Sunday, December 02, 2012

Now that's a storm

Had a series of storms come through this week. The one today was real intense. High winds, trees bending like little sticks, rain going sideways. My poor kitties hide on the back porch and under things. Sprockets was on the back porch and kept looking out over the yard by looking under the railing. Was the first time Dieter came up to me and let me pet her. She then rub against me walking around me, that was the first time she let me pet her. The kitties really like being assured things were okay but they were still scared with all the noise. I saw a blue sky late this afternoon going into the evening. I was out feeding the kitties a little bit ago and it was so silent outside. No wind. No rain. No noise. The air was cold and feeling heavy. Tomorrow will be a clean up day.

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