Saturday, September 06, 2008

Little Darwin the runt explorer

Little Darwin the Explorer. Small shy but takes on the larger full grown skunks and doesn't let them push her around. I'm so amazed at these little guys they are so interesting. It's amazes me that they will come to me when I call them by name. Interesting for a wild animal.
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Chaney goes to "Stans"

What will happen as Cheney goes to the Stans to check out the flow of oil. If you have been following Cheney's political and work history he's very interested in money and oil and not much else. People still want know if he was drunk when he shot his lawyer friend who he never visited in the hospital. Guess you wouldn't want someone like that stopping by to say get well.

So will Chaney piss off the Russians? What is his devious plan? Is he going to keep pushing Bush to drill off the coasts? Huricare didn't drive the price of gas up but down. It's interesting that when Katrina happened the oil companies stopped pumping oil in the gulf except for the robot wells, which is 500,000 barrels a day one half the amount of oil going through the BP pipeline going through Georgia. There are several other oil and natural gas pipelines running across the country.

It's ironic that the price of oil goes up as McCain's ratings go down. Think it's a wedge issue? Red states are for coastal drilling since they only eat corn and no sea food. Or if you listen to the religious people, "they can destroy the earth any way they want to God said so."