Friday, October 31, 2008

Thou shall not lie, except when you can win a election

Thou shall not lie. Love your neighbor as yourself. Things that so called Totalitarian Christian seem to over look to get their way as they interpret the bible in their own way, making it up as they go. These are the people that if they offer you cool aid you really need to run. When a religion that's based on love is teaching hate it's time to get off the bus.

McCain and Palin, "Miss Chokesondix, Alaska" stopped talking about getting elected to "lets vote against THEM." After all it was Phil Gramm and McCain that supported deregulation of the markets saying they will govern themselves. Who also is afraid of redistributing the wealth downward instead of to the extreme rich. We say that the "Trickle down Economic" really mean pee on the poor and middle class. Hearing Palin's Christian way of thinking it's time to get off the bus. She can still give me a hummer though. How do you think she got to where she is today, it wasn't on her looks.

Why can't Christians tell the truth? It's because they need to dominate over others. Adolf did that too and he was a Christian, a Protestant, a off branch of the Catholic Church which also broke off to the Baptist and a 160 plus other groups. The Nazi's were all Christian. So were the Fascist's in Italy. So religion and government really don't mix

"Born again" could do it right the first time? Needed another religion that suited you, something that was easier to do?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Out of touch from the real worlds needs

After watching the debates and getting bombarded by tons of political commercials I really have to question McCain. He questioned the DNA study of grizzly bears saying it was a waste of time. That's something an old uneducated person would say. Dealing with climate change and global warming, plant migration along with animal migration this would be an important study as I can see it. When you hear the grim outlook for the worlds wild life and extinction on a daily basis. McCain saying why study bears DNA is like saying to Kennedy why go to the moon. Cutting down Obama's earmark for a planetarium projector saying million was too much like he actually knew what he was talking about. Unfortunately he didn't know what he was talking about, not at all. If anyone has ever gone to a planetarium and saw the big menacing machine in the middle of the dome, that's the projector. It projects the planets and stars onto the ceiling of the planetarium dome. The full cost of the planetarium projector is $10 million dollars replacing the 50 or 60 year old projector that has stopped working and the parts for that projector are not made anymore, sort of like the mold for McCain a solder whose days have gone by. McCain's campaign is like watching a monkey in his cage flinging his own feces at the people walking by.

Hearing McCain say, "Obama wants to spread your wealth around." What Obama is saying the wealth is going to the top and the middle and lower class people are being left out of any way of getting wealth. I see McCain protecting the wealthy like all republicans do. What gets me is that the low end of the spectrum republican voters shoot themselves in the foot voting against what would be good for them.

Hearing a woman on the radio today saying she's going to vote for republicans because they have good moral and values. Lady, they would throw you out on the street as much as look at you. They don't care about you. Republicans are about big business and look what unregulated Wall Street has done. Look at what the Credit Card Companies have done they are worst then loan sharks. Mortgages are all messed up and they even have a name for the loans that they made, "Teaser loans." It's not a real loan but a fake loan. They told the people we will sell you this loan package and you can refinance your house in a couple years when the rates change. They even forged documents so people could get the loans with no credit history.

Then there's McCain's buddy Phil Gramm who pushed through the shadiest deregulation laws that hurt the country but helped the rich to get richer. Oil companies that could set the price of oil, again like they would regulate themselves. What did the oil companies do, jack the price up taking there lead from Enron.

I was watching the news a few months ago where a tornado came through a town. The sheriff said, The weather is changing and I don't know why." He was from a red state on that doesn't believe in global warming and the effects of weather pattern change.

When you fight just for the sake of fighting because your republican and then there's those others. I'm totally ready for change and put the republicans on the endangered species list.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Why is oil price so high and how Phil Gramm made it that way.

Tired of listening that the market was controlling the oil market? Well come to find out the Phil Gramm earmark caused the problem, The "Enron Loophole" A need to remove the Enron loophole is needed and over sight is needed like it used to be. "Caution: listening to this will make you mad." More drilling will now solve the problem because oil companies are international but they sell the oil not here that's drilled here but overseas so there's no security into more drilling offshore or in Alaska.
Fresh Air podcast on why oil and gas prices went so high so fast.
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