Monday, July 31, 2006


There are no innocent terrorists. 220 mm rockets are terrorist weapons and nothing more, there filled with ball bearings to kill people. As they say, "you could hit the broad side of a barn."

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Looking up history

I really find the way people believe and say they are religious people and wage war and hate. I was Googled “Zionism” and started reading a bunch of sites. Some looked rather innocent at first but turned out to be a nazi site. Some people call it tradition I’m seeing that all religions seem to have hate built into them. It doesn’t matter which religion you choose your going to find one group looking down on others. If anything, this earth is getting too small. With the discovery of genes and how to follow lineages, it’s clear that were one race all tied together. If history has taught us anything is that the explorers end up being conquered by the people where once they came. One tribe expanded into the next valley for a few hundred years soon they were considered different and less than. Even though they came from the same tribe originally. The world’s history is full of migrations. When you get down to it, were all from Africa and your genes prove that. In fact you can follow the movement of all people around the world by there genes. Religion puts an idea in your head that it’s us against them. Our books better then your book. It’s thinking like that which has got us to this point and could cause the end of mankind on earth if not the total destruction of all life on earth. Some countries have found that keeping religion out of government is a good idea and have successful countries. It’s those groups that want to change that and make a one-religion state with no democracy that has problems. I see that as stepping backwards in time. During wars people have to admit defeat. Say country “A” attacks country “B” but country “A” is the looser. Country “B” gained a bit of land over the war. Should country “B” give back the land country “A” lost? Well that hasn’t been the rule of thumb since the start of time. Country “A” need to concede their loss because they were the aggressor. As they say, “Spoils of war goes to the winners.”

Friday, July 28, 2006

The exploding turkey

The exploding turkeys. It’s been so hot that the turkeys have been pulling out their feather to get cooler. From year past they would drop feather here and there. This summer they stand in one spot and start pulling the down out. I still find the wing feathers here and there like normal. I’ve noticed that the squirrels are loosing hair too. In the middle of the day the forest isn’t moving at all, to hot to move. The squirrel’s ant turkeys find a cool spot to lay down in the shade.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Myths are not

Myths are not compactable with the 21st century. It’s about time to do away with them as a basis for a government; yes I’m talking about religions. Some groups of people don’t want to join the 21st century so if they don’t leave them back 1000 years ago. If the world plans to move forward then some things or some people need to figure out where they want to be. Several groups tend to look at history rather twisted. Iran says that Germany didn’t go through a nationalism period, which drove the world into a world war. Some people learn by looking back at history while others need to be taught a lesson again and again such as Germany did the second time around. When the surrounding countries of Israel attacked them and Israel ended up with a lot of land, they gave most of it back except areas, which give them a buffer from attack. Last nights guest kept saying “Arabs” want this or want that but forget some countries signed treaties ending war. They found out it wasn’t in there best interest to continue fighting. I know the United States doesn’t have the best track record but when anything happens in the world, “the Arabs” blame Bush or the United States or and Israel. If “the Arabs” are so united why don’t they make a state sort of like the United Stated a union of states. They can’t because they’ve been fighting for thousands of years and don’t see that it’s not in their best interests. If they want to kill each other let them, just leave me out of it. Some time you have to learn to stand on your own two legs and find that war doesn’t solve a lot unless you count killing a lot of people. After all, World War II, which most people have forgot about killed more the 50 million people. If that’s what it takes then “push button diplomacy” maybe what is needed. Sure you could still get oil out of the ground wearing a anti-radiation suite, just a bit inconvenient and really doesn’t matter to me. If it bring peace to the world then lets go that route if the people want this and need to learn some history or become part of history.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stem Cells

Backwards Bush stand there like he knows what he's talking about pandering to the religious right for votes without getting the facts. Everyone should have been taking warning when Bush said, "global warming is good." He's talked about fuzzy math yet nothing is being done to shore up the country even when it breaks. A friend told me once, "Rich people didn't get rich by spending money." The rest of the world is looking and laughing at us as they become the new world powers. Trading paper can only go so far, soon somebody will want some substance. The dollar keeps falling in value since this administration took office. This is a president that reminds me of Harlan Williams in a movie "Rocket Man" his line, "It wasn't me." Bush always blames failures on others even though he's the big "Decider."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kings want to leave or do they

Big news in Sacramento, KIngs owners want a new arena. Mayors office wants to tack on a 1% hike to sales tax. Feed back from the public not so good when the levees need repair, state owes money to creditors, schools need money and states retirement program need help. It's going to be put to a vote this fall. Myself, is the Kings want to move let them. I don't think any team should hold a city hostage.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A comparison

A comparison: Pre World War II the German people let the Nazis take over the country. They could have stopped the Nazis but they became complacent. In Lebanon the people and government of Lebanon have become complacent letting a terrorist group operate within the country. The people of Lebanon which aren’t Shiite Arabs don’t agree with what the terrorist group has done and understand they are all Lebanese and that it’s Lebanon’s problem. Where some people think it’s only the terrorist problem and forget where they live, who’s supposedly in charge. Israel is attacking another sovereign country, Lebanon that attacks Israel first in the cross border raid. We can’t separate the two matters that a terrorist group works with and is in charge of Lebanon. Hezbollah is a part of the Lebanese government. This is like Germany in the past, which let a hate group take over the country to eventually cause the demise of the country.

As would be said on the playground, he’s a big boy let him fight his own battle, the battle he started. Just because one side is loosing should be like looking at a puppy and saying “he’s so cute” we need to stop this. What Hezbollah is doing is just like the Germans did in World War II with the indiscriminate bombing of London. We can’t separate the two groups of people in Lebanon, the complacent and the terrorist. They are both guilty because they live in one sovereign country. Lebanon needs to deal with criminals within its country if they don’t want other countries attacking them.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lets get the facts

Lets get the facts straight. Terrorist from Lebanon crossed into Israel attacked an outpost killing solders. Then kidnapped the two surviving solders. The news has dropped the part about the cross border attack and the death of the original solders and is only reporting the kidnapping. The terrorist operating in Lebanon, which has no control over these terrorists, has to except the consequences for these militants for letting them do whatever they want to do in Lebanon. Shooting rockets at your neighbor then saying you want peace when the neighbor comes knocks on your front door. When you sleep with the devil then expect it to get hot.

Lebanon is asking the U.N. to get some sort of ceasefire going while the terrorist group declares war on Israel and shot 200 rockets into Israel. It might be a good idea for the U.N. to get involved round up these terrorist and detain them forever so they won’t cause anyone anymore problems. It looks like Israel will be doing that for the world. Call it trash removal.

Perspective: I rented an apartment form a woman, Anadorous, who lived in Germany through World War II. She asked me why did the bomb Dresden. I had to point out the amount of bombs that Germany dropped on London. That Germany invaded the neighboring countries. The million of people the Germans killed. The Nazi death camp and slave labor. I also told her about my father who was shot down and spent 3 ½ years in a Luftstolog getting tortured. The 600 miles that he was forced to walk in the middle of winter on a death march. She looked at me and asked, “Why did they bomb Dresden.” “I never saw any death camps.” “My brother was working for the SS and never saw any of this.” Then I reminder her of what I just said and she said, “We were at war” like it was okay but we shouldn’t have bombed any part of Germany.

Moral of the story, they didn’t learn a lesson the first time and needed to be brought to there knees. A total defeated Germany was necessary so they would do it again. The same thing needs to be done in the Middle East so it won’t happen again. Until these groups that have such a twisted view of the world because they live in a country that messed up because of their government are removed there will always be problems.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Life imitating Art

Life imitating Art. Been watching the news about what’s happening in the Middle East and it reminds me of a Monty Python movie. You might remember the scene where the king is looking for knight for his round table and comes across the black knight. The knight challenges the king with a fight to the death. The king says well okay lets go after trying to talk him out of the up coming battle. Soon the black night is without arms and legs and wants to keep fighting. This sounds like the two terrorist groups. They are clearly out gunned and over powered but they keep insisting that they have some sort of army and will defeat the Israelis. Seeing the terrorist groups idealisms, they clearly aren’t playing with a full deck. It’s like an ant taking on giant. Ants are annoying and you need to swat them away but they never win.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th and little spam

There must be a tie between little Spam and the holiday. The spammers live in the United States. Republicans think Spam and scams are great because they use them too. My advice, never buy anything from Spam. Never believe anything that comes to your e-mail because it lies. People with little morals, criminals want to steal everything you have.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Who is the Terrorists?

Did the Carlyle Group pay the terrorist to attack the United States. Would make sense if you are an arms builder. Is this war about making money at the cost of thousands of lives?

There was a Chris Carter script that had the CIA attacking the trade center with a remote control 747. Of course the heros save the day at the last minute. Sort of make you wonder why this adminastration Demoted Richard Clarke before 9/11 after warning this adminastration several time about Bin and his boys. Bush's quote, "I don't want to hear any more about terrorist. How can we invade Iraq. This was before 9/11 and can be fact checked in O'Neil's book and Clarks book.
The man that knew the most about AlQeada from the FBI Frank Clark was driven out of service only to die in the trade center on his first day at work doing security. The night before he told a former worker that he felt something big was going to happen by this group.

Church service that's more entertainment

Church services that is more Hollywood entertainment then church service. It's just my observation but it seems they don't have much substance and more entertainment. One thing I've noticed is the repeating of the same words. This church fill it in is the best over and over. It's a form of brain washing. In a news report I've seen they say the "preachers" act in a way of mass hypnosis. The drama really gets me. What I hate is they take these simple minds and turn them into voters with out any thought. The church tell them what and who to vote for. There should be a law against this, oh wait there is, it's called a separation of church and state. This take over is a republican ploy for power and nothing else. The poor people, those believers with limited mental faculties fall into the trans of the cult. It's not a church anymore when the church take away your ability to think and condemns everyone else who doesn't think like they do. Listening to them talk is so automaton like and they never knew what hit them. Soon the religious right will be if they aren't already as bad as the radical Muslims. Wait, we invaded a country over so called values and ideas that doesn't sound to peaceful.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Seen the first of the Quail

Seen the first of the baby quail. Unfortunately I was half a sleep when I went out side to put out grain and seeds. The squirrels stuck around along with the doves and blue jays but the quail scurried into the underbrush. Still the sight of the babies was such a good feeling.

The other day I watched a quail chasing a blue jay for getting to close to his woman. The one jay with the broken beak is still going strong. Still having problems picking up grain and seeds but he’s still alive. I put small pile of scratch out so it would be easier for him to eat.  His upper beak is broken half way down.

The blackberries are green and plenty. There are still blossoms that the bees are getting nectar from and pollinating. Maybe a good year to make blackberry preserves. It’s to bad they have so many spines because they tear me up.

Well it’s Sunday, time to listen to Prairie Home Companion, sit at the computer looking out the front door watching the wild life drinking coffee, French roast. What a great way to reflect what has happened this week, this month or my whole life. I try not to think to much but enjoy the moment.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Deep Impact

Deep Impact, Hollywood or a picture of what’s to come. Monday there will be the first close sight of an asteroid that scientist say is should hit the earth in 2035 in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve been wondering why with the current economy has Bush insisted on continuing the missile defense program to shoot down incoming missiles. So far the program doesn’t work. All tests have been failures except when they program where the incoming missile is then they can hit it other wise it misses it every time. They say it’s a work in progress, a trillion dollar bungle. If anything it paying some bodies salaries for a long time and I think they are in those red states, the ones with the bible bender and people that believe in myths more then reality.

So what does the planet have in store for this up coming event? Say nothing and let the rich people hide out in some under ground cavern somewhere. There are a few of those left over from the cold war. Will the places that are safe be sold to the highest bidders?

The one thing I see that Hollywood got wrong in the movie was the meteor was traveling to slow in the earth atmosphere. When you can see it, it will be to late to run and hide so get some good seat if you want to watch. They did get the tidal wave somewhat right, a little slow but the volume was about right. Knowing the people in power now would look at this up coming event as a way of getting property at a cheap cost after impact. I’m not saying all republicans are greedy just 99.99% of them are.

Pet the Skunk

Pet the Skunk? Well I did that tonight. Poohkey didn’t mind at all in fact she seemed to like it. Steve and George don’t want anything to do with me though. The Babies are growing like weeds; they are about the size of a gray squirrel. Whitey still thinks he’s the big skunk her taking after any other skunk and me. His brother is a lot nicer and come right up to me. He does his little sniffing thing and rubs against my leg like a cat. For the most part the skunks living here aren’t any problem except when fighting over food. Well, it’s not fighting over the food but fighting to keep their food. The heat has been hard on all the forest creatures. I sort of rescued a baby deer that’s an orphan. I explained to Big Buddy the situation the baby deer was in and the tribe all pitched in to get her to water and eat apples I cut up for her. One of the mothers who aren’t going to give birth for a few more month is looking after her. The poor thing look to be a few months old. I never seen this little one here before and the other mothers I know hadn’t given birth yet.