Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fiscal Cliff or Fiscal Theater, Don’t tax the rich job creators!

Taxes aren’t being raised but returning to where they were before the tax reduction from Bush and Obama. There was a deal to reduce the deficit over ten years which isn’t much when you get down to it. 150 billion a year for ten years. That will pay for both wars the republicans forgot to pay for but put it on plastic and charged it. Then there was the world economic rescue. This saved the world’s banks from totally failing.  So what is the media talking about? Is it just a metaphor? Is the media taking this too far? Is this like the ” Y2K ” hype? Remember that where they said planes were going to fall from the sky. Banks would be broken and not be working and you couldn’t use your ATM cards. Why aren’t they talking about jobs? Too many right to work states and not enough unions. Where is the problem, is it the lobbyist passing out tons of money to congress and senate and spreading cheer and myths about government? They are saying, Raise the age for Medicare. This would save around 100 billion at the end of ten years but the people getting sick and coming onto Medicare would be in worse shape costing Medicare more over all. When people retire they are pretty much used up. I was forced into retirement because of my medial shape, I was used up far before my time. Without Medicare and Social Security I’d be living under a bridge some where.

Let the “Fiscal Cliff” be permanent. It’s going to cut funds to the military industrial complex. Taxes will be back to where they were back in Clinton’s days when the economy was doing fine and making jobs and there was a balanced budget.  As Clinton was signing one of his budgets he said, “this will make sure the budget is balanced for the next 25 years.” Then Bush came around and cut taxes for the rich which was back loaded so the longer it went on the more they would get mainly because of the tax breaks such as capital gains and other deductions that the poor and middle class can’t take advantage of.

Why is Obama trying to deal now when the republicans only want tax breaks for the rich. It’s not just lower income tax but a whole line of breaks they get. Why hasn’t anyone said, Lets tax those people on Wall Street when they buy things. A sales tax on stocks and bonds and other financial instruments. When you buy anything you have to pay sales tax except for those rich people who caused the problems we had in 2008 and afterwards till now. I heard is they were taxed 1% it would add up to hundreds of billions a year.

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Friday, December 07, 2012

DTV what a piece of crap!

Unless your in close proximity to a transmitter antenna your never going to get a good signal. The signal seems to break up during a show and come back during a commercial. I’ve missed the endings of so many show. The signal will be fine until the last ten minutes of the show. So you always miss the ending. I’ve been watching a show tonight and missed twenty minutes after the beginning of the show just enough time to want to see what is going on. I’ve got to see ten minutes out of an hour and can’t figure to much out of a fast paced show with a lot of changes and turns. I try to be real Zen over my TV watching but when fog or the weather causes the signal to break up something that analog TV never did. At least with analog the signal might break up but you could still see and hear it. I’ve noticed that it takes 4 times as much power to go 1/4 the distance. I don’t know what to do to get a better signal other then what I’ve done so far.

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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Now that's a storm

Had a series of storms come through this week. The one today was real intense. High winds, trees bending like little sticks, rain going sideways. My poor kitties hide on the back porch and under things. Sprockets was on the back porch and kept looking out over the yard by looking under the railing. Was the first time Dieter came up to me and let me pet her. She then rub against me walking around me, that was the first time she let me pet her. The kitties really like being assured things were okay but they were still scared with all the noise. I saw a blue sky late this afternoon going into the evening. I was out feeding the kitties a little bit ago and it was so silent outside. No wind. No rain. No noise. The air was cold and feeling heavy. Tomorrow will be a clean up day.