Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The deer were here

The deer were here earlier; I had to sit with them so one of the deer with antlers wouldn’t push them around. There are a couple guys still with antlers and now they think they are top deer on campus. Big Buddy is just the best father and leader of the herd. Even when Buddy had his antlers he was so gentle with the younger deer. I saw one deer creep up to Buddy he was so scared. Buddy locked antlers with the youngster and they began pushing. Buddy started pushing and it was a cakewalk. He stopped and started backing up and let the little deer win. It was his son and looks like a miniature Big Buddy. Little Buddy has the same personality as Big Buddy too. Buddy’s getting old and one day he won’t becoming here. I was worried when the mating season started because he took off for about three months.

Tonight I sat outside with the deer for about an hour. Even challenged the deer with the antlers because he was being a bonehead. One of the little girls seemed to be getting picked on by everyone. I was sitting down and she came over by me, I think she felt safe. She sure looked happy and seems to perk up being there. I don’t mind them eating the forest because I won’t. Summer is great for them I have all sort of fruit for them. I think going out with a deer and getting apple out of the tree for him is the coolest thing ever. Having a deer follow you or you follow them it show me how they can reason. The thing that amazes me the most is the family that they have. I can tell that the herd has three type of main marking. When I first moved here, they were just a deer, I could tell anything about them. Now I can see a foot and tell which deer it is.

I came in when I saw the first skunk sniffing along. I had a couple of George Clinton’s family show up. Not George himself if their tails, it looks like George Clinton hair. Pooh-key the medium sized skunk really was chewed up. He’s got a bald spot and teeth marks. The teeth are spread rather far apart so I know it wasn’t another skunk. Stinkers run off when he sees any other skunks. Seems everyone want to bit on him. The raccoon just butts in and eats the cat food without to much worry.

It still amazes me when your nice to any animal they will be nice to you. Sure I have that alpha male type personality and that doesn’t seem to matter to much. Even the turkey, squirrels, skunks, raccoons all seem to turn out to be very friendly They don’t seem to be wild at all even though they are.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a day

What a day. I laid down on the heating pad and was watching the snow fall and it made me so tire. I close my eyes for a second and next thing I know it 7PM. Little Buddy was digging through the snow for something to eat. Poor little critters, having to deal with this snow. Well it’s mostly gone now. I’ll know better how the night shift did later this evening. Was sort of nice being out in the falling snow just a bit cold for this not so young body. Not sure if this storm is over yet but it sounded like the storm was going to be here a couple days then nice weather. Then again it changes hourly and you can believe any of the long-term projections.

Well dinner calls. Time to wake up. COFFEE!!! Nice warm coffee.

Snows almost melted

Snows almost melted. It’s 34 degrees at noon today Saturday and my phones out again. It worked for a couple minutes but now it’s dead, no static at all. Have two brave squirrels here eating. It haled here for a few minutes with the sun out. The sky is darkening and looking menacing. Snow level was down to 1500 feet. Radio said it’s going to get up to 50 degrees today but not here.

Had a good down pour of hale while the phone guy was here fixing my phone. Yes it works again. I can’t believe it. There water and I can use the phone. Well it’s raining, no it’s snowing it’s… the sky is falling and the ground is turning white.

Feels good to put on “the boots.”  I can only were these in real cold wet weather or a long distance hick up the side of a big rock. Amazing, I bought these boots in 1972 and still haven’t wore out the soles.

I’m fascinated at the little birds feeding. They look a little rounder and puffed up with the cold. My turkeys took off. I think they are under trees somewhere. Mrs. Squirrel is hunting for seeds on the picnic table. She scraped the snow off to revile the sunflower seeds. There’s another squirrel coming down the tree. It sure takes the squirrels a long time to see if things are safe.

Snowing again too warm to stick right now. Well spoke to fast here come the fluffy chunks of snow. It’s not a white out just soft clumps of snow gently falling.

Started off a cold

Started off a cold dark day and got colder. Snow began around 5pm tonight. Phones out again as soon as the snow started. TV reception is flaky the antenna is gathering snow. Poor critter are hating life, I can see they are fighting over food being to close or the way another deer looks. There’s more than enough for everyone if they just slow down. I can see that they’re cold and confused with the snow. I left the corn bin open on the porch. I know Buddy know how to get on the porch. The white covering over everything looks rather nice to a point. Sure it makes a nice post card but you don’t want to lay in it. I saw one of the skunks and he didn’t look so happy getting around this weather. Sure they have fur but they still get cold and have to look for food in any weather. What a hard life. Seeing the deer in the daytime I get to watch how happy they are to be alive. When I was out earlier it didn’t seem to cold but when I came back in the house my glasses fogged up. This last time I was outside with the deer it was rather cold but then I was in a tee shirt and long johns, which isn’t the brightest thing to do. I heard a large crack, which sounded like a large branch racking from the weight of the snow. I’m glade I parked the car in the road so nothing can fall on it. When I went to the car a couple hours ago there was at least two inches of snow on the car. If I didn’t know better it sort of looks like it’s a little foggy out. Snows still falling but not as much as it was earlier.

Well Rummy’s on Charley Rose. I’m going to have to watch this to see all the lies. Besides my back is killing me and I need to lay down for a bit.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The boys are loosing

The boys are loosing their antlers. Mr. B only lost one and it looks sort of lopsided. He’s still the gentleman deer, always walking so proper and upright. You might even say he’s a bit snobby. There was two new baby girls come through without their mother. Mom must be raising some new bambi’s. Little Buddy didn't want them around here or at the table to eat. I think they were male and never had antlers. It looked like they had bumps but that could have just been their marking. They were very dark brown with a bark face. There was almost no white at the tip of there noise. Little Buddy is light brown with two unique white spots on his neck. Most of the deer that come here have one white spot under their chin. I sure find them amazing. Why they like the new bale verses the old one amazes me. The old one is next to the new one and is half the size of the new one but they don't want it. I think it ha something to do with them tipping their heads. They feel safer at certain level although they will reach to the ground if they have to. Maybe it's about the way they have to spread their front legs to eat on the ground. I found that I could leave the bottom piece of string on the bale so it holds together while they kick on it and it doesn't fall all over. They sort of take bite off like they are biting beef jerky.

The skunks were here until I stepped outside. I think Clinton damaged one of his eyes in that fight the other night. Out of all the stuff they eat sunflower seeds have to be their favorite. Chicken is always good then it’s the cat food. Feeding them by hand had to be the biggest kick. I don’t recommend that to just anyone unless you have a rap or with them. Well Clinton’s back having more cat food.

The raccoon family seems to disappear. Not sure if they’re sleeping the winter away. I wonder where they do go when they are all together. Do they have some sort of home base?

I spoke to soon, one of the kids are here. I don’t see it as them taking food from the raccoon but Clinton did. He had his tail in the air and the gland was puckered. Only a little stink and it was just in the air to scare the raccoon. When I open the door to break up the confrontation both guys ran off. The raccoon just went to the shadows always look to where the food was. I went to the bin of the cat food was and got a can full. Then walk down to the walk where the raccoon was watching me. I poured out the food and walked back on the porch. The little bandit came up the food by the time I was closing the door to go inside.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney blasts lawyer point blank

I was watching the news last night when they showed a doctors drawing of where all the BB's are in the lawyer Chaney shot. To me it looks like the guy was shot point blank, less than 20 feet away. The pattern was around a foot across. Even with a full choke shot gun the pattern wouldn't be that tight unless the guys was real close. The Vice President is coming up with this cover up story just like he said, "I know where the WMD's are." If the lawyer was just peppered he wouldn't be in intensive care and he wouldn't be in intensive care for another week. Chaney turned the lawyers chest into hamburger. The shot that is imbedded in the lawyers heat got there by the closeness of the blast. The lawyer is near death when he was shot. If the lawyer was only peppered he would have been able to walk away from the accident. I'm sure if someone could get into see the lawyer they would see him hooked up to all sorts of tubes and things. This is just another cover-up by Chaney and this administration.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Little Critters

Poor Stinkers has a hurt leg. Little guy is limping. I heard a bit of a fight last night. It really sounded rather fierce. Don't know if it was just the skunks getting into it or something bigger. I did have to air out the house today. I hate to see anyone in pain since I have so much. Seems it doesn't matter if they are big or small or have a nasty smell I like them all. Took care of my big deer when he had a broken leg and it healed up rather good. I wanted to help out the turkeys that were hurt but I couldn't get close enough. They are both still limping but doing a lot better. I think someone tried to shoot the bird with a hunting arrow. I just don't like people shooting on the property. They can do that on there own place if they want to do that. It really amazes me how small skunks eyes are for being out at night. I know they do a lot of smelling. When I went out to feed Stinkers, he started smelling the ground wear I was. I guess to make sure I was gone.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just because you say

Just because you say it’s true doesn’t mean it’s true. If you claim something that is top secret and know one knows about it you could make up anything to defend your policy. You could say anything and say it’s true because there is no way you can check it out. Bush could say he stopped an earthquake in California. See it didn’t happen and how are you to know he didn’t.

In Iran the Bush white house is now saying they are making nuclear bombs but the Iranians are saying it just power research. Who are we going to believe, Bush who took us to war over weapons that weren’t there, or the Iranians who don’t want to burn oil in power plants to prevent green house gasses?

Is this a republican big business maneuver to invade Iran for their oil? From the impression I’m getting from all the spending on homeland security nothing has really been done to make this country safer. The only people making out are the people making war goods. Iraq has turned into the money pit with no end in sight.

When the president says the economy is doing great then why does he have to cut social services to balance the budget, which isn’t balanced at all. Why is he keep giving the rich tax breaks, saying it’s going to stimulate the economy. He just said the economy was great then why does it need more stimulation at the cost of the poor. Bush said he would repair New Orleans at any cost but now the money has been cut off. He’s a president that couldn’t keep his word if his life depended on it. He said he’s a Christian and wants to protect unborn babies but kills the mothers carrying the babies. It’s okay to kill innocent people in a war but it not okay for a woman to make her own decision. Tom Delay said after the Patriot Act was pasted, “we have been working on this bill for 10 years.”  So that means that the republicans were planning to pass this act to reduce the amount of rights Americans have without the terrorist threat.

Is this terrorist problem a version of McCarthyism? Did the republicans make up the idea that Americans would support this or any administration because of the terrorist threat? Has anyone come up with the conclusion that this administration let the terrorist strike New York just to find a way to invade Iraq? I believe Dr. Rice prevented important information from getting to the president so the terrorist would complete their missions. This would outrage the American public and let the republicans do what every they wanted including starting a war or wars.

There’s nothing like a administration that does anything it wants without checks and balances. It makes this country no better then the tyrants we are fighting. Fascism comes in all forms. After 9/11 everything the republicans have wanted to do has been put into this category of impending doom. If you don’t do this we are doomed. If you don’t fix Social Security the way I want the terrorist are going to get you. If you don’t drill in Alaska the terrorist will get you. There aren’t to many things that the president has said that are true. The people of the United States have been led around like a mob trying to get every terrorist under every rock. Bush inherited the recession caused by his friends and campaign contributors in the stock market that took the American public for a 7.4 trillion dollar ride. Doesn’t that just make you want to invest to save social security?

Hearing a tapping so

Hearing a tapping sound on the porch it perked my interest. I looked out the screen door to see my hens. Two were on the railing one was, “Limpie Girl.” It’s all the girls moms and young Jenny’s. Earlier there was four birds laying in the planters enjoying the sun and nice day. I sat on the back porch while the males were enjoying the day. When they decided to start eating grass I went back inside to put the vacuum cleaner back together. Nice bright sunny warm fresh air day.

The turkeys have separated out to the guys and girls. Mom is protecting the young girls for another year before they can mate. The young males are learning how to be a male turkey. It’s like marshal arts for the turkeys.

Well enough playing with the computer, time to get out in the sun.