Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mrs. Nippers

Pentax 004

Mrs. Nippers a little better or worse for wear. This is what happens when you have five babies all at once last year. She’s a good girl and eats cookies with me on warm summer nights. I saw her babies last night traveling together. Momma Nippers is a somewhat friendly raccoon. She trust me to a point. No matter how good the raccoons know you they still look at you like a giant and they don’t want to be harmed by no giant. Momma nippers has a missing piece to her ear so Mrs. Nippers. Was great watching the babies grow up and watch Nippers teach the babies how to be a raccoon. She’s rather protective while she’s raising the babies and will give you a growl to tell you to stay away. The babies will run up the nearest tree for protection. It’s simply amazing watch them grow up and go off on their own. I’ve noticed that most all the animals live in one area and if you don’t see them every day then they are dead. I not sure how many years a raccoon can live but it has to be ten to twenty years.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Pretty Momma Deer

Pentax 104

My deer friend Momma Deer. At times I swear she knows everything I say. Well she’s been around here for many years raising her babies. She would come here to rest and let the babies play with the other babies. I’ll see them almost going to sleep while the babies are running around the yard. One time a female baby came here and was calling out for her friends. I never thought they have friends but they do and they like to play if it’s okay with mom. The babies will want to play and mom will say no. The babies look so disappointed. The babies are always smiling as they look around. Even talking to Momma Deer she smiles for me when I say, “there’s my pretty girl.” There’s a group of six females that come here every day. They find the yard tasty.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby Tiggers came home tonight

I’ve been so worried about baby Tiggers because she hasn’t been home an a couple nights. I have a general idea where she might be but I’m worried about her. Sprockets chases he off and I don’t know why she’s getting picked on by Sprockets because she gets along with all the other kitties and wildlife. I’d feel better if she stayed close to the house and slept in one of the boxes on the porch or deck. I don’t know why Sprockets chases her little sister but she does. Those other strays come around and none of the kitties do anything about them.

I got her in the house to eat and get some pets. She really like attention and I give it to her. I’d like to turn her into an indoor kitty but after a period inside she will start freaking out and start jumping at the door.

I’m sure glade she showed up tonight. I’m hoping that she will be back tomorrow. I leave food out for her when I close things up when I go to bed. I don’t know where she goes at night or if she even sleep at night. I’ll have to follow her one of these nights with the night vision scope. Just bothers me to no end having her out there when it’s cold and raining. I’ll keep working with her and hopefully one day she will become an indoor kitty. Mean while I’ll just worry about her.

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It works, finally

After beating my head against the wall I called my “IP” up. Very little help. I did figure out what was wrong on my own by deducting what the “IP” didn’t say. I even got the TV hooked up so I don’t have to have the computer on to watch a movie. That was getting kind of old having the computer going. Now I can actually be using the computer with a movie going. Also got the network working properly. The other computer can now get online.

Rained over night and into the morning. Was cold all day. My bones were all aching. I guess it’s going to be like this for a couple more days. Heard on the weather report that it was snowing still on top the mountains. Well that’s not unusual for here. It’s 60 degree and just after 9PM. I have the front door open and my little buddies are coming up to me for a treat. No foxes yet but the nights young.

Pentax 004

A guest kitty that came by for dinner. Poor thing looks all skinny. Sprockets was checking out the new kitty. They didn’t do any fighting just looking at each other. There’s another kitty that looks like Momma kitty with the tip of her ear gone.

Pentax 013

Poor kitty looks rather meek looking at me. It doesn’t have the long hair like Momma Kitty. I feel bad that there are all these cats running around without a home. People come to the park next door and drop off their cats and move. I’ve seen so many cats over the years.

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Friday, May 03, 2013

Momma Kitty

Pentax 105

“Oh look at me I caught a lizard.” I’ve never seen kitties like my kitties who catch things like lizards then eat them. I saw them eating a snake one day. Most of the time they go after big bugs and moths and eat them.

Pentax 107

Kitty eating a lizard she caught.

Pentax 108

Momma Kitty with her long hair. I just found a large wad of gray hair. I don’t know how she licked it off or if Wheezer licked it off but there’s a large wad of gray fur out on the walkway. My kitties are the only ones I seen climbing trees like they do. They run up a tree like it’s nothing. Then they climb around like they are a bird. I’ve noticed they show off doing things like climbing and darting around. They will look over to see if I’m watching them then start running full speed. I like watching them play chase. They will hide behind a bush and you can clearly see them but they play like you can’t. The other cat will be walking like it doesn’t see them but she does. Then they jump at each other flying over each other and then the chase starts. I’ve never seen cats run as fast as they do. I see thing I’ve never seen house cats do. I’ve never seen a cat swing on a rope hanging from a tree. Yes a rope. She will run full speed and jump grabbing the rope and then swing.

Just heard something behind me. I turned to see my little buddy in the house looking for me and a treat. This is the little buddy with the dead tic on her forehead right on the white stripe. I have the doors open to save me from opening them and making noises. The skunks will walk up to the door but this little buddy will follow me into the kitchen. I’ve found her walking around the house and into the bedroom looking for me. When they see me they expect a treat. They are pretty smart too. I can talk to them to get them to come over to me. The only think they have trouble with is other skunks coming to close to them. They don’t mind being around raccoons or the cats. The cats come right up to the skunks and both of them just sniff each other. I don’t call them my pets because saying they are mine when they are wild and pets means I own them which I don’t. All the animals here are free to come and go as they please. I just share the forest with them and most likely the only human they have ever seen.

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The Little Puppy

Pentax 113

There’s my little Sprout coming to say hi. Her mother hasn’t shown up but was here yesterday. I’m surprised the shot came out as good as it did. I just set the distance because I couldn’t see anything through the camera, it was too dark. The gray foxes are just the coolest creatures. They have shown me how smart they are. She was a bit nervous when a deer came through. I guess something that much bigger then her walking around and worried about getting stepped on. My cats and skunks seem to get along fine with the foxes. The only ones that sort of give the fox some problems is the raccoons but they are bigger then the foxes.

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