Monday, November 12, 2007

Rudy says he's tough enough to do water boarding

Rudy says water boarding isn't torture so he's planing to do a demo in public to show people how tough he is. I really want to see him say uncle and confess to all his sins too.

Just love those comments about the liberal media too. Where is that liberal media he's talking about. So any media that says anything or questions what's going on is liberal media.

I guesswhen a guy gets married three times and gives his word to his wife and God he surely can't be trusted when he's been married three time. How can he take an oath of office and be trusted to uphold it since he hasn't done that before. The people off New York hated Rudy before 9/11. Now his buddy is going to prison, the top cop buddy. What other crime organization is he tied to after all he did take out the competition. Maybe Rudy's the new Dom, whacking all the competition.

I really don't see him as a man that can be trusted, not with any single replacement woman out there or some mans wife. Not with money or the countries military.

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