Monday, April 05, 2010

Whole lot a shaken going on

index_map 2010-04-05e1

Been a lot of quakes since yesterday when the Big One went off, some where about 700 quakes so far. First time I’ve seen a quake here where the after shock (quake) have been scattered over a hundred mile area, reaching all the way up to the Palm Springs area. It’s mainly one two faults, the San Jacinto and the Whittier/Elsinore fault but there are some on the San Andreas Fault.  Keep wondering when the transverse ranges will be pushed out of the way which have been holding the southern section from moving North. There’s always a bunch of quakes around the Caldera at Long Valley. That is another spot I keep wondering when it’s going to go off. There’s a lot of new lava around there. With all these quake you wonder if it took off stress or added stress and where is it building up. i‘ve heard back in college that there was 40 some feet of stored energy. Then after the quake in San Francisco it was up to around 50 feet of stored energy. With the two other large quakes on this side of the world, the news was asking a few questions like what does that mean for California. Of course you always get the same answer, it could happen in the next 30 years but they have been saying that when I was in grade school and college was almost 40 years ago. So when’s the next Tejon type quake going to happen?

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