Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Truth in ads, What about Politics?

Seems like the lies and slander is getting worse every year. The so called talking points one party has been saying over and over people are repeating word for word only getting their news from a 30 second spot on TV. The news will play both sides but they play the most extreme person telling the most radical lies. People seeing this who are lazy and ignorant don’t bother to actually look up what a law says but believe what someone told them to believe. Talking to their friends trying to out do the next guy embellishes what they heard and that gets repeated. PG&E is pushing the right to vote ad which  should be the PG&E monopoly proposition. Out of state interests are sinking millions of dollars to project hate, to make money or what ever their motive is should be able to take part on another states interests. It would be a good law to have truth in advertising on media for all political ads like it is for products. Make it easier to sue for slander. Things like the swift boat ad was a complete fabrication put up by a corporation which had interests in making one person get elected, mainly oil and gas interests. Without the lies politics could be rather boring but it would be a lot better since that people only getting info from those ads don’t know any better and believe them. Even if it was a state by state law but would be better if someone like the FCC who control the air waves in this country. With all the mass media the ads turn out to be propaganda. The national ads are the worst and how people believe them instead of saying it’s politics and it’s all lies. Some leaders will say people are smart enough to tell the lies from truth but they can’t they are that stupid. We have shows on like, Are you smarter then a 5th grader,” and those people prove that they aren’t smart enough to discern the difference.

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