Saturday, February 23, 2013

Little Bo-Boo Leg Buddy

Pentax 014

Ran out of cheddar cheese so I tried Cream Cheese and my little Bo-Boo leg Buddy likes it. She’s got a hurt back leg and has become weak but I’m feeding here extra good so she will get stronger.  I don’t know is she is the one with the babies under the back of the house but by the dust on her forehead she’s living under there too. I don’t know if she has a broke leg or foot but I can see that it’s swollen. She lifts her leg while walking. When skunks are eating  they lay down to eat at least they do here. It’s real cute watching them eat the cats food. The raccoons and foxes come for the cat food also.

Pentax 025

Such a cute ferret face. No skunk don’t go around spraying everything in sight. They will only spray you if you try to eat them or hurt them. Most of the time they just stomp their front feet to get your attention. It just amazes me how good all the wildlife get along with each other. They get a little possessive over their food but if there is enough they don’t fight. I may have six skunks and six raccoons on the small front porch at the same time.  The skunks can be in contacted with each other and then they might do some pushing. I noticed the raccoons will just push them out of the way. They put their little hands on their back which causes them to back up. Skunks are built like a wedge and backing up is their best strengths to get food away from another animal. They like getting petted on their sides and don’t like a hand over the top of them. You can tell a skunk is relaxed because their tail will be down unless it’s snow there or it’s wet. I’ve been trying to get her where her foot heals but I don’t know if it needs to be set or something. I’m hoping it’s just a sprain or something minor.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow day

Pentax 001

Pentax 002

Pentax 008

Pentax 004

Dieter playing in the snow. Been a cold snowy day here. I’m really feeling achy and breaky. Two pairs of everything on except for sock which I have three pairs on. I’ve been out on the porch a couple time with the kitties. I see a couple little buddies and some little hands on the porch. It’s after ten and the snow is slowly melting. I don’t know what the over night temperature is going to be but sure not going to be warm. It started snowing around noon and just kept snowing into the evening. I watched Dieter running around in the snow. Every time I looked out she was in a different place. Stayed up too late last night watching movies waiting for the snow. Saw a little drizzle when I got up this morning to feed the kitties. Dieter and her friend the raccoon are out there together. They seem to get along pretty good. I found out that Dieter is scared of the stereo yesterday. Took me a couple days to get her out from under the computer desk. Once I turned the radio off she came out and ran out the front door. Well, it was nice and warm here yesterday.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Warm days and cold nights

It's been another odd winter like the past few winters where the suns out bright and shining. No rain mid January or February but the rains coming along with snow. It's been doing this same weather pattern the last three years. The Jet-stream is dipping down to southern United States bringing the cold and moisture to the east coast. The east coast is having record cold weather. They had a massive snow storm which locked up many states. Here we have been having high 60's to low 70's. It gets cool soon as the suns gone or your in the shade. Doesn't feel like winter except for the short days and long nights. I can tell that the days are getting longer. It's light after 5:30PM. I haven't noticed it getting lighter in the morning yet. I like those summer days when it's like till 9 PM. Well it's going to be a few month before it's light out late and we have warmer days. Seems you want summer except for those triple digit days. When it's in the 80 during the day and 60's at night those are very pleasant days. In the winter you hoping for summer days and in the summer you hoping for cooler weather.