Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Week in review

There was a few more jolts in the Indonesia area. I know a person there and she seem to give me a real and different take of what is going on when the earth shakes there. Speaking of the earth shaking, PBS just had a special on earthquakes in the cascade range. Which is a fault like the one that made the Andes where the Incas go. "Carve up a hill, for a ship to land in the Andes, PARK IT, PARK IT." Excuses me, couldn't resist Frank Zappa humor. Ha, they even named a rock after the place, "Andisite". Which is a rock that comes from a subduction zone, just like the subduction zone that runs along the North West coast. Did you catch the week in review? Bush says all life is precious and then signs a bill to drill in a "Wild Life Sanctuary." Sanctuary, isn't that like going to a church or being in a church? You seek "Sanctuary to be at peace or to run from danger. Mean while around the world 90 plus countries hate the United States and want to do everything they can to get rid of it. Now to tie this all together. Gas is up, thinking are down and the world can live with out us again. Yes it gave us another warning this week. Remember what happened to the world the last time Krakatoa past some gas. (1400's 1800's it blew ash around the world for 150 years the first time thus calling it the dark ages. In the 1800's the shock wave was heard around the would and dimmed the sun for two weeks. I'd like the two week version rather then the 150 years without sun light, make it hard for plants to grow.)
Air, you can't do with out it.
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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

I was taking some close up pictures of moss and flowers. What I forgot to rmember is to look what I'm laying in and on. I'm sure this is going to be a good case of posion oak. There are some bumps on the back of my neck and head that are killing me. I'll have to call the doctor tomorrow,

Well, no more flower pictures for a few days. The rain has started. I had to do some dirt moving the last few days. The rains really was coming down in the last storm, about 9 inches. I noticed a oil film coming down the hill from the east side. Also the rain gutters don't tip down hill. The water is leaking into the house from the south side and I just had the celler dried out.

Been getting a lot done here as far as the closet goes. I can put 10 more boxes of cloths in there.
Well, on coat hangers. Still have about six boxes to unpack. I need a 1x12x5 feet for the shelf. I used a couple of thos parts of the closet orginizer. Going to put some more shelves in the second bed room. Need to do some thing about the closet in that room.

Well, well, Jordan's on so it's getting close to bed time.

What a week!

What happened to the past week, as a mater of fact what happened to the past two or three weeks, I let my computer set the time "Automatically": but it doesn't seem to work since I re installed everything getting rid of those pesky programs, My hibernate doesn't work. I need to figure out this modem sharing.
Well, Easter tomorrow, guess I'll do some painting. The pains are still going on the right side of me. Still I think this has something to do with my knee.
Working one a hybrid antenna into a super TV antenna. Two Verticals, one high gain horizontal beam. Some of the channels are coming in better but some others are not so good. When I get the horizontal beam it should work better on the low end. It's been about two years since I haven't been able to receive the channel guide. At least that's working now.
The apple tree that fell over was made a bit shorter and modified like a trout mask replica. The roots are in the ground and the ground has been packed in. I also gave it some miracle grow. maybe I can get the parts that were growing can get going. 
I'm so worn out from the rain the fast few days. Working in the rain just suck the heat from you. Then when something smacks you in the head it's a real shock to the head. Speaking of head my sinuses are doing me in. It's those oak trees, My car turns this sort of powered yellow. Well I'm going to call it a night and what ever needs to get done will have to wait.
Air, you can't do with out it.
Nature Photography
Cheaters always prosper.
and good guys always finish last.

Monday, March 21, 2005

More Smoke and Mirrors

The news is crying out, save the brain dead lady.
No one's talking about who is going to pay for this but it has to be done.
It's not coming out of George's Medical Budget this year or any year in the future.
Oh, and by the way, we are going to start drilling in a "Wild Life Sanctuary in Alaska."
Ya, we can get a million barrels of oil per day just like that BP pipeline that should go online this years some time.
For those of your listeners who don't remember what happened when the oil companies couldn't get their way for the first Alaskan Pipeline. We forget the long lines and the even and odd days in which you could get gas. Then when the pipeline was put in the price of oil dropped a little but not much. I guess that's where we get the term, "they got you over a barrel."
For a President that claims to be doing common since things I have to question is that something a drunk would come up with?

What the real cost are

The insurance companies are like the mafia, you pay them so nothing happens to you.
You have to remember that insurance companies are not just into one service.
If you make a claim on your car because of an accident, the money doesn't come out of just one company but a insurance corporation.
Look are "General Insurance Corporation," "and their little lizard commercials" "Sears, and All-State the largest credit lenders in the nation." Nation Wide with all their subsidiaries. I haven't even started on the Health braches of insurance companies. Remember, they are corporations and not just companies. They make money by investing in places like the stock market, loaning money to banks and you pay for their investments because you are the end sucker that nothing is suppose to go wrong in your life. How about that life insurance, you get to collect after your dead, what a deal.
Well, lets start at the bad energy investments in Mexican energy back in the 70's and 80's that went bust?
What about those earthquakes in California?
What about all those "Tornados" and "Hurricanes" in the South East?
What about those real bad investments in Wall Street?
Remember Wall Street sucked 7 trillion dollars from people.They had to only pay 1.2 billion in fines and were asked not to do it again. No one went to jail either. This same group was a large contributors to the "Republican Party."
Why did the price go up in California? Because they would pay it.
Why does your car insurance in California go up, because they made it the law to have it.
This made it so every one had to buy insurance and now they could charge anything they wanted.
When it comes to insurance companies paying out money they drag their feet.
There are people that still haven't been paid for the devastation of the earthquakes in California.
There are some people that still haven't been paid from the Hurricanes in Florida like hurricane Andrew some 15 years ago.
The only way that we could make this all fair to all the people of the United States is to Nationalize Medical Insurance, We need to nationalize medicine too.
This will be the only way that it would be fair to all.
You could also work "Social Security" into this same program.
This would make the United State the biggest investor in the world and would make us a better country and not a country of people that spend all their time thinking of ways to steel money from others with in the laws we have set up.
Bob Sakall

Friday, March 11, 2005

Hot day.

Second day of wearing shorts. Taking a break and having some coffee. Need to get outside and change my oil next. So many projects but I feel so much better now that I've been on Prozac. Before that, I was just draging form day to day.

The smell of something dead under the house is almost gone so I'll be going under the house soon. I'll let the fans run for a few more days.

The amount of flowers popping up is unbelievable. Every day there is dosens more. You can tell it's spring the bugs are coming out.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Don't believe it. Must be the Bushniks sensering me

Just got done writing for two hours. Then when I went to check the spelling I lost everything. That darn MS firewall crap came up and asked if I wanted to permit the pop up. I pressed yes. Then every thing was gone.

More later.

Don't believe it. Must be the Bushniks sensering me

Just got done writing for two hours. Then when I went to check the spelling I lost everything. That darn MS firewall crap came up and asked if I wanted to permit the pop up. I pressed yes. Then every thing was gone.

More later.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Late night and nothing on but repeats

Was outside until 6:00PM to night. My legs hurt from all I've did today. Doesn't seem like much but it was. Lot's of little things. Picked up a end table and little TV at the thrift store. Good twenty dollar investment. The only thing is I can't find a remote for the TV. For now I'll use the VCR tuner. Going to have to run to the box store and see if they have one.