Friday, November 09, 2007

Rudy said, "Vote for Demarcates and raise taxes."

Well that might happen, since the demarcates want to balance the budget once again. That they already want to change the "Alternative Minimum Tax" to keep up with inflation and protect the middle class. Rudy didn't say that the taxes that the "Rich top 10%" would now have to pay taxes who he is only worried about. You have to have guest that republicans really don't care about you. Whether you have insurance. Whether poor children even have health care. Bush didn't even want to improve flood control but is only interested in oil and how to get it. Iran's a state sponsor of terror and the guard also a terrorist group and we slapped sanctions on them but why is Halliburton still there. Why have they been trading with them since the Carter Administration. Those chemicals Saddam had, where did they come from, Halliburton seem to sell them the stuff. Taxes, Rudy would rather borrow the money and make the dollar worth less like Bush has been doing. You can only run up the credit card dept so much before they want their money back. Then again Republicans are cheap that's why they are rich they never pay for anything. Take from the poor and give to the rich, what a motto. Trickle down as Regan said, well that turned out to be pissing on the poor. It didn't work but the republicans want you believe that it work because they never admit when they did something wrong but blame others. Rudy as far as giving his word to God and his wifes, well you can see where I'm going on that. Rudy's word doesn't mean much as far as God goes since he's out for himself. Till death do you part or is it until something better comes along. So if you want a weak dollar and high priced oil where your paying tons of money to the energy giants like Exxon and PB or even Enron go ahead and vote republican. You want far priced health insurance or do you want the republicans plan to force you to buy inflated health care prices. Well most of those red state people will be voting on morals, whether it's abortion or gay marriage but not on a strong dollar, not on security, not about corruption, and corruption with this war which is and has been very good for some republicans. It's too bad people had to die to line the pockets of a few. Now that's moral. What about acts of treason such as lying to the American public about why Bush and Chaney wanted to go to war? They didn't say it was for cheap oil because no one would say that was a good idea. No, they told large lies and even believed them themselves after repeating them so many time. Flesher got ass cancer from telling so many lies. Most of the administration has left because they are having morals and can't destroy the planet to enrich a few billionaires. Now that's not too moral wouldn't you say. Now Bush and Chaney want to bomb Iran to get closer to the oil, it really has nothing to do with much else. So, voting for Rudy will still put you in a crappy tax bracket so the rich won't have to pay taxes anyway. Your still going to have to pay most of your pay check to drive across the street. The stock market is in the dumper and getting worse and jobs keep going over seas as we just seen with the auto companies new contracts. So, if you want to protect those rich people follow Rudy's advice, protect the rich from paying their far share. Go ahead, let them laugh all the way to the bank while you worry about where you next pay check is coming from. Don't worry about your health, if you get sick and end up homeless you'll die on the streets.

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