Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No Sockets Error

Sounds like a Mike Myers skit from "SNL," "No Sprockets." That means no email from hotmail with Outlook Express.

Well momma deer and the babies are here so need to knock some apples and plums from the trees for them. Mom's looking at me through the front door window. She's got that, "Why aren't you getting fruit for us? look."

Mean while I'll keep plugging away at the hotmail crap.

Monday, July 30, 2007

County Helth Department doesn't take State insurance

Well, after getting a love bite from Mr. Stinkers, one of the skunks here that I've been watching for the past five years. Finding out that skunks all carry rabies it got me worried, a lot of stressful nights with little sleep because the mind wouldn't turn off. So, called the doctors office to get a rabies vaccine and tetanus shot. Show up and all they have is the tetanus shot. They said I needed to go to the county health department. So, after talking to several employees I get to the right place and am talking to the right person. They Tell me I need to go to the hospital to get the first shots. Okay now, off to the hospital for a 6 hour wait in the ER, well I didn't have anything planed for the day. At the ER they call the health department and set up time for me to come to them to get the rest of the shots. So I show up at 10:15 AM. I'm half asleep still. Only had one cup of coffee. Then they tell me they don't take the states medical insurance. That just got me, the county doesn't take the state insurance. It's one government service to another government service. Now if I didn't have insurance they would cover me, so they tell me to go back to the ER for my shots. Today wasn't bad, only a couple hours, almost three for this shot. What gets me is my name was Juan from south of the border I'd be covered for everything even having a baby.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bush make more lame claims

"Say the course." "9/11" "Stay the course" Mushroom clouds" Stay the course" "Need more money" Support the troops" "We're cutting back funds for veterans administrations again for the 6 year in a row." We're cutting back on science and real stuff and placing it in the hands of Christian Fundamentalist." Clean Air Act is good for my buddies so it's good people, just don't breath to deep." "I broke FEMA and I plan on breaking a few more things before I'm done." "I can do it, I failed at all my businesses so I can do this and my father won't bail me out."

It's funny when you hear someone lying, there is certain tells like playing cards. If they start out by saying, "Now Look," or "Look this is how it is," then you know they are lying. Even if they are trying to explain something and use that word "Look" they are trying to have command over you and make you think that are telling you the truth. Also talking fast like they practiced their responses before they even heard the questions. Talking fast doesn't mean it's right. Nether does talking louder then the other people who your talking to. This is just ways of tricking people into thinking your the speaker that is saying the truth.

If you listen to people that think things out they talk slower and softer and don't try to dominate any conversations. They don't have to the message gets out but it's up to you to listen and hear it.

Militants with balls

It's one year later after the militant group Hezballah started a war with Israel. It's terrible that some country are so weak that they let militants run around freely. They weren't acting in the interests of Lebanon and it's people had to suffer and the hands of a few.

I think it's sad the militants put others in harms way. It's to bad that Lebanon was so weak that they couldn't kick out the militants who had interest not with the country they occupy. They always say they will fight to the death with no regards with the innocent people living around them who don't want to fight to the death but just live and farm and have no political interests.
Maybe if the U.N. and the World Courts would say or pass a law that if militants place themselves in populations those populations can be considered as militants also thus be fired on for being complacent and letting the militants set up their hardware and use them as human shields.
I don't see why they don't deserve a Dresden style type air raids, they are as much as at fault as the militants.