Thursday, March 08, 2007

Putnam say the funds can go on to infinite

Congressman Putnam was asked if the funding would go on indefinitely without any goals or conditions, he answered, "Yes, I can't see stopping the suspension of the cash cow machine. It's real good for arms manufactures and give Americans job and stimulates the economy." He also said he would stick by the presidents decision to stay in a war, that change direction would make the president and republicans look bad.
Mean while the right leaning oil companies that supported Chaney's energy program of sucking every last drop of oil from the ground of Iraq are putting the pressure on the American people raising the price of gasoline to get more support for the war.
Republican Senator Bohnener said he would support any withdraw or premature evacuation, stating he took the 36 hour pills and can't pull out now.
United State people pray that Chaney's blood clot moves to his brain, so that Nancy Pelosi could become Vice President.

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