Monday, November 12, 2007

Win 32 error, svchost error, what a bunch of crap!

What a bunch of crap,update to Internet Explorer 7 SP2 and the updates that followed after installing it and ever since then the none stop errors. I looked it up on the Microsoft web site and there are tons of pages on how to fix it sort of. There's a patch but that has to be loaded every time you start the computer. Then restart the computer and after several tries it works. It's funny that the only version of an operating system that Microsoft ever had was the R-Dos which was made by some one other then Gates. Even since then there hasn't been one product that came out that doesn't need upgrades and patches. Now they got Vista out and haven't finished developing XP. They stopped supporting the older versions like 98 and before. When is Microsoft going to come out with something that works right the first time out of the box. I really hate have to be the proving ground for Microsoft. They have enough money that they need to pay me every time something doesn't work. MAC's don't have this problem, they work right all the time. They come with everything you need to work and no crap shareware if you buy a new computer with bundled software. I'm so thinking of going to LINUX. There must be another company that makes an operating system that will work with the programs I run. I'm really glade that Europe has got the suit with Microsoft to release the operating system so real working software can be developed that works right all the time. What gets me is I don't hardly even use IE except Microsoft makes you to get updates.

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