Thursday, June 15, 2006

Karl Gets Off

Rove gets off again. Karl Rove gets away with his personal assault on others with his mud slinging. To get away with treason because your friend the president cuts you a break is just wrong. To me I would see a revenge by the organization that he used as a political toy would be out of the question. Karl has gotten away with creating to many lies and destroying to many people. Karma and Wicken both say that things come back in the powers of three so maybe Karl will die some sort of long and painful death. Even as he cries out for some one to kill him because he’s in so much pain his religious right will say no you can’t do that.

Someone outted the CIA agent, which is treason. Someone had to come up with the idea to discredit Joe Wilson. And after everything is done someone caused a CIA agent cover to be blown. Someone needs to pay for this but in this administration no one does anything wrong even lying about reasons for going to war.

I don’t know how long a country can exist when they keep lying to the people of the country. Why do other people of the world hate us it’s because of the lies of the republicans. Why people can’t see how they are making the country into a fascist state. This administration keeps saying things are going great and the war on terrorism is just a quest for oil. If Iraq can’t get it together and sell us oil then we will have to take over the country that puts out oil and take that part over.

When a country is based on lies its time for a change. Whether it’s a new country or what it’s time for a change.

Today’s debates on the hill patting each other on the back instead of doing real work but only following Karl Rove’s speaking points where nothing gets done. The republicans have no real policies but to scare people to voting for some thing they know nothing about. The only ideas they have is to attack the demarcates. In the eye of the republicans if they stop gay marriage then it will stop terrorism. The republican party would want you to believe that without being Christian that you are some sort of sinner when they take bribes. Make people loose their homes. Take over businesses and send the work over seas. Destroy the unions. Make electronic voting machines to keep the republicans in power. Go to war to make your friends in the oil business rich. I see the republicans are for big business just as they have been for years. Getting people to invest in the stock market only to have the market fail again like they did once before.

I have never meet a honest republican who hasn’t wanted to have nothing more then free labor and no taxes. If the republicans keep doing what they are doing our country will go bankrupt by 2010. Then the big businesses that are world companies and don’t care that they destroyed a country will go on. What the right keeps forgetting is that the meek will rule the world and I don’t see big business fitting it to that category.

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