Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I've heard it all

I’ve heard it all. “If you raise the minimum wage you won’t help people to get out of poverty” according to a republican congressman. If they weren’t paid so little they might be able to get out of poverty. It doesn’t take much smarts I agree to flip a burger but I wouldn’t want a disgruntled employee doing things to the customer’s food. The congress gave itself 31,000 dollar raises over the past ten years. Inflation is at an all time high but that doesn’t find its way into the little people pockets. Seems inflation is a way of keeping people poor. Sure you get wages but it never keep up with inflation compared to the ratio of the extremely rich. The rich don’t gave to do anything but there worth more in time while a person work by the hours works until he dies.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Were going to stay

Were going to stay till hell freezes over no matter what the cost the taxpayers, so says the republican house. That’s going to be, a long time with global warming.

I heard some interesting stats. When the war started we paid the families $200 for those oopses that the military made by killing civilians. First year cost, 5 million dollars. This last year we paid 20 million to civilians at $200 per family, which works out to 100,000 people the same amount of people Saddam killed over 30 years.

The story goes like this, weapons of mass destruction and Bin’s group in Iraq. Then it was for regime change. Then it was to make a democratic country. Today there is no reason just that we will be there until hell freezes over. You get that impression by the permanent bases they are building.

Mean while back here the health care issue, wages, job and a stable dollar is the concern of the people. So many republican business are claming bankruptcy to get out of paying the peoples retirement and breaking the unions, all done for the stockholder dividends. Yes greed is driving the Republican Party with no regards to the health of the country.

After 9/11 Bush changed the way unemployed people are counted. When your benefits finish so do you as far as getting counted. This makes a real nice number but doesn’t represent what is really happening to the working class people.

One thing I noticed is the oil shortage is only happening in the United States all in a quest for Exxon to drill for oil in Alaska. The only way to solve this extortion would be for every country to nationalize their oil fields where each country would pay privet companies to drill for oil. After the hole is drilled there isn’t much work to be done, just collect the oil and sell it. The futures market need to be removed from the world along with hedge fund. Both seem to be a problem that is causing high prices and fuel inflation. Maybe one day people would work to better the world instead of bettering just themselves.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Touch screen voting

Touch screen voting without a paper trail. Trust me the republicans say. No one has pulled the BOIS out of each machine and checked them to each other like a normal person would do. Instead it’s lets put in a couple names and see if it works out. There is no transparency to the Diebold machines. When a Diebold executive says he’s going to make it so the republican party would win it should be a warning to all that the machine are fixed.

Karl Gets Off

Rove gets off again. Karl Rove gets away with his personal assault on others with his mud slinging. To get away with treason because your friend the president cuts you a break is just wrong. To me I would see a revenge by the organization that he used as a political toy would be out of the question. Karl has gotten away with creating to many lies and destroying to many people. Karma and Wicken both say that things come back in the powers of three so maybe Karl will die some sort of long and painful death. Even as he cries out for some one to kill him because he’s in so much pain his religious right will say no you can’t do that.

Someone outted the CIA agent, which is treason. Someone had to come up with the idea to discredit Joe Wilson. And after everything is done someone caused a CIA agent cover to be blown. Someone needs to pay for this but in this administration no one does anything wrong even lying about reasons for going to war.

I don’t know how long a country can exist when they keep lying to the people of the country. Why do other people of the world hate us it’s because of the lies of the republicans. Why people can’t see how they are making the country into a fascist state. This administration keeps saying things are going great and the war on terrorism is just a quest for oil. If Iraq can’t get it together and sell us oil then we will have to take over the country that puts out oil and take that part over.

When a country is based on lies its time for a change. Whether it’s a new country or what it’s time for a change.

Today’s debates on the hill patting each other on the back instead of doing real work but only following Karl Rove’s speaking points where nothing gets done. The republicans have no real policies but to scare people to voting for some thing they know nothing about. The only ideas they have is to attack the demarcates. In the eye of the republicans if they stop gay marriage then it will stop terrorism. The republican party would want you to believe that without being Christian that you are some sort of sinner when they take bribes. Make people loose their homes. Take over businesses and send the work over seas. Destroy the unions. Make electronic voting machines to keep the republicans in power. Go to war to make your friends in the oil business rich. I see the republicans are for big business just as they have been for years. Getting people to invest in the stock market only to have the market fail again like they did once before.

I have never meet a honest republican who hasn’t wanted to have nothing more then free labor and no taxes. If the republicans keep doing what they are doing our country will go bankrupt by 2010. Then the big businesses that are world companies and don’t care that they destroyed a country will go on. What the right keeps forgetting is that the meek will rule the world and I don’t see big business fitting it to that category.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Stinker Family

It's May time for stinkers. There are 7 skunks in this picture. It also a time for tolerance. Just like living on a chicken ranch you get used to the smell, sort of.

I watched a baby last night taking on a large skunk. The big skunk just ignored the little guy but the little guy didn't give up he kept stomping his front feet to scare off the other skunk. I'm real supprised that skunks like salads with avacodo and thousand island dressing.

More lies from the right

More lies from the right. Frisk said yesterday in the same interview a contradiction to his own words. According to Frisk the boarders are hemorrhaging but he also says we need a guest worker program. He also was saying the inheritance tax or what he wants to label it as the death tax was immoral. That it made government bigger and controlled peoples life. This was after his debate over gay marriage where the republicans wanted to make laws to control people.

It’s been over a decade since the republicans took over and the only thing I’ve seen is the country going down the hill to line the pockets of the republicans. Every thing they have said they were going to do has failed. Bush said he wasn’t going to do any country building but we are stuck in Iraq with no end in sight.

The republicans keep telling you that social security is bad and that you need to invest in the stock market. Last time the republicans were in power and said the same thing we had the great depression.

I heard a republican leader say he was bull headed and I think that means even if we are wrong we will still fight for it. The Republican Party is for big business and always has been. To say they are compassionate is a play on words because they are only concerned with getting richer and leaving the people of the United States in the dirt fending for themselves.

The religious right, although rather narrow minded is finally seeing that the Republican Party has only used them to get to power. Because they are a bit slow it will take longer for some to see the light although a dim one.

It amazes me that none of the republican leader has served in any war except John McCain. Which make me wonder why they are so quick to go to war and send all those democratic kids to there death without flinching.

It was unions that gave people a better life and built this country now the republicans want cheap labor from south of the boarder leaving citizens hanging. After 9/11 when unemployment was so high a way to fix it was to change how you counted the unemployed. When you unemployment ran out then you didn’t count or matter.

When Richard Clark warned Bush and the administration about terrorist Bush said he didn’t want to hear any more of it. The reason they didn’t care is they used the terrorist attack for a reason to invade Iraq. Even Paul O’Neil said the administration wanted to invade Iraq as soon as they got in office.

If it weren’t for the Supreme Court and Diebold Bush would not be in office. When an executive from Diebold company said he was going to make sure Bush was re-elected this should have been a warning sign that Diebold wasn’t playing fair.

If you believe the republican there is no problem with green house gases. They even made a commercial saying CO2 is a natural gas and it good. This show me that they don’t care if are children can breath. That they will have a place that is safe to live without having a lake catch fire or you skin fall off because the land you live on is polluted. Greed is what is driving the Republican Party not caring what will happen in a few years down the road. It’s just that we have oil people who want to sell oil and don’t care about the out come.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Stinker Family

There's 7 skunks in this picture. Mom and Dad stay with the kids until they are as big as mom and dad. They have been hiding the last couple night but the cat food is out there for them.

You know what's worse then cats mating in your yard, bobcats mating in your yard.

Out at Bob's

Out at Bob's Living in the country

Twenty bucks and its

Twenty bucks and it’s not even half full. Those days of running to the desert for the weekend for twenty bucks each are over. That was for two people food, gas and fun in the sun. Twenty cents a gallon and they washed your windows and checked under the hood. “Two buck,” my dad used to yell out the day we were going driving. Those Sunday drives to places we haven’t been before. To see the legendary places we only heard of. It might be only a sign but something happened there once before and my parents loved it being at a point in history. I sold my V-8 powered car when the price of gas went to 35 cents a gallon. Bought a motorcycle when it went to 80 cents a gallon.

Watching one of the

Watching one of the squirrels I see his seed eating stop and the observation mode kicks in. I didn’t know what he was listening to, what caught his attention. There’s a helicopter flying near by. I could see the puzzlement hearing the foreign sound. What was it? Will it hurt me? I’ve noticed when they are moving distances they stop and size up the area.

Dont you love those

Don’t you love those political commercials? What about commercials that tell you something is safe when it’s poisonous. There is an industrial group trying to sell the idea that global warming and green house gases are good. What they didn’t tell you was that as the temperature of the oceans goes up it moves the where the rain comes down. Some places in the future like Texas will become permanent deserts. To bad some of these areas are depended on for food. Beside that when all the ice melt that has been here for a million years the sea level will rise 200 feet. Just think about it, the San Joaquin Valley full of water. Where will I get my lettuce? At the end of the ice age around 8000 years ago, trees that used to grow in Florida move North until the earth atmosphere stabilized and ended up in Canada where they are today. What’s real sad is the Republican Party and the industry behind them wants you to believe that every things okay and that the earth will survive. What they don’t tell you is they are so greedy that they would kill all life on the planet for power and wealth. When it comes to people getting breathing illnesses they blame it on second hand smoke. They don’t tell you that breathing diesel exhaust causes the same disease as breathing asbestos. The companies that make truck and heavy equipment for over 80 years have covered up this fact. When the past mayor of Los Angeles was elected he eliminated the law that was going to go into effect. When I looked into it further I found out this same mayor made his million in the trucking industry. The law I was talking about would have outlawed diesel engines in Los Angeles County.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Dick Chaney’s energy plan was to take Iraqi oil. In Paul O’Neil’s book he put the map dividing up Iraq for the oil companies. This was as soon as they came to power and don’t confuse that fact they were never elected. That was money and power can do place an un-elected person into the presidency. This is going to go down as the lowest point in the United States history.

As I remember a book about Nostrodomous’s forecast for the future, a religious president gets into a war but the rest of the world disagreed with this. The rest of the world unites to defeat this religious zealot and destroyed this country. Sending this country back to the Stone Age.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Wasting time on the hill

Wasting time. Congress and Senate are going to play bigot these next few weeks to kill time. The republicans are lagging and want to get people riled up before next election. If they can look like they are doing something for the Christian Right then they will vote republican in the fall. To bad they are building prejudice into the constitution. Why don’t they issue national ID cards with a scale from one to a hundred on them telling how American you are, “100” being the best patriot and “0” being a zero. “100” if your rich and donate large sums of money to the party in power. They’ll have a formula of course to figure it out. Put it with your passport so you could have you papers crossing from blue states to red states.