Monday, March 12, 2007

How about a few extra billion, we can cut it from the VA's budget

Bush is asking for another 4,700 troops and 3 billion dollars. He also wants all the money to be unaccountable with no strings attached. That's like telling someone here's my ATM card and here's the password, don't spent too much, it doesn't matter because I won't be checking to see how much you spend.
Halliburton is moving for better tax breaks. I hope someone will point out since they are no longer an American Country that they can't get government contracts, security risk, there in an Arab country where the terrorist are. Chaney being the biggest one pushing all these anti-terrorist programs has to see the risk, but he's still on the payroll. Maybe that makes him a security risk or have a conflict of interest.
In fifty years will Bush be remember as the president that ran the country into the ground? That he started a war to help his oil buddies out? That he lied to the American people. What will be Bush's legacy? The president that cut the VA's budget five years in a row always saying we have to support the troops. Was that a lie too.

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