Tuesday, July 29, 2008

McCain sells his soul...

The Devil, big oil and Bush and Chaney pull strings knowing they are going to loose, jack up the price of gas by cutting production to help McCain use this as a wedge issue. If you listen to the oil companies ads they are your friends at least that's what they present as long as you sell the future of the country to them. They will drill and ship United States oil over seas because Americans are saving gas by cutting down driving. Big Oil doesn't care about car makers as you can see the car producers are in the dumps cutting jobs and benefits that were promised to them.

What would McCain be saying if there was enough oil? Nothing.

He flip-flopped on torture. Wire taps without warrants. Wonder if that means anyone in the United States including congress and senators can be listened in on.

McCain used to have morals at one time but facing old age and the last time to run for president he's sold his soul to the dark side.

Even as he gives his speeches he has to use cue card because his poor old mind isn't as sharp as it once was. The adult diaper is a real give away along with skin cancer. He's not to long for this world. His VP should be a good young one to replace him when he kicks off. The stress of the first weeks isn't going to be good for his health.

Give up now and retire with your millions tax dollars per year. Unlike normal Americans that can vote them self raises or get a guaranteed retirement which has been stolen by big business and the republicans, destroying the unions and the standard of life we once knew.

Who wants four more years of the Bush plan. No other country supports McCain. In fact they hate the idea if a republican president.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Can't teach an old dog new tricks

McCain after pooping his diaper complains that Obama doesn't know what's going on although Obama's world tour was treated like a rock star by the people and leaders of other countries. McCain is now leaning "The Google" and trying to send email technology and science along with economics isn't his big suit as he said. Talk about some one flip flopping on ideas to win the support of the repubilcans. He sounds like a broken record calling Obama all sorts of names over and over since he can't come up with any new talking points. His idea to or Bush and Chaney's idea to drill off the coasts and in Alaska's wild life refuge so that oil companies can sell oil over seas if Americans concerve gas and oil. What a deal oil companies get, they get the oil dirt cheap and sell it for a extreme high price. Maybe it's time the Americans take charge of their resources, do what Iraq is doing. Let the oil companies drill and pump out the oil for America. Where America gets the oil and the profits. The idea that oil companies are our friends is redickulous. They don't care about you but only in profits. One of the largest gold mines in the country is being run by a Canadian company. Sortly a Brazilian company is going to start drilling for oil in Utah. Sure the oil companies pay royalties a couple buck on each barrel but not on a sliding price of the market. Seems if companies and countries are going to get out resources out of our lands they sound be used here. All this deregulation that's gone one sure isn't helping me or you or America. If oil comanies do get a okay to start drilling it won't make a difference in the quantity for years to come and if we don't use it, it's going to be sold over seas. That just means to me that McCain is behind big bussiness and big businees doesn't care about you but only cares about profits.

So if you want big business to run your life vote republican. Why people can't see that republicans care about you just gets me. They will say something like, "I'm voting for a party with morals." What kind of morals does a party have if it doesn't value life and starts wars for profits mainly oil profits.

Flickr and it's uploader program

After downloading the Flickr uploader program and installing it I was able to upload one picture in several days. This was better then working off the browser which I didn't upload any. It keeps telling me I have a bad connection and I should wiggle my wires and try again. Maybe they should try wiggling there wires because the problems not on this side. Maybe too many people are using the service and they don't have enough servers.

I did notice that you can now sell pictures and also find picture doing a search which is fine. If you can't upload any pictures then what good is the uploading program.