Thursday, July 12, 2007

Militants with balls

It's one year later after the militant group Hezballah started a war with Israel. It's terrible that some country are so weak that they let militants run around freely. They weren't acting in the interests of Lebanon and it's people had to suffer and the hands of a few.

I think it's sad the militants put others in harms way. It's to bad that Lebanon was so weak that they couldn't kick out the militants who had interest not with the country they occupy. They always say they will fight to the death with no regards with the innocent people living around them who don't want to fight to the death but just live and farm and have no political interests.
Maybe if the U.N. and the World Courts would say or pass a law that if militants place themselves in populations those populations can be considered as militants also thus be fired on for being complacent and letting the militants set up their hardware and use them as human shields.
I don't see why they don't deserve a Dresden style type air raids, they are as much as at fault as the militants.

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