Monday, March 21, 2005

What the real cost are

The insurance companies are like the mafia, you pay them so nothing happens to you.
You have to remember that insurance companies are not just into one service.
If you make a claim on your car because of an accident, the money doesn't come out of just one company but a insurance corporation.
Look are "General Insurance Corporation," "and their little lizard commercials" "Sears, and All-State the largest credit lenders in the nation." Nation Wide with all their subsidiaries. I haven't even started on the Health braches of insurance companies. Remember, they are corporations and not just companies. They make money by investing in places like the stock market, loaning money to banks and you pay for their investments because you are the end sucker that nothing is suppose to go wrong in your life. How about that life insurance, you get to collect after your dead, what a deal.
Well, lets start at the bad energy investments in Mexican energy back in the 70's and 80's that went bust?
What about those earthquakes in California?
What about all those "Tornados" and "Hurricanes" in the South East?
What about those real bad investments in Wall Street?
Remember Wall Street sucked 7 trillion dollars from people.They had to only pay 1.2 billion in fines and were asked not to do it again. No one went to jail either. This same group was a large contributors to the "Republican Party."
Why did the price go up in California? Because they would pay it.
Why does your car insurance in California go up, because they made it the law to have it.
This made it so every one had to buy insurance and now they could charge anything they wanted.
When it comes to insurance companies paying out money they drag their feet.
There are people that still haven't been paid for the devastation of the earthquakes in California.
There are some people that still haven't been paid from the Hurricanes in Florida like hurricane Andrew some 15 years ago.
The only way that we could make this all fair to all the people of the United States is to Nationalize Medical Insurance, We need to nationalize medicine too.
This will be the only way that it would be fair to all.
You could also work "Social Security" into this same program.
This would make the United State the biggest investor in the world and would make us a better country and not a country of people that spend all their time thinking of ways to steel money from others with in the laws we have set up.
Bob Sakall

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