Friday, November 02, 2007

Second hand smoke and mirrors

In the last few decades they came up with the second hand smoke deal like that is the only thing bad in the air. That for the most part is the least of your worries. The buses and trucks and even the diesel powered cars are a lot worse then second hand smoke. Breathing diesel exhaust is like breathing asbestos. I learned about that back when I was in college in the early 70's. At that time it was being covered up by the manufactures of diesel engines and the oil industry who makes the fuel. It's just like the manufactures of asbestos who covered up the fact that you could get sick and die from breathing asbestos and did that very successfully for 50 plus years until in the 60's. The chemical industry doesn't want you to know what it's doing because it would cut into their profits. I wouldn't put it past these same people to blame all the problems on second hand smoke rather then taking responsibility for the problems they have created. We can't forget the regular cars either and the tons of dirt they pump into the air. Living in the foothills looking down on the city I can't see how people live down there. The air is so think and brown you can't see anything down there except maybe a few lights but no details. Bush has tried to raise the exceptable levels of lead in children. For years the lead level ratings have been going down and down as how much a child could be exposed to but Bush hired a guy from the lead industry and changed it to several hundred times what we used to have. Same thing happened with coal but Bush called it "the clean air act." Increasing the amounst of polution that power plants can spew out. That they didn't need to upgrade the plants to cleaner burning plants but that they could expand without any safe guards. Bush has took the country and world backwards. So in history there will be Bush 41 and then there will be Wrong way Bush started of several wars for oil. Contractors with no over site steeling billions from the American people. He could insure children saying it was too expensive but he can ask for 200 billion for his dead end war. There ar more Blackwater people in Iraq then there are American troops. Is Blackwater an word for oil by the oil corporations. This new world order is getting to look like it's one run by corporations and not countries. Blackwater is so big that it could if it wanted to take over a small country since it's better armed then most countries.

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