Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pastor Ted smokes the White Owl

Pastor Ted smokes the White Owl but he said he didn't swallow. I'm sure that doing "Crank" didn't help him take it in the butt either. Now he claims he's not guy. Like other Evangelicals that sell to many shares to an theme park and retirement community the lies keep coming. It's a corporation not a church people, figure that out. They don't want to save your souls but get your money and live the good life. The Evangelical Church in the United States is more about a non-profit political party then anything else.
Bush's faith based initiative is more about how to funnel money to them by the government then saving souls also. Stores are giving or donating the food that reached it's expiration date to church's which give that to the poor. They get reimbursed at full price from the government like the store was selling it itself. What a deal, food destine for the dumpster ending up in peoples kitchens because they are poor, while the church makes out to build super sized churches. That only brings in more people which makes them more money. How many churches do you know of that have gift shops and restaurants.
What really gets me is the Evangelicals think other religions are all wrong. The criticize the fundamentalist clerics but they are no different then them. When you start using religion as a political party things tend to go drastically wrong. That's why the founding fathers wanted to keep the separation between church and state because they saw what happened in England. What people seem to fail to see, the Evangelical church takes in book from the church of England and the puritans bible which was rewritten to suit the king to dominate the people. It's all about control and taking free thinking away from the people and filling their heads with myths rather then facts. The bible is a history book of the past with  lot of embellishments making it look like people can do things above what men can do. Hollywood does that with movies and the church does that with the bible or what ever book you want to believe in.

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