Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pastor Ted smokes the White Owl

Pastor Ted smokes the White Owl but he said he didn't swallow. I'm sure that doing "Crank" didn't help him take it in the butt either. Now he claims he's not guy. Like other Evangelicals that sell to many shares to an theme park and retirement community the lies keep coming. It's a corporation not a church people, figure that out. They don't want to save your souls but get your money and live the good life. The Evangelical Church in the United States is more about a non-profit political party then anything else.
Bush's faith based initiative is more about how to funnel money to them by the government then saving souls also. Stores are giving or donating the food that reached it's expiration date to church's which give that to the poor. They get reimbursed at full price from the government like the store was selling it itself. What a deal, food destine for the dumpster ending up in peoples kitchens because they are poor, while the church makes out to build super sized churches. That only brings in more people which makes them more money. How many churches do you know of that have gift shops and restaurants.
What really gets me is the Evangelicals think other religions are all wrong. The criticize the fundamentalist clerics but they are no different then them. When you start using religion as a political party things tend to go drastically wrong. That's why the founding fathers wanted to keep the separation between church and state because they saw what happened in England. What people seem to fail to see, the Evangelical church takes in book from the church of England and the puritans bible which was rewritten to suit the king to dominate the people. It's all about control and taking free thinking away from the people and filling their heads with myths rather then facts. The bible is a history book of the past with  lot of embellishments making it look like people can do things above what men can do. Hollywood does that with movies and the church does that with the bible or what ever book you want to believe in.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Miracle of Green

Miracle of Green after 5 days of rain. What was once brown dried leaves on the ground melting into the soil and slivers of life turning a bright green. Seems you can water and water but the rain does such a better job of nourishing the land. The birds seem so happy it's not raining today. They say it might rain later today but the suns out now so I'll take advantage of it and clean up the fallen branches. Looks like it's going to be a two of everything day, two shirts, two pairs of socks two of everything. The squirrels are running and playing so gracefully. Looking around quickly I have some cleaning to do. I'll have to tape up my waste to keep my spine from moving to cut down on the pain. I did an MRI last week and my spine looks real bad. Even the tech said, "that's got to hurt."

Friday, February 09, 2007

"Office of Dubious Information"

"Office of Dubious Information" that's the latest finding of who came up with the information for the lead up to the Iraq war. When I heard this I just had thoughts of impeachment. Not only did this Bush administration lie to us they made an office position in the Pentagon to do that. The Troop Surge, which Bush came up with, is more smoke and mirrors. He's sending 21,500 troops but he didn't say how many support troops there would be. There's also the matter of the amount of civilian contractors in Iraq which last I heard was around 100,000 people. Now there's a call for more civilian workers to go to Iraq to rebuild the country. We hear about the amount of troops dying but don't really hear the amount of civilian workers being killed unless it's a helicopter crashing or being shot down. We did hear about the guys that were killed and strung up on the bridge. The other day I heard about a group killed and strung up on power lines. Then there are the convoys that get blown up but we generally only hear about the ones they died with troops. Hearing how many Iraqis has been killed since the war started varies from tens of thousands to 650,000 depending on whom you believe. One the governments own web site that said that there were 50,000 but it was revised after a negative story that came out about the lack of health care for the wounded troops. If anything this administration will go down in history for the amount of lies it's told the public. Simple bottom line is a oil president and vice president tied to oil companies went to war for the oil. If the war on terror was so important that the problems in Afghanistan would have been solved first.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

This water, it's hard!

Think this picture speaks for it self.

What's really going on?

What is really going on?

Cost and how many wounded during the war so far.

How many deaths on both sides.

Bush is asking for another 249 billion dollars for the war and paying for it by cutting Medicare and Medicaid. Mean while corporations keep getting more and more tax breaks. Why doesn't the president and his administration, the senate and congress give up their extreme wages and only take the new minimum wage. It would be the fair thing to do and lead by example.

Bush said he was a compassionate conservative, what that means is he's compassionate to his rich friends and big business. He keep saying he wants to reform immigration but that means he just wants cheap labor and to drive down wages of everyone else. The first law he insisted on for Iraq was that the people couldn't unionize. Were seeing how pension plans are going form the Airlines, GM, Ford, US Steel, Bethlehem Steel and several other large corporations. Mean while CEO's are walking away with millions to leave the company like Home Depot's CEO who got 210 million for his bad performance. Exxon's CEO walked away with 400 million. The head of the New York Stock Exchange which is a volunteer position and doesn't pay a salary walked away with 250 million retirement package. This was after the stock market was caught selling junk stocks and making 200 billion. When they were caught the fine was 1.2 billion. This show me that crime pays. There was no jail sentences but they were told, "don't do it again."

Bush's idea of a perfect country is if the countries labor laws would go back the 19th century where the robber barons ruled.

Bush has been pushing this "Ownership Society Idea" where everyone banks on buying stocks for their retirement and wealth holdings. Last time people believed the republicans about putting all their earnings into the stock market we had, "The Great Depression." Everyone didn't loss during the great depression, the extremely rich took a loss for a while and bought up all the stocks at real cheap prices. A few years later when the economy recovered those same people became filthy rich. The stocks they bought for pennies when now worth 100's of dollars.

"Of course I lie, I'm a drunk"

"I've got a real big penis"