Thursday, November 29, 2007

XMAS report or stock market report

I've been hearing the last few days the XMAS reports and it sound like a stock market report. Be interesting if we went back to the old way of a religious holiday but then again what would the economy do. Myself I'm burned out already with all the ads. I can't stand going into a store and seeing all the "XMAS" junk and it is junk. So many people are buying useless junk that they will never use. The TV ads just get me, "Buy this car and tell her you love her" like that a measure of love. You have to wonder what people are thinking when they make these ads. What kind of person they are. You might compare them to snake oil sales men with very low morals.

What else gets me is there's a couple wars going on and it seems the Christmas hasn't been effected at all from the people selling good. No sacrifices from anyone here in this country. Bush's ideas of sacrifice is to go shopping, that's going to help fight terrorism.

What I don't get is those evangelicals who scream about values are silent. I guess the values they have aren't that great. The bar is rather low for them. Meanwhile they keep thinking that gay marriage and abortion will save the country from terrorist at least that's how they vote.

Christmas is for children but it's been bastardized by the corporate world taking the value right out of this holiday.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rove on Charley Rose

Karl Rove was on Charley Rose last night. I always knew Karl was a good lier. Karl said, "This administration did not want to go to war with Iraq." I must have been on the wrong plane or something but my recall of events have a completely different take of events. Then he was pulling clips from obscure news papers quoting how good the war is going. Charley totally had to question Karl about that and what the real solution is, a political one like everyone else is saying. This war is still a money pit in the pursuit of oil for Bush and Chaney's friends. Propaganda isn't going to change that. We haven't heard anything about WMD in years. Bush stopped talking his "Church slang." How many times has Bush changed his turn about why we are at war, about as many times as you change your sock, hopefully every day. Well history well tell in time that Bush was the worst president and drove this country into near bankruptcy but the story isn't finished for another year so he can do more damage like start a war with Iran.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why American children are stupid, Dover School Board

Watching the PBS NOVA series about the Dover School Board and teaching or trying to teach kids about "intelligent design" a weak attempt at bringing the bible into the class room. Thank God they lost the court case other wise we would be going even farther behind the rest of the world. It too bad that there are those people that can't see the truth in science. For me that's why I stopped going to church because of the lies they were teaching and I have to say, religion has the biggest holes ever. How anyone could take that as fact is beyond me. The bible, it's not science it's theology. Albert has a theory but you can't test it because you can't go faster then light just yet. DNA is a real good way of proving Darwin. Carbon and atomic dating isn't other tool in the box of knowledge. No wonder the red states don't have any technical industry they don't have the staff to maned them. Then again anyone smart born in a red state moves to a blue state with the rest of the other smart people.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rudy says he's tough enough to do water boarding

Rudy says water boarding isn't torture so he's planing to do a demo in public to show people how tough he is. I really want to see him say uncle and confess to all his sins too.

Just love those comments about the liberal media too. Where is that liberal media he's talking about. So any media that says anything or questions what's going on is liberal media.

I guesswhen a guy gets married three times and gives his word to his wife and God he surely can't be trusted when he's been married three time. How can he take an oath of office and be trusted to uphold it since he hasn't done that before. The people off New York hated Rudy before 9/11. Now his buddy is going to prison, the top cop buddy. What other crime organization is he tied to after all he did take out the competition. Maybe Rudy's the new Dom, whacking all the competition.

I really don't see him as a man that can be trusted, not with any single replacement woman out there or some mans wife. Not with money or the countries military.

Win 32 error, svchost error, what a bunch of crap!

What a bunch of crap,update to Internet Explorer 7 SP2 and the updates that followed after installing it and ever since then the none stop errors. I looked it up on the Microsoft web site and there are tons of pages on how to fix it sort of. There's a patch but that has to be loaded every time you start the computer. Then restart the computer and after several tries it works. It's funny that the only version of an operating system that Microsoft ever had was the R-Dos which was made by some one other then Gates. Even since then there hasn't been one product that came out that doesn't need upgrades and patches. Now they got Vista out and haven't finished developing XP. They stopped supporting the older versions like 98 and before. When is Microsoft going to come out with something that works right the first time out of the box. I really hate have to be the proving ground for Microsoft. They have enough money that they need to pay me every time something doesn't work. MAC's don't have this problem, they work right all the time. They come with everything you need to work and no crap shareware if you buy a new computer with bundled software. I'm so thinking of going to LINUX. There must be another company that makes an operating system that will work with the programs I run. I'm really glade that Europe has got the suit with Microsoft to release the operating system so real working software can be developed that works right all the time. What gets me is I don't hardly even use IE except Microsoft makes you to get updates.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cleaning things up and getting rid of CO2 and other good things

Some people are selling the idea of getting green or making look like they are green. Sure a dancing elephant looks cute. Then there is the diesels with the rainbow and saying we are making cleaner fuels. As they would say on SNL new update, "Really." Listening to the show today and hearing the GM rep. saying it's coming in the future. Or Carl Levin who I think is a great leader take the side of the car companies. Then there's the tax breaks for the refineries and oil companies. One thing I notice is if they do nothing they get tax breaks. Oil is at an all time high. Some ones making a lot of money and it isn't me. The thing I hears from these profit centers are all saying is every thing cost more as the pull in record breaking quarters. They won't say we are taking advantage of the public because we can or we are doing this so the public will let us drill in wild life sanctuaries. That was a common thyme back in the seventies where they delivered oil to anywhere but here driving the price of gas up until the Alaskan Pipeline was approved. After it was approved oil prices dropped rapidly even' thought the pipeline wasn't even built. The oil deal in Iraq that Bush is pushing is to privatize the oil field and the Iraqis can see that isn't a good deal for them. We saw but don't remember what the CIA did in Iran by placing a dictator in office that was friends to the oil companies and the outcome from that. I don't want to get into history lessons though. What I want to say about getting green is it needs to be done now and now twenty years from now. An analogy of what the world is doing, I came up with this while watching an old StarTrek episode. We are in a space ship traveling to a far off land but we forgot to take enough fuel along to get back. We also forgot to take enough extra air along and the CO2 in the ship is building up. We scarped the air scrubbers that would have taken the CO2 out of the air because someone complained it was too expensive. So there we go traveling along unprepared and we have past the half way point so there's no turning back. The ideas of tax credits for cutting CO2 is another shell game, it's like being on the ship and telling the people aboard that they will have an ever other breathing day. Of course like the old west people wouldn't want to be told what they can and can't do so people get mad and start killing each other for their own existence. Seems there are always those that panic when their liberties are infringed on even if it would cost the lives of others.
The Bold Move:
It would be a real good idea since the would is going to keep growing population wise to stop all green house gases. That would be the goal. The thing is that the lower classes are stuck in the middle of big business where they want to sell off all the crap they have before it's classified as something you can't use any more. What I'm getting at, the oil companies want to keep selling oil even if there was a replacement energy. People have been saving energy so new power plants don't need to be built at least that's what they tell us as they keep building more homes. Then what do I hear, the power companies are loosing money because people are saving to much so they want to raise the rates to make up for their losses.
What I don't understand is the national oil reserve. Bush has been pumping oil into the salt dome since he took office in 2001. Seems that is he stopped buying oil and driving up the price of oil thing would calm down on the futures market which I think need to be removed since that's just a form of gambling where the people are the losers. Hedge funds are even flakier where they are betting on stocks to fail to make their money. So with a industry without control it seems it would be real easy to manipulate the market, sort of like the movie Trading Places." People are doing things in their interest and not in the interest of the future of the United States since every thing they do is only sort term gains.
Everyone hates a sales man:
The sub prime loan debacle was something a sales man made look good like a high value life insurance policy. They made the deal look so good that like life insurance you even thought you got to collect the money when you died. Remember back a few years ago when Enron was busted for jacking up the price of power and making fake shortages. Then other things started happening on the stock market, they would have people give crappy stocks good marks and sold them to unsuspecting people. The stock market walked away with billions of dollars and when caught fined 1.2 billion and told not to do that again. When it was suggested they regulate the industry they said they were good and didn't need that. Well they did, they moved into sub prime loans and did the same scam. There's another problem with capitalism, black market money which there is just as much out there as the money being tax or the legal money but we don't know for sure since it's black market money.
Where's Kenny?
Well Kenny died before he could go to jail for his involvement in Enron but have you seen the body? Remember he's a friend of the president and the president has been making people disappear for several years now to unknown locations. Is Kenny really dead or is he living life on some desert island some where?
Correcting errors:
Since rich white people never go to jail even for murder things need to be toughened up for fraud where it effects millions of people. They need to get charge with fraud for each person they effects. In some cases I don't rule out the death penalty if any person dies while this fraud was committed. Remember Lincoln Savings and loan, there was several senators tied to that but Cranston's said he was to sick to testify at that and distanced himself from the whole deal, so did that other senator from Arizona, what was his name? The one with the black love child. Oh wait that was one of Karl Rove's lies that cost John McCain a lot of votes. That's another thing that needs the death penalty lies while campaigning. Since Bush's team was spreading the rumor John would get to shot one of Bush's team for the lie and it would be legal, anyone even Bush. Well that would take care of dishonest politics. Maybe most other things after that would start falling in place also. People that give good ratings on homes and stocks, life in prison, no exceptions, mandatory, No presidential pardons. Too many white collar crime get such minor sentences, if they were really enforced and stiffened up life would be more "Christian Like." Remember Kenny from Enron he was one of the Christians one of those God fearing people, "Ya Right." If a company cheats, the CEO gets the death penalty. That will fix oversight.
So get rid of the ties to big business and the CO2 problem would seem to start correcting itself.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Rudy said, "Vote for Demarcates and raise taxes."

Well that might happen, since the demarcates want to balance the budget once again. That they already want to change the "Alternative Minimum Tax" to keep up with inflation and protect the middle class. Rudy didn't say that the taxes that the "Rich top 10%" would now have to pay taxes who he is only worried about. You have to have guest that republicans really don't care about you. Whether you have insurance. Whether poor children even have health care. Bush didn't even want to improve flood control but is only interested in oil and how to get it. Iran's a state sponsor of terror and the guard also a terrorist group and we slapped sanctions on them but why is Halliburton still there. Why have they been trading with them since the Carter Administration. Those chemicals Saddam had, where did they come from, Halliburton seem to sell them the stuff. Taxes, Rudy would rather borrow the money and make the dollar worth less like Bush has been doing. You can only run up the credit card dept so much before they want their money back. Then again Republicans are cheap that's why they are rich they never pay for anything. Take from the poor and give to the rich, what a motto. Trickle down as Regan said, well that turned out to be pissing on the poor. It didn't work but the republicans want you believe that it work because they never admit when they did something wrong but blame others. Rudy as far as giving his word to God and his wifes, well you can see where I'm going on that. Rudy's word doesn't mean much as far as God goes since he's out for himself. Till death do you part or is it until something better comes along. So if you want a weak dollar and high priced oil where your paying tons of money to the energy giants like Exxon and PB or even Enron go ahead and vote republican. You want far priced health insurance or do you want the republicans plan to force you to buy inflated health care prices. Well most of those red state people will be voting on morals, whether it's abortion or gay marriage but not on a strong dollar, not on security, not about corruption, and corruption with this war which is and has been very good for some republicans. It's too bad people had to die to line the pockets of a few. Now that's moral. What about acts of treason such as lying to the American public about why Bush and Chaney wanted to go to war? They didn't say it was for cheap oil because no one would say that was a good idea. No, they told large lies and even believed them themselves after repeating them so many time. Flesher got ass cancer from telling so many lies. Most of the administration has left because they are having morals and can't destroy the planet to enrich a few billionaires. Now that's not too moral wouldn't you say. Now Bush and Chaney want to bomb Iran to get closer to the oil, it really has nothing to do with much else. So, voting for Rudy will still put you in a crappy tax bracket so the rich won't have to pay taxes anyway. Your still going to have to pay most of your pay check to drive across the street. The stock market is in the dumper and getting worse and jobs keep going over seas as we just seen with the auto companies new contracts. So, if you want to protect those rich people follow Rudy's advice, protect the rich from paying their far share. Go ahead, let them laugh all the way to the bank while you worry about where you next pay check is coming from. Don't worry about your health, if you get sick and end up homeless you'll die on the streets.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Amazing, wasted votes

It just amazes me to hear people who are conservative vote for the president because he is against abortion, like that will make the country safer. Another issue is the vote against gay married like that would keep a terrorist from attacking the United States. Or even voting for a president because he's a born again Christian like that makes him a better person of something. Just voting pure republican blindly like the vote for Bush was and you see where that got us. Jobs are still moving over seas that's because republicans are for big business and don't care about you. Bush hates children but will support his buddies and the military industrial machine. Most all the contractors now working for the US government in both wars are riping off the tax payers but you thing those narrow minded voters care, no they are going to vote for a president that is against abortion. To hell with the way the country is going. Forget you future and your children's and grand children's future, we selling America to anyone that has some fast money. No one is talking about long term goals for the country. Bush has the balls to ask for $200 billion to fight his war but can't help kids because he says it would cost to much. 41 days of the price of the war would take care of the program for ten years. Bush s saying things about global warming but is doing nothing to change things. He changed the way we measure unemployment and inflation so things look better then they really do. The only people that are doing any good financially are the filthy rich the rest of the middle class are loosing there home. Bush still hasn't done much in the recovery of the gulf coast but Texas is all fixed up like nothing ever happened there. It just amazes me that these backwards people vote for people that are only interested in big business and end up shooting themselves in the foot by the way they vote.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Second hand smoke and mirrors

In the last few decades they came up with the second hand smoke deal like that is the only thing bad in the air. That for the most part is the least of your worries. The buses and trucks and even the diesel powered cars are a lot worse then second hand smoke. Breathing diesel exhaust is like breathing asbestos. I learned about that back when I was in college in the early 70's. At that time it was being covered up by the manufactures of diesel engines and the oil industry who makes the fuel. It's just like the manufactures of asbestos who covered up the fact that you could get sick and die from breathing asbestos and did that very successfully for 50 plus years until in the 60's. The chemical industry doesn't want you to know what it's doing because it would cut into their profits. I wouldn't put it past these same people to blame all the problems on second hand smoke rather then taking responsibility for the problems they have created. We can't forget the regular cars either and the tons of dirt they pump into the air. Living in the foothills looking down on the city I can't see how people live down there. The air is so think and brown you can't see anything down there except maybe a few lights but no details. Bush has tried to raise the exceptable levels of lead in children. For years the lead level ratings have been going down and down as how much a child could be exposed to but Bush hired a guy from the lead industry and changed it to several hundred times what we used to have. Same thing happened with coal but Bush called it "the clean air act." Increasing the amounst of polution that power plants can spew out. That they didn't need to upgrade the plants to cleaner burning plants but that they could expand without any safe guards. Bush has took the country and world backwards. So in history there will be Bush 41 and then there will be Wrong way Bush started of several wars for oil. Contractors with no over site steeling billions from the American people. He could insure children saying it was too expensive but he can ask for 200 billion for his dead end war. There ar more Blackwater people in Iraq then there are American troops. Is Blackwater an word for oil by the oil corporations. This new world order is getting to look like it's one run by corporations and not countries. Blackwater is so big that it could if it wanted to take over a small country since it's better armed then most countries.

Just lay back on this bed Mukasey and we'll find out if this is torture.

Mukasey can figure out if torture is torture, maybe he should try it out to find out. To say you don't know if it's torture and then Bush saying it's classified just gets me because almost everyone in the world knows about it now. It's been all over the web, TV, magazines and news papers that doesn't sound like it's very much a secret any more. The only reason he's balking is to protected the whitehouse like Alberto did and you seen where that got him. Well he's always got a job picking fruit.