Monday, July 30, 2007

County Helth Department doesn't take State insurance

Well, after getting a love bite from Mr. Stinkers, one of the skunks here that I've been watching for the past five years. Finding out that skunks all carry rabies it got me worried, a lot of stressful nights with little sleep because the mind wouldn't turn off. So, called the doctors office to get a rabies vaccine and tetanus shot. Show up and all they have is the tetanus shot. They said I needed to go to the county health department. So, after talking to several employees I get to the right place and am talking to the right person. They Tell me I need to go to the hospital to get the first shots. Okay now, off to the hospital for a 6 hour wait in the ER, well I didn't have anything planed for the day. At the ER they call the health department and set up time for me to come to them to get the rest of the shots. So I show up at 10:15 AM. I'm half asleep still. Only had one cup of coffee. Then they tell me they don't take the states medical insurance. That just got me, the county doesn't take the state insurance. It's one government service to another government service. Now if I didn't have insurance they would cover me, so they tell me to go back to the ER for my shots. Today wasn't bad, only a couple hours, almost three for this shot. What gets me is my name was Juan from south of the border I'd be covered for everything even having a baby.

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