Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lets get the facts

Lets get the facts straight. Terrorist from Lebanon crossed into Israel attacked an outpost killing solders. Then kidnapped the two surviving solders. The news has dropped the part about the cross border attack and the death of the original solders and is only reporting the kidnapping. The terrorist operating in Lebanon, which has no control over these terrorists, has to except the consequences for these militants for letting them do whatever they want to do in Lebanon. Shooting rockets at your neighbor then saying you want peace when the neighbor comes knocks on your front door. When you sleep with the devil then expect it to get hot.

Lebanon is asking the U.N. to get some sort of ceasefire going while the terrorist group declares war on Israel and shot 200 rockets into Israel. It might be a good idea for the U.N. to get involved round up these terrorist and detain them forever so they won’t cause anyone anymore problems. It looks like Israel will be doing that for the world. Call it trash removal.

Perspective: I rented an apartment form a woman, Anadorous, who lived in Germany through World War II. She asked me why did the bomb Dresden. I had to point out the amount of bombs that Germany dropped on London. That Germany invaded the neighboring countries. The million of people the Germans killed. The Nazi death camp and slave labor. I also told her about my father who was shot down and spent 3 ½ years in a Luftstolog getting tortured. The 600 miles that he was forced to walk in the middle of winter on a death march. She looked at me and asked, “Why did they bomb Dresden.” “I never saw any death camps.” “My brother was working for the SS and never saw any of this.” Then I reminder her of what I just said and she said, “We were at war” like it was okay but we shouldn’t have bombed any part of Germany.

Moral of the story, they didn’t learn a lesson the first time and needed to be brought to there knees. A total defeated Germany was necessary so they would do it again. The same thing needs to be done in the Middle East so it won’t happen again. Until these groups that have such a twisted view of the world because they live in a country that messed up because of their government are removed there will always be problems.

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