Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Truth in ads, What about Politics?

Seems like the lies and slander is getting worse every year. The so called talking points one party has been saying over and over people are repeating word for word only getting their news from a 30 second spot on TV. The news will play both sides but they play the most extreme person telling the most radical lies. People seeing this who are lazy and ignorant don’t bother to actually look up what a law says but believe what someone told them to believe. Talking to their friends trying to out do the next guy embellishes what they heard and that gets repeated. PG&E is pushing the right to vote ad which  should be the PG&E monopoly proposition. Out of state interests are sinking millions of dollars to project hate, to make money or what ever their motive is should be able to take part on another states interests. It would be a good law to have truth in advertising on media for all political ads like it is for products. Make it easier to sue for slander. Things like the swift boat ad was a complete fabrication put up by a corporation which had interests in making one person get elected, mainly oil and gas interests. Without the lies politics could be rather boring but it would be a lot better since that people only getting info from those ads don’t know any better and believe them. Even if it was a state by state law but would be better if someone like the FCC who control the air waves in this country. With all the mass media the ads turn out to be propaganda. The national ads are the worst and how people believe them instead of saying it’s politics and it’s all lies. Some leaders will say people are smart enough to tell the lies from truth but they can’t they are that stupid. We have shows on like, Are you smarter then a 5th grader,” and those people prove that they aren’t smart enough to discern the difference.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quakes Gone Wild

A thrilling new series live and your there. I don’t thing I’ve every seen numbers like this. In fact I know I haven’t in the years I’ve been studying geology and that’s a lot of years.


index_map 2010-04-10b

They are really piling up. Most of the time a quake happens and there’s aftershocks but they are in a group together right near where the first quake was. Not with this on or the one in Chili. The ones stretching over 200 miles from the main quake. Then the rest of the state is being active also.

116-33 2010-04-10b

Forget about a cluster at Bombay Beach where they have been worrying about a quake happening due to activity. It looks real minor compared to the rest of the area. Still that is the San Andreas fault. Sort of looks like the Elsinore fault is the most active with the San Jacinto also getting quakes. Glad I’m not living in Anza right now with it’s great views and clean air and the best spring water I’ve ever tasted.

So what’s going to happen? Baja going to move West letting in the gulf water in. Maybe some day in the next million years. Is this section part of the Pacific Plate going to move North breaking throw the locked section. Maybe move North pushing up another set of mountains?

Well you can be sure that California will always be a barrel of fun. Always something happening here.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Whole lot a shaken going on

index_map 2010-04-05e1

Been a lot of quakes since yesterday when the Big One went off, some where about 700 quakes so far. First time I’ve seen a quake here where the after shock (quake) have been scattered over a hundred mile area, reaching all the way up to the Palm Springs area. It’s mainly one two faults, the San Jacinto and the Whittier/Elsinore fault but there are some on the San Andreas Fault.  Keep wondering when the transverse ranges will be pushed out of the way which have been holding the southern section from moving North. There’s always a bunch of quakes around the Caldera at Long Valley. That is another spot I keep wondering when it’s going to go off. There’s a lot of new lava around there. With all these quake you wonder if it took off stress or added stress and where is it building up. i‘ve heard back in college that there was 40 some feet of stored energy. Then after the quake in San Francisco it was up to around 50 feet of stored energy. With the two other large quakes on this side of the world, the news was asking a few questions like what does that mean for California. Of course you always get the same answer, it could happen in the next 30 years but they have been saying that when I was in grade school and college was almost 40 years ago. So when’s the next Tejon type quake going to happen?

Sunday, April 04, 2010

OMG, IT’S THE BIG ONES! 7.2 mag. Quake

One big one and a herd of good sized ones rock and roll Baja. Noticed the lonely one over by Santa Monica and all the other little ones all pointing that way. Wonder if we will be getting after shocks like the two last big ones did covering an area of 300 plus miles. The whole works pushing north and maybe have some action across the little San Bernardino Mountains and the Tehachapi range. Just need that on rock blocking movement by Tejon. Noticed there’s been more activity by Mammoth Mountain and the Caldera but that’s always active some times more then others. The little Red Hair Girl said there still might be even a larger series of quakes like usual and that chance will go down in time. With the Chile quake they were over a several hundreds of miles. Most all of those quakes were at a depth of 35km. I check a bunch of these and they are all over the place. Most of the after shock are very shallow. The main quake was 10km, the deepest ones were around 30 km but not that many. Just wonder if these released stress and how much it put on other areas. Landers quake was a 7.3 and ripped open a 50 foot by 150 mile strip of the continent. It got that much bigger is just a few second. There’s a lot of after shocks so far, since 4:40:40PM pacific time there’s been over 140 quakes. It’s about 75 miles by 150 miles area that where the quakes are happening. So it’s covering a good section of land. It’s all on the San Andreas fault network down there.

Well I’m going to eat dinner while it’s almost warm. News at 11 should be better then what was at ten.

27.37.-120.-110 2010-04-04b