after them. I’ll sit on the porch with my little friends as they come over to see who I am. I’ve had babies go to sleep on my feet before or next to me. One runt would come over to me and hide behind me challenging all the other bigger skunks. My skunks don’t have rabies and for the most part never would. That a myth that people say when they don’t know any better. They don’t spray each other or me that’s another myth too.

Out of all the little night creatures the possum is the shiest one. With it’s little round ears constantly moving around listening for danger it reminds me of the movie “Baby.” I’m just waiting to hear a squeaky voice. I’ve found out that putting you hand up to your head and turning it twice it’s a greeting to the raccoons. Must mean I’m a friend or something because they look at me and wait to run but stop that action and start eating with no worries after greeting them.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Noodles bigger then your Noodle


Mr. Friend and Me


Sitting out with Mr. Friend having a talk about how the forest is doing. Not so well he says, things are all dried out and no native foods for the deer to eat. All the European grasses are dead and no native grasses anymore.

Native grasses would be green right now because the roots go down 12 feet. I’m going to have to be collecting more seeds and get this place green again. Been having sages moving in and plants from the valley moving up the hill. Have several grasses that grow around rice fields growing here.  I’ve found some great info on plants and pests at:


Smiley coming to see where I am since I haven’t been able to walk so well lately.

Monday, September 06, 2010

McCain blames it on Bush

McCain said that we should have done more two years ago when Bush was in office to repair the economy. Bush was on his way out and was only going to take care of his Wall Street friends. Lets not forget that the whole thing fell part on Bush’s watch.