Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why American children are stupid, Dover School Board

Watching the PBS NOVA series about the Dover School Board and teaching or trying to teach kids about "intelligent design" a weak attempt at bringing the bible into the class room. Thank God they lost the court case other wise we would be going even farther behind the rest of the world. It too bad that there are those people that can't see the truth in science. For me that's why I stopped going to church because of the lies they were teaching and I have to say, religion has the biggest holes ever. How anyone could take that as fact is beyond me. The bible, it's not science it's theology. Albert has a theory but you can't test it because you can't go faster then light just yet. DNA is a real good way of proving Darwin. Carbon and atomic dating isn't other tool in the box of knowledge. No wonder the red states don't have any technical industry they don't have the staff to maned them. Then again anyone smart born in a red state moves to a blue state with the rest of the other smart people.

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