Friday, June 09, 2006

More lies from the right

More lies from the right. Frisk said yesterday in the same interview a contradiction to his own words. According to Frisk the boarders are hemorrhaging but he also says we need a guest worker program. He also was saying the inheritance tax or what he wants to label it as the death tax was immoral. That it made government bigger and controlled peoples life. This was after his debate over gay marriage where the republicans wanted to make laws to control people.

It’s been over a decade since the republicans took over and the only thing I’ve seen is the country going down the hill to line the pockets of the republicans. Every thing they have said they were going to do has failed. Bush said he wasn’t going to do any country building but we are stuck in Iraq with no end in sight.

The republicans keep telling you that social security is bad and that you need to invest in the stock market. Last time the republicans were in power and said the same thing we had the great depression.

I heard a republican leader say he was bull headed and I think that means even if we are wrong we will still fight for it. The Republican Party is for big business and always has been. To say they are compassionate is a play on words because they are only concerned with getting richer and leaving the people of the United States in the dirt fending for themselves.

The religious right, although rather narrow minded is finally seeing that the Republican Party has only used them to get to power. Because they are a bit slow it will take longer for some to see the light although a dim one.

It amazes me that none of the republican leader has served in any war except John McCain. Which make me wonder why they are so quick to go to war and send all those democratic kids to there death without flinching.

It was unions that gave people a better life and built this country now the republicans want cheap labor from south of the boarder leaving citizens hanging. After 9/11 when unemployment was so high a way to fix it was to change how you counted the unemployed. When you unemployment ran out then you didn’t count or matter.

When Richard Clark warned Bush and the administration about terrorist Bush said he didn’t want to hear any more of it. The reason they didn’t care is they used the terrorist attack for a reason to invade Iraq. Even Paul O’Neil said the administration wanted to invade Iraq as soon as they got in office.

If it weren’t for the Supreme Court and Diebold Bush would not be in office. When an executive from Diebold company said he was going to make sure Bush was re-elected this should have been a warning sign that Diebold wasn’t playing fair.

If you believe the republican there is no problem with green house gases. They even made a commercial saying CO2 is a natural gas and it good. This show me that they don’t care if are children can breath. That they will have a place that is safe to live without having a lake catch fire or you skin fall off because the land you live on is polluted. Greed is what is driving the Republican Party not caring what will happen in a few years down the road. It’s just that we have oil people who want to sell oil and don’t care about the out come.

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