Saturday, May 08, 2010

Smarter then you think

This morning was very interesting. One of my forest deer friends, Mr. Friend, I call him, came up on the porch and I saw him sticking his head into the bag of bird food called scratch. I didn’t bother him and went over to do something. When I came back he was in the yard with his deer friend standing there. I opened the door slowly and came on to the porch greeting my deer friends. They were both smiling and happy to see me. As I stated filling up a couple coffee cans with scratch they walked over to the table where I usually put the grain. I walked over to the table, Friend was standing at his favorite place at the end of the table the other deer was behind a bush sneaking a peak being shy. I poured the first can out in front of Friend and he started licking up the grain not paying to much attention to me pouring out the second can. There you go guys, I said. Friend lifted his head, smiling and gave me a wink with his left eye. The other deer hungry was sneaking up watching me walk away until I was back on the porch. I signaled to him gesturing my hand, making a come over like sign, I said, “it’s Ok.” He walk past Mr. Friend around the end of the table ducking under the bush branches to the side of the table. He stepped on the bench with his front legs and began eating. The guys were happy and I went back in the house to get ready to run to town.

It’s really great having these friends and watching them to see that they are smarter then people think. They are more then just animals but fathers, brother, mothers and babies of a extended family. I’m so grateful to have my forest friend except me. To watch the babies grow up. To see the mothers express love for their little ones and the babies loving their mother.

One rainy night I saw a young scared deer come up there was a pile of seed on the ground next to the walk. Buddy the leader of the herd came up and started licking him pulling the little deer’s head close into his neck. The young deer began licking him back. Buddy had his head over the little deer’s neck and was licking the other side of his neck holding him close to him. If that’s not love I don’t know what it is because it sure looked like they were expressing some thing.

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